Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot & Sweaty, but all is well.


This kind of heat when pregnant is no joke, man. It's no joke when you aren't pregnant, either (so I'm told). This weekend was no exception. Record high temps. Humidity so thick you could cut it with a knife. Back sweat. Boob sweat. I think my pregnant belly was sweating. I sported it all. Oh so classy.

But? It was fun. And well worth it. On Saturday we had a chill morning at home. You read about my morning with Eme, but after that was lots of inside playing with Daddy, book-reading, soccer playing-you name it, until naptime.

Since we stayed in all morning away from the heat & humidity, we decided to venture out with some of my family to a local street fair, have dinner and watch the bike races.

Despite the heat, despite trying to keep my kid (and myself) from getting dehydrated, despite watching a wing-eating-contest that kind of made me feel nauseas, and despite having to rush out of there a bit early because crazy thunderstorms were swooping in? It was great. And as embarrassing as it is to be 36+ weeks pregnant and sporting back sweat around town? It was still worth it, I'd say.

I mean, I had a cupcake from Dia Doce, winner of Cupcake Wars (and I couldn't even wait to take a you can see.)  Leave me alone, I'm very pregnant. ;)

There was frisbee playing....

I bet you can guess where THIS toss by Em went...?

Hand-holding & "Will this be the last family photo of 3?"-taking (see also: doubtful!).

Oh, remember that wing-eating contest? Well, Susan's boyfriend, Jeff was the winner. 

Her 2nd face painting of her life, and the first one was the day before at the fair. Both of the face paintings were awful--I used to face paint a little in my day. But? We cheered and told her how awesome they were both times and she loved them. Two year olds are easy to please, dude.

I want to look like my mom when I'm her age. Just saying.

Emeline adores Moses. He's like family to us. If you want to know the story of Moses, you can read all about him where my sister posted his story here

Very pregnant sister....very skinny sister. I'll forgive her for being so gosh darn cute.


All in all?

These numbered weekends before becoming a family of four? They're pretty sweet. Back sweat, boob sweat and all.

Pssstttt: I am featured over here today, too. All about my pregnancy and such. Sweet Aliya is looking for more momma's to participate, too. Check out her cute blog & my little feature today.


  1. Eeeek I don't even know where to begin! I love all of this. First off, you are SO talented behind the camera. Never ceases to amaze me! I adore that picture of your little family...makes my heart melt. And I absolutely LOVE the pic of you and Susan--y'all are two gorgeous, wonderful women. So blessed to have each other!!! Your posts make me happy. Thanks for sharing your memories :)

  2. Love this! Looks like the perfect {albeit hot} weekend! You guys are so gosh darn cute and your mom is hot! I don't blame you for wanting to look like her;-)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time to me...minus the boob sweat. Gotta love some humidity! That picture of the 3 of y'all is so cute! And I agree....your mom looks great!!!!! ;)

  4. Goodness, you are a good momma to get out in that heat. I'm not pregnant and it just about kills me! Boob sweat gets me every time and I hate nursing after. Reason #374737374 I long for small boobs! Ha! Love the picture of you and your sister...such an amazing friendship y'all have and how awesome your girls are going to have it, too! Y'all look a lot alike. I'm sure you are so anxious to see if this sweet angel will look like emeline, too!

  5. You are such a good momma to get out in this heat! I'm not pregnant an it just about kills me. The boon sweat gets me every time, too. And I HATE nursing with boob sweat. So gross! Reason #174848362 I long for smaller boobs! Ha! Love the picture of you and your sister... Seems like y'all have an amazing friendship and now you'll get to watch it happen with your two girls! Y'all look alike, too. Im sure you're so anxious to see if this sweet little girl will look like emeline, too!!

  6. Sounds like the perfect sweaty weekend! I agree about you're momma, she's beautiful! Keep enjoying these family of 3 weekends. They look way fun.

  7. Your family is too cute!!! Oh my word! :)
    and E, seriously could she get any more adorable. And your next little girlie will be just as cute I am sure of it :)

  8. If it helps in any way, you are the CUTEST pregnant women. Hang in there, she is almost here and you will forget everything "ugly" the minute she is out. Cute family!

  9. Looks like fun. I hear ya on the heat. I basically stay inside as much as I can or am submerged in a pool. :)

  10. What kind of cupcake?!

    Also, looks like such a fun evening!

  11. Sounds like a great weekend to me!

    You're getting so close!!!!!!

  12. Dude. You hardly look pregnant in that family photo of you three. Crazy lady. you are gorgeous.

  13. I had a Dia Doce chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake - so good :) You're still looking awesome, such a cute belly!

  14. hahahaha! At my DR appt today I asked why pregnant women sweat so much and the response was "Um... because you live in Florida and it's July. Plus you're 8 months pregnant." I mean... I sweat in AIR CONDITIONING, it's ridiculous!

  15. I love that frisbee picture! Jon and I went to the zoo this weekend and EVERY picture he took was blurry.... I think I need to give him a quick camera lesson ;)

  16. That cupcake looks like it's calling out to be eaten, but that may be the pregnancy brain speaking.

    The last photo is a great shot of your family! You look fantastic!

  17. Ugh, I remember the heat that last month of pregnancy. It was all I could do to not melt. Hence the dreams of a winter baby next go around! Unfortunatly I still get the boob sweat, pregnant or not. Fun times.

  18. Such cute pictures! Can't imagine being that pregnant with all the heat we've been having! I don't comment as much since I read your blog through Feeddler now, but I still love it. Good luck with the birth of baby girl #2... can't wait to hear her name and read your birth story.
    Sara in Iowa

  19. You are so cute, Katie!! Your blog always makes me smile :)

  20. Your pictures are amazing. Seriously I love all of the little moments you capture.

    And I want your family to adopt me. Because I love all of the things y'all do together. That would be awesome :)