Friday, June 15, 2012

A late night photo reflection post. #summertime

The last two days I've been trying to keep my real camera (not just my phone) within an arms reach. I admit that it's not easy compared to the handiness of my phone. And I loooove me some phone photos (hello, major instagram lovah over here). But I really just was finding myself enjoying a lot of special little summer things lately--and I just felt like documenting it--on more than just my phone.

So I wrote this on my Facebook page this morning (did you know I had one? You should go like it.):

And so--here are my results from the last two days. [See also: Photo OVERLOAD]

(Repeat themes you will see: I cannot get enough fruit these days. Fresh fruit, and tons of it. Emeline. Snacks. Snacks. and more snacks. Outside fun. The end.)

if I told you how much I had to pay for these cherries you'd die.

having a good tumbler in my life makes me drink more water, that's a fact.  
Something about a full produce drawer that screams SUMMER! and that makes me oddly happy.
....same goes for Eme's snack drawer.
Mini-kid tumbler cuteness, and outdoor snack (fruit) eating. For her, not me this time. 
please tell me I'm not the only one who enjoys the power of the Microwave Nachos still. Anyone? bueller? 
ice-pops/freeze pops, or "freezies" for my canadian friends--whatever they're called. Devoured daily. Epitome of summer.
Because belly swinging, with a popsicle just makes sense when you're a toddler. 
[no caption needed ;)]
frizzy curls, flushed cheeks, water break.
Dear Fruit, you are about to meet your maker.
little cherry-snatcher.

it looks like art. fruit art. yea, that. #mmmm
grilled chicken sandwich fixin's. 
bubbles. bubbles. bubbles. pretty much my life. 
friday night. yeaaaaa summer.

Have one of those amazing weekends, mmk?


  1. You are SUCH an awesome photographer...this post makes my heart happy. LOVE.

  2. Hope your amazing summer memories continue! :) And thanks for the reminder yesterday...I need to keep focus on the little things this summer before baby E arrives.

  3. Love the new header!! Mmmm.... Fruit.

  4. Making me hungry! Might have to have a grilled chicken sandwich for dinner!

  5. this post reminds me of the summer time song by rascal flatts!

    your camera takes exceptional pictures! I'm definitely feeling summer in the air and I love it!

  6. love the new look!

    and my fruit never looks that good. ever. have a good weekend!

  7. I have got to get better about having my big camera with me at all times! Maybe I will take on this challenge this coming week!

    I hope y'all have a great weekend!

  8. You've managed to get some gorgeous photos! I really need to make it a point to take more photos these days!
    Mmm and yes, where I'm from we definitely call them freezies.

  9. Summer time fruit is the best, especially local farmers market! Can't get much better than that.

    I'm so loving all the pictures. Isn't summer all about soaking in all the goodness of sunshine, cold drinks & playing!?!

  10. Agree on the tumbler. I take it everywhere I go and fruit right now is amazing!

    AND I love microwave nachos, always, still and forever...

    AND now I want a grilled chicken sandwich :)

  11. Microwave nachos - YUUMMM! Velveeta + refried beans! I love that last picture - so cute!