Friday, May 18, 2012

Twenty Five of the Randomest of the Random

While I was away I got tagged by a few people to do this 25 Random Things Meme. I honestly didn't think I'd get around to doing it, but I sat outside (yesterday), soaking up some sun, and started jotting down some random things that I could potentially use. Sure enough, I came up with a list. 


I consider grocery shopping torture. I refuse to do a full grocery trip with just Emeline. A stop for a few things, sure-but not a full shop. We often shop as a family, or just one of us goes.

I'm a half nail biter. Basically, if my nails aren't covered in polish, I'll pick at them, or bite them. If I keep them polished up, they grow.

I consider massages and pedicures to be my highest form of pampering. They don't happen often but when they do I feel all luxurious & spoiled.

On that note, I hate going to the salon. I've had my hair color messed up so many times, cuts given to me that are too short, etc-that now I just avoid them like the plague. I got the tiniest trim ever last June (yes, LAST JUNE)--and nothing since then. I box dye every few months myself since going brunette & like it that way. My split ends are atrocious however.

I think tan lines on babies/toddlers are the cutest thing ever.

I'm a rather emotionally stable person. I don't have a lot of extreme ups & downs. However, pregnancy hormones may affect this. My husband can attest.

Passive aggressive stuff makes me all twitchy inside. To me, it literally is the biggest gut punch anyone can pull on me. If someone's upset with me I'd rather them just tell me, let's hash it out-instead of seeing passive aggressive actions/words/etc. 'Cuz dude that stuff hurts. A ton.

I can swim. I like the water. OF A POOL. Bodies of water that have creatures living in them? BAH. No thanks. Little bits here & there, but not long periods of time.

I get a lot of pleasure out of things like gardening, setting up patios, making spaces pretty, etc--but buckling down & actually DOING IT can be the hard part.

I was never a procrastinator in school. Had my papers done early &, homework turned in on time-and yet as an adult, I procrastinate MUCH more. (currently avoiding unpacking, cleaning, and going to Home Depot)

My alcohol of choice would be beer, always, over liquor or wine. I'm basically a dude. Except I like wimpy beers like Bud Light Lime, Miller Lite, and Blue Moon. (my husband is so ashamed)

My bucket list consists of running a half marathon and becoming a Tough Mudder. Yes I am insane. Yes, I WILL make this happen one day. I've never considered myself to have a strong body, but my goal is to be stronger and more capable than I ever thought I could be.

I am of the belief that a REAL vacation does not involve children. Unless there is a nanny present (oh to be Bethenny Frankel eh?).

Taking a family walk around the neighborhood is one of my favorite things to do ever.

I can go days and days without showering. I don't smell. Swear.

I hate budgets and finances, yet we live by a budget. My husband manages everything & just tells me when to STOP SHOPPING AT TARGET, for the love.

I am actually more frugal than I may appear. Everything I buy for myself is inexpensive and/or on sale. I have an internal struggle/debate every time I buy something "extra".

One day if I do have all the money in the world, one immediate change I would make is to dress my kid in all baby gap/gap kids clothing. I buy the occasional (on sale) item from there, but everything? NO CHANCE. I just adore how shabby chic & close looking to adult clothes (while still looking like kids) their stuff is. I know it's pathetic.

I think cook out food is THE BEST FOOD EVER. Grilled chicken. Grilled vegetables. My moms potato salad. Chips. Dip. All of that yummy stuff.

I'm not over exaggerating or being all romantical when I say I think my husband is amazing and the best. I also don't think I have the only amazing husband out there. I appreciate the one I was blessed with SO much though. He IS awesome, helps around the house all the time, takes care of Emeline in the sweetest way possible, and is my best friend. I love doing life with him.

I absolutely think calling companies/banks/etc is THE WORST "household" chore there is.

Unlike most people, I hate getting the mail.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot be a dinner-planner. I have tried little magnet boards on my fridge, meal planning tips & tricks---I do not have the gift. I forget something, ALWAYS. It frustrates me. I give up. I stick to the same group of meals (when and if I cook), and I'm majorly lame in that department. I envy so many of you.

I like getting flowers, A LOT. But I'd honestly prefer them to come from the grocery store where they're cheaper and I can rearrange them any way I'd please.

I used to think I'd be either a florist or a hair dresser as a kid. Not surprising, though that I stayed in the creative field (as an art teacher).

I really don't enjoy pregnancy at all. I am ultra jealous of those that think it's pure bliss or say "I've never felt better", and those of you that "glow". I just feel and look awful most of the time. I do, however, love the end result. :)

I don't necessarily consider myself a Writer or a Photographer, but I'd like to be both some day.

I didn't number these, so I have NO IDEA if I'm at 25. I think I'm around there, so I'll call it quits now. You're welcome.


Anyone relate to any of the random things?


  1. I hardly ever get my hair cut and always dye it at home. I agree that cookout food is the BEST. I also do not like pregnancy. I feel so guilty to be counting down the days now. I'm thankful and know I'm lucky, but I just don't like how I feel.

