Monday, June 25, 2012

Countable weekends.

Now that my weekends are numbered before this little squishy pink bundle gets thrusted into the world and into my arms, I'm on Ohmygoshwemusttakeadvantageofeverysecond Mode.

I mean, technically they've always been countable, but now we are basically down to low, low, low numbers. There's only 2 full Saturday's left before I'm full term. Then another 3 after that. Each weekend is booked up with something. A family event, a birthday party, we're even spending my full term milestone weekend at the beach for a 4 day weekend with friends.

SO basically? I'm just realizing more and more how little time is left. It makes me both excited and, well, excited more. But also a little anxious to get things done, and to feel like we hit some checklist of things.

For some reason though? This weekend I kind of put that all to the back burner.

Declan and I scheduled a date night this past Friday night, and oh I remember the fancy-free days of never scheduling date nights and them just occurring. HA HA. My how things change with children. Go figure, you have to PLAN for them. Geesh. I kid. But nevertheless, we were going to go on a date. I was going to dress nice. I was going to feel good. I was going to hold my husbands hand and eat dinner in peace. And communicate to each other like adults without having to sing the A-B-C's or practice our numbers in spanish or rationalize with a toddler why she can't have the flippin' iPad for the 99th time. But I digress.

At the last minute I decided to ask my mom if she'd be willing to keep Emeline overnight. My parents are willing to do this pretty much whenever, but I never take them up on it (my own fault). The last time she stayed overnight (or away from us for that matter) was when we went on our fantastic anniversary trip to the Keys last September. So I guess it was time. I packed her bags in a hurry, we set her up at my parents, she basically told us to leave (she loves it there), and off we went, hand in hand.

It was pretty much awesome. Dinner was good, quiet, peaceful and we talked. We talked. And it wasn't all about our kid(s) either (okay maybe a little). Even though it was drizzling rain afterwards, we went and walked around town, huddling in doorways all romantic-like (okay not quite), and even went and grabbed some frozen yogurt.

We slept in till 9!AM! on Saturday morning (cannot even remember the last time...), even snuck in a breakfast date, and then went to pick up Emeline who we literally had to pull away because she did NOT wanna leave she had such a good time, as usual.

The rest of the weekend was filled with normal stuff, but good stuff. Random errands, grocery shopping, laundry, movie renting, couch cuddling, pancake breakfasts, church, a 30th birthday party, and my husband even managed to get in a few hours of guy-time where he went paintballing (and has the welts to prove it).

We did nothing to prepare for the baby, physically. Even though my weekends are numbered low like whoa. But? That's okay. Because we snuck in what could potentially be our last alone date night for a while, quiet movie times while Eme was in bed without a newborn cuddling on us (although I do love that), and time just the three of us.

And it was good.


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Happy Monday!


  1. Glad you guys got your date night {and kid free night!} this week. We did too and I know we needed it! Happy Monday friend!

  2. Good for you having the date night. A couple weekends before I had baby #3 my husband surprised me with a weekend away. He flew his parents into town to watch our kids. I'd NEVER gone away for a weekend, and hated the idea of leaving my kids (esp. with the inlaws), But as it ended up it was a fabulous weekend. I cherish the memories of time spent just me and my hubby. And it helped me remember how important time alone with him can be.
    I'm so glad you got to have that date time too.

  3. I absolutely love those times when at the last minute you decide to leave the baby with family and just enjoy a full night and morning with just the hubs... waking up slow and going on breakfast dates is just a luxury that you never would've thought could BE a luxury before kids =)

  4. I wish I was brave enough for an overnight stay...but I'm just not yet. I'm glad y'all had a great time together!!!! can't believe you'll have 2 in 5 weeks! ENJOY!

  5. Date nights are crucial. Keeps the spark going. Although, I don't forsee you and Declan having that problem :-D

  6. Love your raw insight, Katie.

  7. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Sometimes you need to get that time just you and your husband. Plus the little ones love that time getting spoiled with their grandparents :)

  8. Sounds like your weekend was indeed full and beautiful!
    Thanks for the GroopDealz hint :)

  9. Parents are the best! Glad you guys had some time to yourselves - so important!

    That pic is so cute.

  10. Yay for date nights! Thanks for the link to win that camera. I need one BADDDDD. I can't wait to find out the name of your newest little one, Emeline has a gorgeous name.

  11. SO glad you guys got a quiet date night in!

    And sleeping in until 9am?! I can't even remember what that was like, ha!

  12. I think the best gift we can give our kids are nights away! Seriously. Sometimes they need the break as much as we do!

    Glad you got to sneak in one last date night before baby girl arrives!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful date! I'm happy you guys got to do that this close to "the end." I'm a little jealous. Flintstone is 21 months and we still barely ever get out. I'm extra jealous because I really, really wish my mom lived close enough to spend more time with my kids.

    ~Amanda from

  14. I posted about our weekend too. We had some good time together as a family. :)

    I'm glad you two were able to have time together as a couple. It's so important. And you're so blessed to have your parents to take E. Enjoy these last weekends as a family of 3 before you become FOUR! :D

  15. How awesome that you had such a great date night away. Yeah!!! I thought it was cute Emeline didn't want to come back....that means she is in FABULOUS care but really, did you ever have any doubt? What a blessing. Take care.


  16. Awesome date night. And thanks for posting about the giveaway! I nominated you for a blog award: