Sunday, June 10, 2012

Watch out. I'm recapping.

Where do I even start?

The last few days...heck, the last week has been jam packed with so much good stuff. So much. It really, truly has left me feeling blessed, and well, full.

We're in a really good phase right now. Emeline's behavior has been pretty exceptional. I know in true toddler fashion, this can change in an instant--but lately? Our summer days have been good ones. Really good. I think keeping her busy and active is key. I'm so grateful for all the fun we are getting in before her little world is rocked by welcoming her little sister.

For now, we will enjoy us.


On Friday, we went strawberry picking with our friends Kristen & Everett. We discovered that 2 year olds aren't the best strawberry pickers alive, BUT they are the best strawberry eaters. I bet those little monsters ate more than our two baskets combined. They ran & chased each other down the paths, munched on berries, made a huge mess, held hands & hugged a ton. They are the freaking cutest.

Then, on Friday evening after Declan got home from work we had a little cookout on the deck, just us. The weather was awesome, and so we decided to take full advantage and went to the park of an elementary school to play. I may not be the best at playing these days, but Daddy sure is. Thank God one of us still has that kind of energy. I still have the energy to document, however. So I consider that my role, at least. ha.

Then, we were a few blocks away from a local ice cream place--so we put Eme in the stroller and walked for a sweet treat. It was a perfect end to our Friday.

My Grandmom (who recently lost her husband) is staying with my parents for a few days. Her birthday was today, so we decided to have a little family cookout to celebrate her on Saturday night. So after a fun morning of eating breakfast at our favorite local spot (outdoors, too!), attending a local farmers market, a nap for Eme (and maybe me, too *cough*), that's where we headed for some family fun.

I was able to snap a few sweet pictures of these two.

If anything, I've realized just how important taking photographs is recently. You just cannot get these memories back when people pass away--and so I'm trying to be better. For all of us.


I'm gonna stop there for now. Today was a whole fabulous day in and of itself. I met one of my long time blogging friends, Jess. And t'was divine. I love her lots. We spent the whole day together and it could not have been more fun.

For now, sleep calls.

Hope you had a great weekend, too.



  1. The pictures are amazing, as always!!

  2. Gosh! That picture of your granny with Eme's head in her hands. AMAZING. I love that. that's a framer for sure! Sweet sweet.

    Glad y'all are enjoying some really great moments!!!! Here's to many more for y'all!

  3. Awww strawberry sweet. Never done it. I should. Sweet pictures there with grandma. We just lost our grandpa, so I really understand the value of those pictures and treasuring the time with our loved one.

  4. I just love how happy you are and how much you show it in this post. :)

  5. Hello perfect weekend! ;)

    Love E's strawberry clip! Eating the berries (for free) is the best part. Even if you're not 2. Ha.

    (I was surprised with a 7D this weekend. Ummm...LOVE! Thanks for the recommendation.)

  6. It was absolutely the best day.

    I can't wait to do it again. :)

  7. Beautiful pictures Katie and the ones of her with your grandma are so very sweet! I love summer!

  8. oh my goodness, where on earth did you get the strawberry clip??? ADORABLE. Katie pie needs one!

  9. Oh my goodness- Eme eating the strawberry w/ the stawberry clip? Too too cute for words!

  10. I was already dying to take E to the strawberry patch, but now I REALLY want to go. This looks like so much fun!