Friday, June 22, 2012

Smooth as buttah.

I so realize this kind of stuff is snooze-fest 2012 to most people. But I've had some questions, and I'd like to remember it, too--so this is my blah-blah post about The Big Girl Room official "move".


About two weeks ago I decided that it was buckle-down time when it came to getting Emeline transitioned to her new room. After talking with my friend about it, I just knew it wasn't a (potential) battle I wanted to fight once I was also sleep deprived with a newborn. So I went into Let's Do This mode with plenty of time to spare and get her used to this before little sister arrives.

I was definitely worried, since we had one failed big girl bed night and every time I mentioned her sleeping in her room, she would say Noooo, Momma.

I had Declan put the bed all the way down to the tiniest size the night before. Basically, it's the length of a crib, but it's wider than a crib mattress. She's still little, and for some reason the bigger bed size was too much for her, and she needed to feel cozy.

cute tiny bed for my little lady

I spent the entire day before The Switch washing newborn clothes, going through all Eme's drawers, organizing stuff, and then I let HER help me put all her clothes in her new dresser drawers. We then filled up her old nursery drawers with baby clothes, and emphasized that this room was going to be for the baby now, because the baby will need a room. Honestly? It may sound silly, but I think that having her help with the transition, moving her stuff, her blankets, her stuffed animals over? That all really helped her to mentally switch to that room. I consider it part of laying the foundation, right? right. :)

The rest of the day we just continued to hype up and talk about the fact that she'd be sleeping in her new room that night, and how!exciting! Basically, we overplayed it x a million, but that's what you do with kids. Act like crazy people.

My husband was adamant that we needed to keep the nursery door shut for a while--the whole out of sight out of mind thing? Yea. It was a good idea--so we did that. We also handled bedtime that evening as normal. Bath time, teeth brushing, hair-drying, pj'ing, book, prayers, kisses. She was a little bit clingy at first to me, and then she said, "noo, want daddy" (she basically kicked me out). She pointed to her old bedroom and said, "that room!" one time. We reaffirmed that this is her new room, and that was now a baby room.

It took a few extra books that night & cuddling with Daddy--but as soon as we turned off the light and shut the door?  She basically fell right asleep.

We didn't hear a peep from her until almost 8am the next morning, her typical wake up time.

It was great because Declan hadn't left for work yet, so we both were able to go in there and make a big deal over the fact that, YAY! you did it! Big girl status! She seemed proud.

Hump 1.  Over it. Bedtime went great.

Hump 2. Naptime. The thought alone scared the bejezuz out of me. 

I had nightmares of big bed meaning the end of naptime forever, and honestly? I need naptime. I need it. (Yes, she does too. Ahem.)

I made sure to do something that day to tire her out. We met friends at the mall and she ran around like a wild woman. I even came home and played with her outside some more, because I just had to make sure that naptime went smooth.

We followed all the same routines (which is none, really) as normal. Basically? Diaper change, she tells me, "Hair out, mommy" (she does not like to sleep with any hair ties/bows, and I don't blame her), I take her hair out, lay her down, give her a kiss, and nighty-night. Naptime begins.

The ONLY difference this time? Before I could leave the room, she clasped her hands together and squeezed her eyes shut and said, "Pray Jesus, Mommy!" And so I knelt down next to her wee little bed, said a little prayer that she'd have a great first nap in her big bed, gave her kisses, shut the door--and went and spied over the video monitor.

I fully expected she'd get up, start roaming the room, banging on the door--or SOMETHING. But, nope. She rolled over and fell asleep.

She woke up with bedhead and a smile almost 3 hours later.

I felt so good after that. Like, we got this.

And honestly? Since that first day it's been great. Every single night has been easy to get her to bed, she loves her room, and even naptimes have been absolutely no issue at all.

I'm thrilled to death with how the transition has gone. So thrilled. It's one more thing to check off the list before our 2nd baby girl comes. And one more thing that makes me feel like holy whoa, my girl is growing up.


A few random things worth being noted:

-We tried to keep all the sensory stuff from her nursery the same in her new room. For example, she's always slept with the sound of a fan. So, of course we brought that fan in her new room, too. It drowns out house noises AND it's a familiar sound she sleeps well to. Same goes with black-out curtains. Although, since they are ivory in this room, they aren't near as dark as her nursery, but it still works. We keep it dark'ish during naptime (as best we can).

-Other than the stuffed animals she sleeps with, there is nothing other than books on her bookshelf (and in her bed because she insists on sleeping with some of them) to distract her. Basically, NO TOYS. I don't need any reason for her to get out of bed to play instead of sleep. This may be something that can change down the line, but at this point I want her room associated with sleeping, and not playtime.

-I have always shut her nursery door (since we use a video monitor), and we do the same in her new room. I like the quiet, dark atmosphere for her during bed/naptime and I like to be able to be noisy/do what I need to do around the house without disturbing her. Plus, she doesn't really mess with the door at this time. We'll cross that bridge if/when we get there.

-We're not using a bedrail with this bed. Since it has the swirly iron stuff on the two ends I feel like it helps to keep her "in". She has not fallen out of the bed yet. However, she had one incident during nap where she got up and LAID herself on the floor where she finished the last 30 minutes of her nap. Weird.