    This was fun to read. Have a great weekend :)

  2. Hey there is nothing wrong with Blue Moon! With an orange? Heaven.

    For kids, have you checked out American Eagle's kids brand 77Kids? It's pretty cheap and the clothes are so effing cute. I actually found a dress there in an XL (that was for like, an 8 year old) and I ended up buying it! My friends and I regularly lament that they have such cute kids stuff that we wish they made in adult size.

  3. I like wimpy beer too. It's just yummy.

    I pick at my nails unless they're polished. It's awful.

    I don't like pregnancy either. I hate it, actually. I get stupid and grumpy and I belch incessantly. Ugh.

  4. Being a florist has always been on my "jobs I want to do" list... it seems like one of the best jobs on the planet to me. You just get to be surrounded by pretty flowers all day and create beautiful arrangements. I did the centerpieces for my sisters wedding and I was in HEAVEN. =) Also, I think there's quite a few people that can go days and days without showering... just nobody likes to talk about it =)

  5. I absolutely agree with people being passive/aggressive. It's so juvenile and cowardly. Hash it out and be done with it!!

  6. I'm about to see if I'm a tough mudder this weekend! The anticipation is about killing me. I'm terrified of this event, but we are diving in head first. You can do anything you set your mind to... I know you will do this in the future too!!

  7. Can I just say, there is no question why I read your blog and look forward to reading it each day, there are so many things about you that are so much like me! I would love to meal plan, but like you I ALWAYS forget something. I'm a beer drinker over wine. I would love vacationing without my children (despite the fact that I would miss them terribly). I love Target and get grief EVERY time I go there from my husband... and the list goes on!

  8. I would definitely say that you're both a writer and a photographer! My husband wrote a blog post about being/not being a "writer." maybe it would resonate with you.
    Joy, Sara

  9. Boo to passive aggressive people! One of my co-workers is the most passive aggressive chick EVER, and it makes me crazy!

    Baby Gap clothes are the cutest!

  10. I just let my husband cut my hair. No joke. And? It's my favorite haircut ever, I think.

  11. BLUE MOON IS DA BOMB! Totally my fave and I love the seasonal sampler cases they put out!

  12. I love Blue Moon, love arranging flowers from the grocery store, and think I have the best husband in the world also. I let him handle the finances and try to let him handle calling places because I hate it. I'm an amateur photographer but no where near as good as you.

  13. I'm with you on the grocery shopping. Hate it. But the salon?!? Love getting pampered. Reading trashy magazines and getting in some much needed me time!

  14. My husband ran the Tough Mudder in Ohio a few weeks ago. Said it was not as hard as he thought it would be at all!

    As for BabyGap, you gotta check out thein-store clearance section. I find SO many great deals there. The "final sale" stuff is insane. I gave gotten adorable sweaters for $2.97, pants for $1.97, etc. Check it out!!!!

  15. My husband ran the Tough Mudder in Ohio a few weeks ago. Said it was not as hard as he thought it would be at all!

    As for BabyGap, you gotta check out thein-store clearance section. I find SO many great deals there. The "final sale" stuff is insane. I gave gotten adorable sweaters for $2.97, pants for $1.97, etc. Check it out!!!!

  16. My husband ran the Tough Mudder in Ohio a few weeks ago. Said it was not as hard as he thought it would be at all!

    As for BabyGap, you gotta check out thein-store clearance section. I find SO many great deals there. The "final sale" stuff is insane. I gave gotten adorable sweaters for $2.97, pants for $1.97, etc. Check it out!!!!

  17. Find a high end resale shop, stat! I get a whole season of Baby Gap, Crewcuts, Mini Boden clothes for Connor for less than $60. I have no problem paying $4.99 for a gently used Gap shirt.

  18. We have a lot in common, woah. The budget thing? That's me & my husband does the same thing. Calling banks/companies/etc - cannot stand to do it! I can't do the dinner planning thing either although i haven't really tried... exactly the same about swimming in pools vs ocean, and i like beer best, too. The lame beers, of course. ;)

    Fun read!

  19. "I love doing life with him"

    That's beautiful!

    I also HATE getting the mail. I've now included it in The Kids chore list for his pocket money so I don't have to because meh so much effort!

    And my big confession to you...
    I haven't been to the hairdresser in over 2 years.
    I colour my hair myself (I'm awesome at it) and I cut my bangs in if I want them.


  20. Love to swim-was on the swim team in HS but don't put me in a lake ie ANYWHERE near the ocean!! My hubs did the tough mudder in OH last month. He's trying to convince me to do it next year. Ha. Maybe I'll just do a warrior dash instead. Meal planning is for the birds, I figure out dinner at 5:15pm. Boo me. Hey-as long as we all get fed that's success right?!?

  21. I think massages and pedicures are pretty high on the list of pampering!

    I am definately phone phobic too! I hate having to call businesses, especially if I have to debate a correction or something...

    And I have to say I agree about the ocean thing! I love to swim and be in water, but I'm scared of whales (mostly due to dreams in my adult life) and the more aquariums I visit the worse I get about wanting to get in natural waters.... um large fish and octopus and all things slimy... no thanks! They live there... yelch!

    I love the blog Katie ~ keep it up!

  22. You would gobble Eva up right now. She gets her complexion from Evan's side of the family and I was in awe last year how fast she got tan - and again, it's happening this year. I can already see little tan lines between her fingers and everything. KILLS ME!