Monday, July 16, 2012

Slippery when wet. But oh so sweet.

It's no secret I have a thing for bath/shower photos. As you can see here and here. Call me weird, I've been called worse things. I just find them really beautiful. 

I'm not big on showering with Em at home--because bathtime at night is part of her routine. But? At the beach, most days, it was just easier.

Technically right or not, my husband snapped these photos and I love them. Me and my big girl.


I love all these times with her. So much.

Happy Monday (Evening), friends.


  1. I love them even if they aren't technically right. I'm learning the faster time goes and the more I have going on in my life, the more I treasure each and every photo I've taken -- blurry and all ;)

  2. These are beautiful and so sweet! I need to do this with Phoebe sometime.

  3. Not weird. They are beatiful pictures.
    Cherish the small things!! :)

  4. Beautiful! There's nothing 'not right' about a beautiful Mama and her little girl bathing.

  5. You are brave for taking a toddler in the shower with your preggo belly. ;) Slippery for sure.

    Showering is so much easier with really dirty, or sandy, kids. I can never seem to get sand/dirt off my kids in a bath when on vacation.

    These photos are precious.

  6. precious photos :) enjoy this time now while you can is my motto. occasionally i let e shower with me but i know those days won't last!

  7. These photos are technically amazing! I love love love them.

  8. These are truly beautiful photos!