Friday, June 1, 2012

Things. And thoughts. And hey, it's Friday.

I thought it was so flippin' sweet how many of you wanted to wish Declan well at his new job. Seriously. You guys are the best. It made me all misty eyed that you cared about my family and the big changes going on. He will read every one of the comments, too. Trust me.

On that note, we are husbandless/daddyless this weekend. He's away on a church leadership retreat, they do it yearly, and it's so fun for me...umm, right. I want a weekend away. Instead, my reward for three days of momming with no break (I know, I know, it's really not that long, and only one kid-but still) will be indulging in lots of treats. Water ice. Take out. Ice cream. To think I'll even be cooking once while he is gone is blasphemy. Just sayin'.

we heart daddy.

Yesterday a sweet blog comment mentioned that I've still never written the story of how I told Declan about Baby #2. I mean, I did write the post, but then it was tragically deleted and I totally lost my mojo, and had to just drop it for a while. And now? I am kind of fuzzy on the details a bit. Okay, I'm not that fuzzy on them. But it's a long story. A long, full day of me peeing on pregnancy tests in the Target bathroom while wrangling my toddler trying to unlatch the door. And I NEED to write it down, but it just feels boring to me now. I was hoping the spark of interest would come back and I'd want to write about it-but it hasn't. Maybe you can convince me. That is, if you want to hear it.

Because of my husband switching jobs, our Flex Savings Account (which is a long story in and of itself) had to be all used up by yesterday. It's a 'use it or lose it' type thing. It's all our money, just pre-tax dollars, and it came out of his paycheck bi-weekly. We knew this, for the last few weeks--but yet I sat and did nothing about it. And then I went frantic-crazy-woman yesterday when I realized how many hundreds of dollars would be WASTED if I did not use it. And I felt sick to my stomach. So I went over the details of what I could buy, went to my pharmacy, the lady helped me out even--and now I own half the store.

Then I came home, shopped some more on a last minute appointment for an eye exam, got my eyes checked and ordered new, rad glasses. I spent a crap-ton of money yesterday (that HAD TO BE SPENT), and it stressed me the heck out all day. I have more bandages, character bandaids (with the rate my kid goes through them...), condoms (yep, they qualify), thermometers and heating pads & icy/hot packs than I know what to do with. Basically, I'm stocked for a long, long time. Thank God a few months ago I spent a good chunk of change from the FSA on a new breastpump & accessories. 'Cuz seriously.

It would have been way more fun if I could have spent the money on clothes, shoes, jewelry, pedicures, know. But noooooo....stinking government having rules. Psh.

It's Friday, and yet--for some reason with my husband not being around nothing feels different about the days. Which is a shame, because I usually love me some weekends.

Being pregnant in summer is no joke. I'm to the point where I'd like to wear nothing all the time. It's so humid here, and it's not even the 'hot' summer months. And sadly, having a very active toddler means that I am out and about often, in the heat, at the parks, sweating my arse off. I love loose fitting dresses these days. Even shorts feel too hot. It's really pretty pathetic. I basically daydream daily about floating in a pool, because that sounds cool, and heavenly, and peaceful, and...weightless.

Last night Eme & I were trying to make it to bedtime alive enjoying ourselves--playing in the back, taking walks around the neighborhood, stopping to play on the big rocks, watering the flowers....when she asked me for a treat. I'm not gonna lie, it doesn't take much to get me excited for a 'treat' these days either. So, I thought it would be fun. I really just wanted to go very local to dq, or something, since it was so close to bedtime and all. But then she got "water ice" stuck in her head and every time I'd mention "ice cream" she'd say, "No mommy, I want water-iiiiiice". So I drove the further distance and got her water ice and she sat on that bench, like a big kid, eating her watermelon flavored Rita's water ice. She wrecked her dress. She had sticky, sugary, drippy'ness on her legs, down her arms, on her chin, down her neck--but it was too cute. All those fun things seem to come with a price though. Late night out, solo-momma, toddler breaking down because it was past bedtime. But? It was still fun.


I hope all of you enjoy your weekend!


