Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Minutes

-On Friday night we went out to Toys-r-Us on the hunt for some fun, age appropriate and more educational-like toys for Emeline. The few things she got were much deserved, and both necessary for her and me, too.  She kept saying, "Special toys for Enna-mine!" I love this age in so many ways. It was also so much fun to see her and her sister in one cart together--it was a first. :)

-Since I've been on maternity leave with work, I literally have had NO IDEA what day it is, or the date, or anything. I feel like I just live in la-la-land over here when it comes to that stuff. Thank God for my iPhone calendar to semi keep me on track.  (In case you're wondering, I took 6 weeks off. Even though I work from home I still knew I needed that mental break when learning to navigate the road of two children. Hello sleep deprivation.)

-I'm being told that my 3 week old is losing her newborn'ness and while I know it's true my heart kind of hurts thinking about it. I'm emotional, give me a break. But ohhh newborns...I just adore them in every way. To think I'm only nine days away from having a ONE MONTH OLD makes me want to throw down and make all clocks stand still RIGHT NOW. (Funny how when you're pregnant time is all creeeeeping by, and bam! baby is here! LIGHTENING SPEED AHEAD. Sigh.)

-On Saturday around lunchtime I was getting super antsy and cabin fever'ish---and we still had about an hour until naptime. It was GORGEOUS we decided it'd be fun to go get lunch, and eat at the park and go play by the pond as a family. Sounds simple enough.

We should have known going out that close to naptime was an issue to begin with--but let's just say, it became a series of misfortunate of events. One meltdown led to another. My toddler refused to eat.  She bit down on my finger (which she's never done) SO HARD when I tried to feed her a piece of hot dog, so much so that I cried. Yep. Then she laughed. And laughed. Saying, "That's SO FUNNY, mommy!" We got attacked by tons of bees, who started going in/around/all over our drinks, food, etc. We packed up so fast, and ran from the bees, and ended up back in the car within 10 minutes. No park. No pond. No fun. It was a huge fail of a supposed "fun time". Boo.

-Last night we had my sister in law's 30th birthday party. It got rescheduled from Saturday to Sunday because her family got sick with the stomach bug, but it still came out to be a lovely party, even a day later.  

-I am thankful to GOD that baggy/flowy shirts are all the rage right now, it could NOT be at a more convenient time for this muffin-topped, ginormous boob'ed momma. Seriously. Just...seriously. Even more than my muffin top I'm way, way, way self conscious of my milk makers. Sorry, it's true. It takes me a few months to kind of 'regulate'---and right now, they are big. And so bulky that I swear they make even my arms stick out on the sides. Everything about me just looks even more massive thanks to these knockers.

also: I only look semi-put together b/c these are weekend pictures--when my husband is home. me during the week=SCARY

-I'm totally contemplating starting to run (slowly) prior to my 6 week clearance. I know there are lots of women who do that, and my body feels pretty good now. I think I'm just ready to get this show on the road. We'll see.

-I'm so disappointed in myself and my lack of having my Real Camera out lately. So, so disappointed. Since we're inside in the cave house all day it just feels so uninspiring for pictures. Someone slap me, because my poor 2nd baby needs some legit photos besides instagram.

-Did you see the ridiculously cute video of Emeline from the weekend? Go watch it, now. You won't be sorry.


Sigh. Oh Monday. I mean, Happy Monday.


  1. I seriously hope the flowy stuff is still in after we have baby dew #2 b/c yeah, it's pretty much a post baby miracle! You look great though, really.

  2. You look fab! I agree with the milk makers - 3 months in and I am still HUGE - I feel like it makes EVERYTHING that much bigger -

    In regards to Ms. Dew's statement - YAY does this mean there is a Baby Dew #2 in the making :)

  3. I see a bit more of Emeline in some of those Lucy pictures. I love how they have their own look, but are definitely sisters!

    And you lady are looking great for only being a few weeks PP!!

  4. I hear you on time moving at lightning speed. My little boy just turned eight weeks old... where did my little squishy baby go?!

    You look great in your pics!

  5. Sweet baby girls and pretty Momma!!! Please post about your running when you start again! I've been doing the couch to 5k and could use any motivation!

  6. Oh girlfran, I am SOOO with you on the super amazing trend of the loose flowy baggy cute tops right now. I am due any day now (my little man is due in 9 days) and I am SOOO thankful for the non-form-fitting-muffin-top-accentuating tops! I have a few already that I wore pre baby belly, and I'm planning on getting a lot more once I am working on getting my post baby body back!

  7. Can you please share with me what you picked out for Eme and which things are awesome? Still thinking about 2nd bday gifts.

    Also about not knowing the date/day etc? I had to REMIND MYSELF what season we were in the other day. Couldn't quite remember if it was spring, summer or fall. Ha.

  8. I started running and lifting weights 2 weeks post partum and I was fine. I did it all the way up to delivery so I figured I didn't really need to wait. I did notice I would bleed a little more and I think it made me bleed for longer, but who knows, maybe not. I had 60 pounds to lose so no time to waste, only 25 more to go.. Geeesh, that still sounds like a lot!

  9. Sorry your picnic was a bummer. Naptimes meltdowns are the worst.

    I get the big boob thing. I still have them (though admittedly not as big as they once were) and they drive me bananas. I want mosquito bite boobs! :)

  10. Love all your gorgeous pictures!! Good for you for setting goals for exercising, but most all of giving yourself grace to enjoy sweet Lucy!

  11. Don't you hate how sometimes you can have some really fun family activity planned, and our toddlers can totally ruin it, LOL?

    PS- You look great!

  12. Seriously, every single post you write has me nodding and agreeing like you've written my exact thoughts! Xxx