Friday, July 13, 2012

Easy Steps to a Bathroom "Makeover" & Jewelry Hanging Device, for the win.

A few weeks ago I was finally sick of staring at our freshly painted (for a few months, ahem) bathroom, with bare, boring walls. After all, we've lived in this house for almost four years. The excuses? Well, they were just that--excuses.

I finally buckled down (aka: nesting struck) and decided to finish it.

My jewelry boards had been taken down when we got the bathroom painted, and were in knots, broken or tangled by a certain someone who likes to rummage through drawers and play with mommy's stuff. Nevertheless, I had some stuff that just NEEDED a home.

So I worked a little magic and hung some of these cheap Ikea bathroom hooks that I used to have hanging in my craft room. They seemed to work perfectly on that blank slate and fit most of my necklaces (or the ones I wear most of) just perfectly.

I also needed a little storage above my toilet. I ended up with a little help from a cheap Target option (shown above), that I ended up loving. It now has our back up bath towels folded up there and a covered box of tissues.

I keep my makeup in that 2nd little shelf in a canvas drawer organizer, and just pop it down every time I do my makeup. When I'm done? I actually (most times), put it away :)  It has made for a MUCH cleaner bathroom and a happier husband, let me tell you.

I added those canvases above the towel rack, which I have had FOR YEARS (not kidding), and in various places around the house. They were from a clearance Target bin for like a few dollars. Are you surprised? I'm cheap.

I also re-worked the little wicker basket that sits on the back of the toilet seat to have all the little essentials needed.

Basically? For me--this little afternoon project was all about finding stuff around the house I could use to get the job done for cheap. The only thing I purchased was the $18.99 behind-the-toilet thingie (if there's a fancy term for that...I don't know it. ha)

So--to break it down for are my 5 Easy Steps to a Quick, Bathroom Makeover.

1. If you can, paint it (or work with what you got.)
2. Scour the house for stuff you like & want to repurpose. Use what you have. If you like your shower curtain (which we do), then base your whole "design" around that. You don't always need NEW!
3. Find ways to ORGANIZE & make your life easier. (aka: my jewelry & makeup devices)
4. Hang pretties on the wall.
5. Clean it up. Duh, right? A clean, finished product is refreshing.


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  1. I love what you used to hang your jewelry. I use a small hanging towel rack in my closet for jewelry, but since I seem to buy jewelry like it's my job I need to get more hooks.