Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Firetruck Nostalgia

It's no secret I grew up around fire trucks, the firehouse, and with a Dad who was always a hero in my mind, out risking his own life to save others...and voluntarily at that.

I always liked fire trucks as a kid. I went to all the events. I climbed up on and in the trucks like it was nobodies business. It was just a part of my life that I remember--and well. Special trips down to the firehouse with dad, riding to a call with him, or just trying on his gear--for fun.

Although none of my dads kids followed in his footsteps at all to being part of this as adults (lots of his nephews did, though!), it's fun to see our kids get a little part of the past we remember when we were young, too. I don't know--it's that whole life coming full circle thing.

While Eme is a girls girl--she loves trucks, planes and motorcycles, too. I have told her on multiple occasions she MAY NEVER HAVE a motorcycle, EVER (ha), as she proclaims, "It's Enna-nine's motor-cycle!" as one passes by. Um, no thank you ma'am. But I digress.

Firetrucks though? I can handle her liking those. And like them she does. Especially with her PopPop by her side to show her the ropes.

Last week there was a special new truck dedicating event at my dads station. It was a random night, and my husband had plans, so I decided to take Eme along. Well? She LOVED it.

I shouldn't have been surprised. So here are some photos from that gorgeous (but scorching hot) evening.

As we left that night she waved and said, "Bye Fiya-Trucks, see ya soon!"

I loved it. And so did she.



  1. The last picture on the bottom right - the joy in her face is fabulous!

  2. Cute pictures! I live in Colorado and gosh if we're not so grateful for firefighters right now!

  3. Adorable! I loved the other day when you were talking about your date night and morning that Eme didn't want to leave your parents' house. When did she start sleeping over there and how often does she go to their house? I want Chase to be like that at my parents'!

  4. this is just CRAZY. Both of our names are Katie we are born on the same day 4/5, our daughters are born 2 months to the day apart and MY dad is a firefighter too!!

  5. Aw, so cute. I'm with her on my love of firemen. Er, fire trucks. Ahem. ;)

  6. This is so cute! I love that you are sharing parts of your childhood with Eme!

    Isn't it awesome to re-live our childhood memories with our children?

  7. Random Sarah fact: I have always been afraid of firemen. Rationally I completely recognize what amazing heros they are and how needed they are. Irrationally? Those outfits have always scared me. The face masks and big suits creep me out. Haha weird right?

  8. That looks incredibly fun. What an awesome dad you have. Emeline looks full of happiness!

  9. Sweetest pictures ever. I cannot get over how much more grown up she is looking each and every day. She's going to seem like a teenager when Baby Girl is born.

  10. My husband is a volunteer fireman, and our almost 3-year-old loves those "woo woos" as she often still calls them. The fire department brings trucks to a local 4th of July gathering, and I teared right up last year as she climbed in with her Daddy. I love when it's the simple things.

  11. Awww, so cute! I'm pretty sure all of my kids are going to have firetruck/ambulance themed bedrooms, clothes and birthday parties, boy OR girl. :-)

  12. Y'all must have made your Dad's day coming with him to this. Sweet girls :)

    E loves her some fire trucks too. I wish we had something like this for her to go to and check things out!