Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hodge-Podge Thursday

-On average my belly seems to be small'ish. Last week at a party, a group of women all told me that it's so not fair that I don't look like a house by this point, and they literally did NOT believe me that I had 5 weeks and X amount of days left. They were all, "can you know the gender already?", and I'm all blink...blink...blink. YES. And then? A few nights later, I was told by another person that "Man, you've grown a ton", and "are you sure you're measuring on track?", which I just had to laugh. Because everyone's perceptions are so very different. Hence why you just can't really listen to what people say. (For what it's worth, the lady who said that is a friend, and she meant no harm, I do love her, still :) )

-My pastors daughter is 4. She and Emeline play together at our small group on Tuesday nights. I walked down to the basement where the kids were playing when she yelled to me, "Miss KATIE! WHY DOES YOUR TUMMY LOOK LIKE THAT??"

I immediately perked up, because this kind of thing used to exist NON STOP for me last pregnancy since I taught elementary school, and I kind of miss it. So I said, "I don't know, Maddie....why do YOU think my belly looks like this?"

To which she replied without an ounce of hesitation, "Because you ate too much??"  Her older brothers, mortified, yelled, "MADDIE! She has a baby in her belly!" I just laughed. Then she said, "But WHY would you want another baby????"

She was dead serious. It was so funny. I so miss all my funny kid comments I used to get and be able to blog about on the daily as a teacher.

-I got new specs. They are for distance, mainly--and I don't even have to wear them all the time. But they're fun and I like them, and especially love wearing glasses on days I didn't pluck my eyebrows or want to do my eye makeup fully. So now you know my secret.

-My dog is in a tizzy lately because of all the deliveries. It feels kind of like Christmas with UPS or Fedex coming to the door multiple times a day (and freaking my dog out), but basically all it means is a new baby will be here shortly. The new baby gear is showing up left and right. The new stroller, the new carseat (we sold the old one--more details on that another time), and even the free crap they send you from Enfamil and other formula companies. 

Every time the doorbell rings Emeline yells, "More PWESANTS!" and gets really excited. I guess I must have used that term and now she's certain that there are always special deliveries full of "pwesants". This could be interesting. 

-On all other fronts, life is going pretty smooth these days. There's this whole calm before the (beautiful, fun) storm that is New! Baby! and we're all getting a little excited. Two main things on the agenda this weekend are to build the double stroller and put the crib mattress up to newborn status again. I told my husband these are "needs" and he and I then had a huge discussion over the fact that this is NOT a need (but it is to me), more so a "want". Oh, men.

I stand by my thoughts that a husband, man, whatever, cannot--AT ALL, empathize with pregnancy or the fact that getting stuff done before baby IS A NEED TO US. Like, a legit need (or I may die type of thing).

I want him to get inside my pregnant brain for just a second to understand it. Or maybe I don't.


Have a happy Thursday :)


  1. Kids say the cutest things. Just the other day my son Tristan and I were driving and it was dark outside and he screamed, "GOD! CAN YOU TURN ON THE LIGHTS!?" It was the sweetest most pure thing I've seen!


    Love your blog! :)

  2. LOVE the new glasses! They look great on you!

    As for the men...IF they were pregnant, or could get inside our brains, it would be SO MUCH WORSE for them....because you know, when they are sick THE WORLD IS ENDING. IT's a good thing God made us the child bearers.

    Good luck on the NEEDS this weekend! i hope you get it all done!!!!!

  3. Seriously, what is it with men and pregnancy. Mark was the same way before Mia, ummm there is stuff that HAS to be done. Silly men.

  4. I would LOVE for my hubby to just spend one hour in my body/brain right now. He just doesn't get how pregnancy affects EVERYTHING... he even said the other day how on the way home he was all "oh yeah, we're having a baby in 2 weeks" and my response was "how the **** did you forget for even a nanosecond?????".

  5. Yah that need/want conversation?? Totally had that conversation multiple times! At one point he tried to classify buying a carseat as a want....EVEN THOUGH WE DIDN'T HAVE A CARSEAT!!! Lol crazy men.

    You seriously don't look like you are 34 weeks pregnant. You really look great!

  6. My belly was always smaller and I gotta say, I got so sick of the . . . "but you're so tiny!" comments. As if the only way to be full-term is to look like a house.

    Just keep doing what you're doing. Getting closer now!

  7. Em's (like the way I refer to her like an old friend? ha) hair is getting so long and filling out so much! So pretty with those curls.

    Love the glasses! I admit that I have also bought glasses that I only needed a little bit for the exact.same.reasons. :)

  8. Kids say the cutest things! I was (am) the total opposite when I wear my glasses! I feel like my make up needs to be darker and more catching because I always felt like more focus was on my eyes!! However, I also haven't worn my glasses in forever :( but they're not nearly as cute and hip as yours!

  9. I LOVE your glasses! Where did you find them? I'm completely blind and don't wear contacts so I'm always looking for fun new specs :)

  10. My type A personality had this stuff done on my own. WIth Adam, he analyzes everything for a half hour, gathers tools for 20 minutes, measures, writes the measurements, remeasures to make sure, gets it all lined up perfectly, is delicate, and then 5 hours later two screws are in the crib and it is only partially complete before he takes a break to watch Ice Road Truckers. I, on the other hand, get in, get it done, and get out. So much easier to just do it myself!

  11. Totally get the "need" thing. I wrote about it today. My hubby just doesn't understand why I need the nursery room cleaned out NOW when we have 3 months left. I will go insane if I can't start nesting soon!

  12. People's perception is crazy. I am the same - one person will tell me my belly looks NO WHERE near big enough for 40 weeks and the next tells me I am SO huge. Same with babies? You take a newborn out and s/he is "SO TINY" to one person and "Such a big baby" to the next. Weirdos.

  13. I"m team you don't look like you are ready to birth a baby! You look so so good! I can only hope that I look that great next time around ;-)

  14. OH EM GEE the want/need thing?! Seriously?! How can you properly get the crib and nursery ready for baby when the mattress is still on the lowest level? Silly husbands ;)

    And? You know this but you look amazing. I still have my drive to get back into running once E gets here and watching you get back into shape will only inspire me more.

  15. I just ask B to do things enough that he'll do it just to shut me up. Then it becomes a "need" to him as well. Clearly he's lucky to have me ;)

    And that picture of you two? i love so much. It's fantastic.