Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby Deux: 34 Weeks Update

[It should be noted that when I typed this title, I wrote 24 weeks instead of 34. So obviously when I had to backspace and write 34 I kind of gasped a little because, um, that's kind of far along and holy cow-baby.coming.soon. I'm still in a little bit of a denial.]


So here we are again. HA. Who am I kidding? My last pregnancy I was wicked-awesome at documenting. This time it's a wonder if I remember to write things down every 4-5 weeks about this pregnancy.

Lucky for me apps like Instagram exist these days. Which at least help me to document in photos weekly. Better than nothing, right?

The Belly Bump
(It should be noted I only look semi-nice here because it was a rare date night-most the time I'm in pj's. For real.)

The Babe
The littlest lady in our lives (and in my uterus) seems to be doing just fine. She's most active at night. The second I sit down on the couch at night she wants to show off her ninja skills. It's cute, and a tad bit...tiring--but nevertheless, it's all fun and part of this pregnancy gig so I try to cherish it. I feel little body parts sticking out all the time. The doctor said she was still too tiny to tell if she was head down or not yet. Based on hiccups, it appears she's head down, but we'll see. I have my 34 week appointment this Friday (and I'll be 35 weeks that day, oops), so we'll check her out more then.

The Momma
I'm good, really. When I start thinking about the nitty gritty, yes, things ache a little. Yes, getting out of bed is a bit more challenging. But overall? I feel pretty fantastic. That could all blow up in my face tomorrow, though. I can still bend over and shave my legs, paint my toes, pick up toys, play with my kid, etc. YES, I find myself getting more tired quickly, but of course that's to be expected. I'm also pretty surprised but I'm not really retaining much water yet. Although, again, swelling could kick my butt later. Praying it doesn't, though!

The Bod
Aye. Tough subject. My body is being completely taken over by another human. So, I'll admit I have my days of feeling super whoa is me, and I miss my old body. I had a moment of pure panic when I saw my backside in the Target dressing room last week, and nearly passed out. It's massive. I'm a little scared. But, whatever. Six weeks left. Six weeks. I've gained about 25lbs so far, and, meh.

Sometimes? I have good days. I feel decent for being so pregnant. But those days are rare. Last week at my nephews birthday party was one of the better days.
(I'm willing to bet it has something to do with when I take the time to actually, you know, get dressed.)

The Big Sis 
Emeline is my world right now. We talk daily about her baby sister, and she gets super excited about meeting her. The other day she said, "I (wanna) SEE baby _____!!", and I told her that we can't see her for a little while longer, and then she yelled (while trying to pull at my belly), "NO MOMMY, OPEN!!!!!!!"

Ha. It isn't that easy m'dear.

But overall? I feel more confident these days bringing baby sister into the world. I know that all of our hearts will expand with so much love, and of course we'll have bumps in the road, but we're getting way, way excited.


Comparison between pregnancies....definitely smaller this time around. But that ain't no secret.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends.


  1. Looking good lady!!

    It's pretty amazing the difference between the two pregnancies. Guess that's what a BIG weight loss will do! Gives me hope I won't be as a big as a house the next time around! ;)

  2. Gosh, you are so tiny! Was E a small baby? You really look great. I know the feeling of hugeness though...regardless of your size, when you're pregnant, you feel big. Hate that part, love everything else.

    NO IDEA how to follow people on Instagram. Instructions please. ;)

  3. You look great! I can't wait to "meet" this sweet girl (and hear her name)!

    Where is your maxi skirt from? I want one!

  4. you keep saying all this about not being tiny and pregnancy not agreeing with you and then you post pictures like this. and i'm gonna have to call bs. because you're totally tiny and you look amazing so clearly pregnancy agrees with you. so there :)

    love the skirt. love the top. and really digging the birthday party outfit. you kind of only look 24 weeks. seriously. TINY.

  5. Say what you want to say, you looked amazing last time and look (even more) amazing this time. So shut the front door. Cause girlfrannn, you are one hot momma ;)

  6. Katie, i am just in awe of the cuteness of your baby bump. I can't wait to see what her name is and if she looks like Emeline or completely different. And 25 pounds is perfect! You will loose any actual weight in no time i'm sure xxxx

  7. You look so stinking fabulous. So great :) Interesting your doc said she's too tiny to tell if head down, they told me around 30ish that s/he was head down for sure. Maybe just different placement/positioning of the baby. With Evalyn, I had to have an US at 35.5 weeks to double check position because she was curled in such a tight ball in there that they couldn't tell for sure by feeling.

  8. You look amazing! Love that skirt! I bet you don't swell. And if you do, it will go down quickly. I was a dad gum balloon version of myself the 1st time around and just the pregnant version of myself the 2nd time. It was nice to actually leave the hospital smaller than bigger! Ha!

    Emeline is going to be such a good big sister! Sometimes I don't think my heart can handle all the cuteness of the brotherly interaction (and then there are other times that I have to tell him to give baby Cade some space, yo! ;) ) its like how after seeing your husband become a father, you add that to reasons you love him? I have totally added being a big brother to reasons I love Connor :) and I wasn't expecting that!

  9. Lookin' gooooood :)

    PS - I love your new header ... I rarely read blogs on my PC anymore ... so if it is old(er), my apologies ... I typically read on my phone!

  10. I think you look great! I was HUGE with my first one. Everyone asked me if I was having twins all of the time and it was just bad. Really hoping I'm not as big for the second one. Congrats!

  11. Its God's miracle to women,having babies.Show your stuff girl.

  12. You look wonderful! I love that Eme is so ready to meet her sister. Their relationship is already so important to her it's absolutely precious!

  13. A pregnant women should NEVER look at her unclothes backside in the mirror.I made this mistake once and it was awful. NEVER AGAIN.

  14. Your bump is adorable and you are going to be a great mommy of 2! Best wishes with the rest of your pregnancy!