-We got her used to sleeping with a pillow in her crib over the past few months (in efforts to transition her to a real bed). It helped, definitely. However, she STILL sleeps upside down, sideways, halfway off the bed, etc, in her toddler bed. Basically, she does what she wants and she's a wild sleeper, and she's still doing fine with it.

All in all? I couldn't be more pleased.

Questions? comments? bored to tears? It's cool. Not all this mom stuff is interesting all the time and I totally know it.

I'll be back at some point with a pregnancy update--maybe.


Have a happy weekend!


  1. What cute bedhead hair! Glad the transition was smooth :-)

  2. Isn't it funny how the transitions are always harder/more stressful on us than them? Glad she loved her new room and was easy on you!

    My girls both slept on the floor at times when they moved to big girl beds too. So cute when you catch them curled up on the floor.

  3. Um, not bored AT ALL. Big Girl Bed and Potty Training keep sneaking into my thoughts lately, and I just don't want to deal with EITHER of them!!! It helps to read your success story :)

  4. HAHA Omg that last picture is AWESOME! My son's almost 6 and I still find him randomly asleep on the floor on occassion. Sometimes at the foot of my bed :) What an awesome big girl room and bed!

  5. I'm so glad to hear the transition went well! Sounds like you and Declan did a great job getting her ready for it. The picture of her bed head is so adorable!

  6. I'm definitely taking notes. I have a long way to get Oliver in a toddler bed but I know it'll be here before I know it.

    Way to go Emeline!

  7. Yay Emeline! I am bookmarking this. I need all the tips I can get! My little man turns 1 this weekend and hates his room; always has. I'm going to try some of these tips now.

  8. Way to go Eme! Her bedhead is beyond adorable!

  9. I think letting her help you was a great idea. something about them knowing what's to come helps. every morning, when i drop e off at school, he likes to walk me to the door give me a hug and kiss and close the door. he's in control that way...ever since we've started that little routine, no tears. ;)

    i'm so glad to hear that the big bed went well. i'm anxious about doing it with e. but with the temporary move, i'm going to wait it out till we are in our new house. i don't want too many changes at once.

    good for you momma! bed and decor is super cute!!!!

  10. Yay for a smooth transition!!

    I have no clue when we're even going to try with Jamie. We don't have the motivation of needing the crib for anyone else and he seems more than happy where he is! If it ain't broke don't fix it right?

    I have been looking at big boy room stuff though. Maybe the excitment of getting to decorate a new room will push this mama along!

  11. :) Glad to be of service.

    And I'm so glad it went smoothly. Good call on keeping toys out of the room. We've never had toys in our kids' rooms either, and for the most part, they slept pretty well in their beds.

  12. This is such a great post, and I'm totally bookmarking it for when we need to transition Reese.

  13. Great job on the transition! We are still waiting to transition Flintstone. Basically due to MacGyver's never ending lists of "I can build that myself..."

  14. I am enjoying this b/c my son is 18 months and I know here soon it will be time for the bigger bed (hopefully another 6 months). My question is - what about blankets? Since she is a wild sleeper, does she get cold when kicking the blankets off? My son is all over his crib but I use a sleep sack (we keep it like 70 degrees in our house) to make sure he stays warm. I wonder if I will be getting up in the night to cover him up because he will wake up cold.

  15. I'm glad the transitiont the big girl room went smoothly...I bet that is a relief! The bed-head pic makes me giggle, Emeline is so cute!

  16. Ah love this. So glad it went smoothly. I like all of your tips. We are totally going to play our transition by ear, since we have SO! MANY! CHANGES! happening all at once, but already ,when we go to the new house, she walks into the room that will be hers and says "Eea big girl woom" and walks into the room that will be the nursery and says "Baby's woom" ... I'm hoping that we can have her room all set up a few weeks before we move in so she can get used to/excited for it when we go to visit the house and then maybe when we move, she'll go straight into the bed in there ... if not, no biggie, we'll see how it goes.

  17. i'm so glad it went so well!! and thanks for the tip for when this transition happens in this house.

    ps: cutest head of bedhead ever. EVER.

  18. Thanks for this! Connor's new room is painted and now we are waiting for a piece of furniture to ship so that we can convert his crib to a full bed. We are switching him to the larger of the two bedrooms so this may be a challenge as well. We have even thought about turning his door handle around so we can lock it from the outside to keep him in there until he falls asleep if need be! (Then of course unlock it for fire safety reasons.. we aren't that mean!)

  19. this is my first time stopping by your blog and i actually really enjoyed this post.

    you make some good points for the future... no toys in the bedroom is a great idea. and letting her help with the transition probably made it so much easier!

    your little girl is super cute. and i love her little bed.

  20. How cute is her little bed?! I love it.

  21. Such a cute little room!

  22. Just now coming across this post in my Reader and am so happy to hear the transition went well! Eme's post-nap bedhead is just too cute. I'm going to have to bookmark this for when we transition J to his big-boy bed!

  23. ok where did u find this bed? miss lily needs one!