Saturday, July 28, 2012

A letter to my girls.

Dear Emeline,

So soon we will meet your baby sister. And I have to say that sharing this pregnancy with you, every single day, has been a joy and so much fun as your momma.

The love that you have already for this little girl in my belly is unfathomable. I never, ever expected you to get it as much as you did, and it's made it so much fun for us. 

You know you have a baby sister coming. You know her first, middle, (and last name), too. You recognize what things around the house are for your baby sissy and you get excited, shout and clap your hands about "aw so cute" baby stuff. When we get something ready for the baby and you notice, you clasp your hands around your face and say, "oh, it's for baby ____!" and tell us how cute or pretty it is. 

We've looked at a lot of baby photos of you lately. You know that those photos are "Baby Enna-mine!", but we tell you that your baby sister will look like that, too. Small, squishy, little and cute. You tell me all the time that you want to hold her, and kissy-her. 

The other day you went up to my belly with your arms in a 'holding' position and said, "Mommy, I hold baby ____?" I told you soon, that so soon you can help mommy hold her. 

Last night I was brushing your teeth with you, when you were at eye level with the rubbed my belly with two hands, then laid your head down, and said, "I love you sissy". I think I seriously let out tears because it was just so sweet. 

Since our little hospital episode on Thursday night, you've been telling us nonstop, through huge tears to "go get baby ____ at the hospitable"....and you sob, sob, sob about it. You're just so excited to meet her and love on her, and finally understand all this baby stuff your parents have been talking about non stop with you. I get it. The end must be torture for you, too.

As we have this new baby girl, Emeline, my hopes for you are that you'd feel no shortage of love, but that, in fact--it would feel doubled to you. That you would love your little sister to the best way your 2 year old self can, and that you would know how proud of you that your daddy and I am. 

I pray that you'd transition well. That you'd love this big sister role and thrive in it. We know you will.

Sweet girl, I have tears in my eyes as I write this because I know that seeing you loving her might just be one of the most special things I'll ever get to witness. My heart leaps thinking about it. 

You are so much a part of this process of bringing another baby home, and we're so proud of you, already. 

Love to the moon and back,



To my littlest girl,

I daydream about you, little one. I'm at this point where my momma heart just wants you, so badly, here in my arms. I cannot wait to breathe in all your baby scents, and stare at your little fingers and toes, and kiss your cheeks to oblivion. You are so loved, already. You are coming into a huge family of love, my dear. So much love.

The other day your daddy and I talked about our hopes and dreams for you, much the same as we did for your big sister before she came into the world. And we just looked at each other, on the same page, and said " have a heart of compassion and love for be a light."

I guess it seems simple, but it's so so big. And so so important. And so rare these days. And I just pray that you have that special spark in you, like your sister does, that lights up a room--that loves people genuinely, without prejudices, and bais, and has a heart of compassion for hurting people. All the rest will fall into place.

We couldn't be more excited for you if we tried. Be prepared to be smothered in kisses by your big sister, and have little toddler hands 'helping' with everything when it comes to your care. I think you'll learn to love it. Or, heck, you won't even know any different.

I can't even tell you how blessed you are to be sliding right into this spot as little sister, with Emeline as your big sister. You are so stinkin' lucky, kid---she will be the best. Your mommy is a little sister, with the most amazing big sister (your aunt susie) on the face of the planet, and I feel that you are going to be just as blessed as me with this awesome sister relationship. You may have your hard days, but one day--I promise, you'll thank us for this sister gift. It is such a gift

You're already a joy in my life and heart. I can't wait to lay my eyes on you and introduce you to your sister. To see your daddy love on his 2nd little girl (you are way, way blessed in the daddy-department, too--let me tell you, lady), and to start doing life with you in it. 

We will welcome you with open arms and hearts exploding for love for you. Promise.




  1. and I'm weeping... GAH! Beautiful post Kate... Love you sissy!

  2. Love. Can't wait to see pics of baby 2!!

  3. Such beautiful letters :) what an amazing thing to be a momma and get to experience this kind of love. And you are right... Getting to see your firstborn become a big sibling is so, so special! Praying it will be today!!

  4. You made me cry! These are such beautiful letters to your little girls and I know they will be so glad you took the time to write them. Praying that your baby girl comes soon'

  5. Sometimes I so wish I had a sister- especially when reading things like this!

  6. So sweet, Katie! This will be so nice for your lovely girls to look back on someday. Thanks for sharing these sweet letters. :)

  7. Katie, you made your Momma cry. I praise God that He gave you a Big sister like "Enna-mine" who showered lots of loves and "keeses" on you. This sister love between your girls will remind you daily of what an amazing gift God gave you in a sister and your sister has in you.
    You are a Blessed woman and I am Blessed to be your Momma.

  8. So sweet Katie! I hope you get to meet her SOON!

  9. Talk about turning on the water works. You make me long to have had a sister in life! And I have no doubt Emmaline and her little sister will share the same amazing relationship you have with Susan. Hope she makes her appearance soon for your sake and Eme's of course :)

  10. I love that your girls will be able to read these beautiful letters and feel the love their mama has for them. I am sending vibes for a positive, easy labor and a healthy baby and mama! Hope we meet her soon!

  11. Beautiful. Two sisters is an amazing thing. I can't WAIT for you to see how it changes you.

  12. This is so beautiful! And I can promise you that your heart is going to explode when you see your girls together for ye first time.

  13. This post makes me want another baby, like woah. You are so lucky and blessed to have such a loving and tightly bonded family. She has clearly learned to love in such an amazing way, because of them. Wishing you and your family all the best.
    P.s. Congrats on the sweet baby girl tonight. :-)

  14. Oh gosh, I teared up at this! What an amazing heart that you have - you were absolutely born to be a mama to those wonderful girls. What an adventure it will be as they grow up!