  1. What's water ice? Like a slushy? Been curious for awhile. You're the only one I've ever heard say it. Maybe it's a PA thing or maybe I'm the only one in the world you doesn't know :)

  2. For what it's worth you are totally adorable summer pregnant lady! I was the complete opposite, a beached whale if you will. As a fellow August baby mama, go to the pool as much as possible!

  3. Just thought I'd stop by to remind you that you look great! Hang in there...summer months being pregnant are the worst. Already feeling huge and swelling from heat to boot? Not fair! You rock it though. ;)

    And what is water ice? A snow cone? Slushee?

  4. I'm solo a lot because my husband is Army and I always save something fun to watch on DVR or get excited about catching up on blogs after my daughter goes to bed. It's little things:-) I really hate how the weekends become just any other day so I plan fun outings/skype with family/spend lots of time at the pool.

  5. Everytimeeeee you mention Rita's, I get a little sad since we don't have one around these parts.

    Also? I love being able to comment more conveniently now that I have my laptop vs my phone (and hopefully more regularly since you know I read ;)).

    and you'll survive the weekend, but I would demand a momma's afternoon out next weekend. Mani/pedi and maybe some solo Target time :)

  6. I know I'd love to hear how you told Declan the news!!!!

    Ha ha, I just found out I'm pregnant in a Target bathroom as well. With my child in tow. I don't think I could imagine a more fitting place to pee on a stick though. Love me some Target!!

  7. I would personally love to hear {read} the story of how you told Declan the baby #2 news. But whenever your ready- its super hard to write about things your not feeling it in the moment. I get ya.

    I'm jealous of your pharmacy spending spree. I would love to use my flex card to buy stuff life that. It also had to be a tad nice to get what you want/needed and not really have to price it. I will take that kind of shopping any day.

    Have a wonderful weekend- you really look great pregnant and your clothes are always so cute!

  8. Damn it... I could have got you to buy my breast pump! ;) Which one did you get? I'm deciding b/w the Medela Pump in Style Advanced (PISA) and the Freestyle (not sure if it's worth the extra $100!)


  9. I hope your weekend flies by. I hate husbandless weekends. They suck the big one.

  10. I hope your weekend flies by. I hate husbandless weekends. They suck the big one.

  11. I'd still love to hear how you told Declan...please share :)

  12. I SO get being pregnant in the summer. I was pregnant with Phoebe during the summer 2 years ago in TEXAS and about died. LOTS of water mama!

    I really would like to read the pregnancy test story. I get not being motivated to write about it though because, hello? You have less than 10 weeks left until your baby girl is on the outside, so yeah, I can see how it would be boring to you, but it sounds pretty entertaining to me.

    Good luck with the rest of the weekend lady!

  13. This post was so funny. I can't wait to see your new glasses. I somehow always seem to find the most expensive glasses ever.

  14. People here in Texas don't believe me when I say PA is freaking HOT. The humidity makes it sooo much worse and they just don't think I know what "heat" is. It was already 100 degrees the other day, but really if you stood in the shade, it wasn't bad *at all*. So I feel for you bearing your last several weeks of super pregnancy in mucky PA heat. Almost there! Excited to see her :) Have a good weekend bonding with your only child for just a little while longer!!

  15. Hope you're enjoying your weekend solo. I know that the pastors at your church appreciate your sacrifice & volunteer leadership at your church.

  16. I'm with the others on wanting to hear the story of how you announced Number 2. No worries if you can't though!

    and HOLD UP!! A breast pump counts on the FSA? How come I didn't know that??? This is very very very good news!!!!!

  17. I would love to hear all the details about baby #2. I feel like all you said was when you were on vacation you decided you were ready. Did you try for very long? Of course I would love to hear how you told D! Good luck this weekend!

  18. You are just adorable, and like I have said many times in the past, a very pretty pregnant lady!!! I know how it feels to be pregnant in the hot summer months. Chloes an august baby. Just get in the pool as much as possible!!! That baby girl will be here before you know it!!

  19. Rita's is hands-down one of the best things ever. We have one right on the beach and I've been going to it for years... Hope you survived your 3 days of single parenting!