Wednesday, July 25, 2012

hey, hey, washer delivery guy.

I'm at the point where if any form of social media is *crickets* for even an hour, people are all Ohmygosh, you must be having your baybee! But no. So far, not the case.

So if I didn't post today, I knew the rumors would be a flying. Kidding. A little.

I've had an eventful morning already and it's only 8:20. Okay, eventful might be a little indulgent of a word.

Basically? I had this entire day mentally blocked off as an at-home day by force. BECAUSE we had a new washer delivery happening, get this, anywhere from 7am-7pm. How about that for a HUGE TWELVE HOUR TIME SPAN.

Our washer died on us Sunday night, mid-load, full of jeans and soggy, in gallons of water. I really can't complain about the life of that washing machine because we bought it on craigslist for like, nothing, and then used it for another almost 4 years with no issue. It's just, the whole mid-load thing was fun to deal with. eyeroll.


A 12 hour time span of when they could drop off? Fabulous. That means I was summoned to my house all day.


At 7:25am I hear my dog fa-reaking out at the door, which can only mean one thing. UPS is dropping off a shipment, OR, my washing machine was being delivered. And we all know UPS doesn't drop off this early (at least around here). I threw on something somewhat presentable and that didn't show my butt or my boobs (seriously, nothing fits these days, so sue me)--and ran down the steps to let them in.

I couldn't believe it. They were here. By 7:30am. And now the whole day was wide open. HOW DID MY LUCK GET THAT GOOD?? And what did I do to deserve this? I am typically the girl waiting home during the time period they claim they'll come, watching the hours tick away, and then finally getting a call in the last 5 minutes of their time-slot saying "Oh, we're sorry, we have to bump you until tomorrow!"

For real. That has happened. And an entire day has been ruined.

But these guys came in, like pro's, were sweet as friggin' pie to me, and even found a huge stack of embarrassing colored thongs and undies behind my old washer (not kidding. one had neon hearts on it. oh the shame.), and tried to act all non-chalant like it didn't happen. Until I was all state-the-obvious, "OH MY GOSH, OOPS, MY UNDERWEAR! I'm sure this happens to you all the time! BUT-SORRY, Guy!"

I probably should have just ignored it. These things don't easily embarrass me but they probably should.

underwear=bottom right corner. I don't fib about this stuff.
Within minutes they swooped in and out. Taking my old washer with them. Giving me new hoses (FOR FREE!), and I now officially have a crush on the washer delivery guys. Kidding. But really! They came! Early! Found my undies! Were so nice! And my whole day isn't ruined from waiting around!

For an added bonus--my kid was asleep during the whole thing, too (and still is!), and I ate breakfast alone, in peace, writing this blog post.

And just in case you think my luck is too good to be true today? My dog pooped on the floor this morning. Just after going outside. So there's that.


Wow. I probably would have been better off not writing at all today and leaving everyone to wonder if I was off having the baby. Instead, this. You're so lucky.


Have a happy Wednesday :)


  1. ha! i love random posts like this! And glad my dog isn't the only one that poops after going outside. seriously, wtf?!

  2. hahaha you crack me up. Enjoy your newly free day!

  3. Haha oh girl you are toooo funny!

  4. Maybe all that happened early this morning so it would all be taken care of so you can have a baby THIS AFTERNOON?!?!?!!?!?!

    Now, hows that for a bowl full of cherries?!?!!?!

  5. Haha! Yesterday I was totally speculating inside my head that JUST!MAYBE! you were in LABOR! since I saw no facebook updates from you. I am just THAT excited ;)

  6. You are so funny! I loathe my washing machine and cannot wait for the day it dies! Every time I think it has kicked the bucket - it springs back to life like a damn cat with 9 lives. Any Home Depot trip always guarantees a stroll by the washer/dryer aisle and me drooling as my husband drags me away.
    Also, I had an IT guy at work come to look at my work laptop because it was acting funky. As he was going through my files to see what could be slowing it down, he stumbled upon a file of iPhone photos from a night out with my best friend when she snapped a few terribly unflattering, hilariously funny pictures of me on the toilet. I think my face was red the rest of the day...

  7. You're hilarious. I'm not gonna lie, had you not posted, I would have thought that.

    Glad you got some undies found for you! lol

  8. Ok. Not gonna lie. I did notice you were absent from IG last night and thought maybe baby. Sue me. :)

    Glad the delivery guy showed up! A 12 hour window is about the most rediculous thing I've heard of!

    And my dog decided to empty his bladder on the guest room bed at some point last night. So that's awesome.

  9. I wish I had time to notice when people aren't around to see if they are in labor. LOL.

    Yay for a positive day! Here's hoping it continues to be awesome.

  10. So funny! I am glad you didn't have to wait!!!

  11. Bahaha. Oh my gosh, the underwear thing would've mortified me! But yeah, probably happens all the time. Good thing they came early. A 12-hour window is too long. Just too long.

  12. I love when your post feels like a conversation. Our washer is on its last leg. I'm hoping we have your luck with delivery.

  13. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this random little gem. It makes me laugh out loud in the law library.

  14. I can't stop laughing that you actually took the guy's photo! ;)

  15. Not even kidding, I did my morning ritual of blog checking and you hadn't posted yet... and I definitely thought, "Oh! I wonder if the baby came!"

    It seems that everybody I know is about to have a baby any day now, and we're all in this limbo period...

    hope you had an awesome day

  16. I literally giggled at the thought of the washer delivery guy holding your undies. I'm sorry - it's just a funny picture in my head!