Monday, July 16, 2012

Just a tip for you jewelry crazed type.

My friends at Groopdealz have something that I know you will love. You have to be living under a rock to not notice that everyone and their mom is sporting these necklaces now. Buying them off ebay from China and other odd places--just to avoid the ridiculous retail prices of stores that shall remain unnamed.

BUT-Groopdealz HAS THEM today, and for only $19.99.

They are certainly fashion statements. I love the variety of colors they're offering. To get shopping, click the banner below.

You are welcome. :)


I will hopefully be back with a post of substance later. We shall see how today goes. Lord knows I've got things on my mind.



  1. Oh my gosh these necklaces are everywhere right now! I have nearly clicked the "buy" button so many times online but every time I stop myself!

  2. omg thank you for posting this! i've never pulled the trigger on these because they are too expensive. $19.99 sounds good to me :)

  3. Just got one! Good looking out! :-)