Friday, August 17, 2012


The last few weeks, admittedly, there's been less time for just fun play time with Emeline. I think I can blame a lot of things, and not just the addition of a new person in the house. But that is partially true.

My exhaustion, my I am just surviving right now attitude, and the amount of time I've had the TV and iPad on. It's definitely been more than normal, or---more than life pre-Lucy. I thank God everyday for the use of those distractions. I'm not going to go and diss on them because Em has some awesome educational iPad apps that we both love, and same with some of the cute shows and movies she watches.


There's something to be said about managing that time wisely. I wanted and needed to be better. It's been a few weeks, now. My kid is smart, funny and bright---but I've noticed she's lacked major interest in her toys over the last few months and they were getting a little stagnant. 

So the other night, Declan, Emeline and I went through her toybox, organized toys, separated her flashcards (which had become a huge pile of MESS), found all the lost puzzle pieces, put away the 1 year old toys (for now), and noticed where we had gaps of things and made a mental list for things we think she'd really like for later. 

The good news is, I think seeing her stuff all laid out got her re-interested again. So we're making greater efforts to play more throughout the day. And I think it's sweet when she says, "'mon (c'mon) Mommy, let's play!" She's always been awesome at independent play, and that definitely comes in handy--but, there is something to be said for getting on the floor with your kids.

I'm working on getting better at this part. Especially with this new juggling act of an additional kid to take care of. 

I know it's important to make Emeline still feel special by doing big girl things that only she can do. Her flashcards and puzzles are some of those things. Spending some time with her doing those simple things yesterday just made me wanna squeeze her guts, because she's so stinking silly, and very thoughtful, and very strategic, adorable---and, well, I'm just proud of this kid. 

after I took this photo, I promptly changed that full diaper.

In case you were wondering, it was No Pants Thursday around here, yesterday. And yes she's still in diapers, pleeeease, I've got plenty going on right now and potty training isn't one of those things, yet.  :)


Have a wonderful, fun-filled weekend, friends.

(name puzzle is from, a gift from Declan's parents to Eme at Christmas!)


  1. I have no desire to potty train...ever! After seeing my SIL potty train my niece and watching it take almost 2 years to finally stick, the thought of potty training terrifies me!! But I'm sure I'll change my mind in 6 months or so when Ellie is 2+. Maybe...Happy weekend!!

  2. Oh lord, let the potty training happen next year haha. At least that's what I'm saying. If I can get Caleb trained by the time he starts pre-school next fall, I'll consider that a success :)

    Also? Puzzles are all the rage around these parts too. Must be the age. We have that same barnyard one and alphabet one. Caleb lovesss them! And I scour the interwebs every so often to see if I can find some fun new ones. That name puzzle may just be next on my list!

  3. I have zero interest in potty training. Diapers are easy!

    Running through Target to make it to the potty with an infant in tow? No thank you! I'm holding out as long as possible!

    And we are doing the big toy clean up tonight for the same reasons!

  4. I think it's kinda sucky that you have to put a disclaimer at the end of your post because your daughter isn't wearing pants and she IS wearing a diaper. Why do people care so much?? My son turned 2 in July and often goes without pants and is nowhere near being potty trained. Those pics were totally normal to me. It's stupid that people care so much about giving you their opinion on insignificant stuff that doesn't affect them at all - so much so that you have to put a disclaimer ON YOUR OWN BLOG. Please, people, get a life.

    You're doing a great job. Hang in there and LOVE these days - they go by too quickly!

  5. I kind of just want to squeeze her, she is so cute.

    Just to note.... I thought nothing of the no pants or the diaper. Shoot, Lydia sometimes will walk into the living room completely without a stitch and announce "It's Nakie Day!!" We do make her put her clothes back on, but you get my point, lol.

  6. she is to cute!
    My littlest will be 2 a few weeks after the baby is born so I wont be trying to potty train either and I don't think theres anything wrong with that.

  7. You know what? I potty trained Zoe a month ago because I REFUSED to have 2 kids in diapers once Slade comes... and now I wish to God I hadn't. Honestly. Changing diapers is nowhere near as exhausting as running to the toilet 500 times a day...

  8. Phoebe is almost 2, but I know she is so not ready for potty training, so we'll be holding off too. I love love that name puzzle! Play time is always great time!

  9. My 2.5 year old loves working puzzles and her name puzzle is adorable. We need one...where did you find that one? Also, love the comments about her full diaper and potty training...cracking me up! ;) Can totally relate on both.

  10. Oh man, we need to rotate out some of Lizzy's toys and books in the WORST WAY. Seriously. If she loses a toy/book for hitting with it or doing something naughty with it, I don't think she even cares because she just has so many. The problem for us is that a lot of her toys are BIGGER toys (i.e. kitchen, piano, etc) and it's kinda hard to stash them somewhere else!

  11. We LOVE no-pants days! Actually- most of our mornings are No Pants Mornings post First Diaper change and pre Running The Days Errand. HA! Love it. Wait- only the toddler and baby are pantsless. I wear pants. Most mornings. ;)

  12. Gosh, we do good just to get out of our jamas around here!! At least you had a shirt on her! Ha! It is so hard to manage time when you have two that need attention! That is the hardest part for me with them so close in age. But, the silver lining (I hope) is that they will play better together as they get older!! I love that name puzzle! Such a cute idea.

  13. We didn't potty train Nathan til he was 3 because we tried here and there and could tell he wasn't ready. But when he turned three and we tried he got it in a day with minimal effort on our part. I think the longer you wait the easier it is! I doubt I'll train Luke before three unless he seems ready.