Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things I forgot about having a newborn.

...they are really, really mushy and squishy. Like the most adorable little blobs, who you can hold up like you would a little kitten that's all floppy and mushy gushy blob-like. It's so dang cute.

...they have really, really, really tiny little bums. Or, that could just be that my perspective on butts is different since having a big 'ole 2 year old butt to change, too. But still! TINY BOOTY ALERT!

...changing diapers on a newborn is way harder than I remember. Their legs! They just curl up, or their little feet end up IN the diaper, or if you have a girl you know about The Sneaky Pee (and I know boy-moms have a whole different battle, ie: getting shot in the face), and oh the drama that comes with changing diapers. Maybe my baby just hates it, but good Lord, it's an epic meltdown.

...changing their clothes takes time, and patience--because, again, with the squishiness. It's not the ease, and "arms up!", quick pull-over-their-head type thing I can do with my toddler. They're so little. And you have to do bend and move every body part to finagle it into clothing. See also: Lucy hates to get dressed, too. Another epic meltdown. Fun for all. them a bath takes about 2.5 seconds because they are SO! SMALL! and you can, literally, clean every body part, including their hair, that fast. This part helps make up for how tedious putting on a dang onesie can be.

...they are the best cuddling buddies, ever. There is nothing greater than a newborn snuggling up by your neck, laying on your chest, in your arms, or by your side. Seriously, nothing. The best.

...they want to sleep, all the time, but normally at the wrong times. In the middle of nursing? FALL ASLEEP why don't ya? Impossible to wake up? Check, check, check. 5am? Sounds like a perfect time to wake up wide-eyed, right, Mom? right? :) (insert tired groan)

...Umm....they poop all the time. I swear my entire day consists of feeding, swaddling, crap! she pooped!, unswaddling, changing diaper, re-swaddling, NOT AGAIN!?, change, get it.

...pretty much, without fail, they will either want/need to eat when it's time for YOU to eat, or want/need to be held/rocked/loved on during that time. Which basically means dinnertime consists of newborn cuddling while trying to finagle some food in your mouth at the same time. Finding crumbs on your kid's head? Totally okay.

...their feet, oh their cute, soft little tootsies.

...they have the freaking cutest sneezes known to man. Seriously, I don't think there's anything cuter. Okay, baby stretches and yawns are also ranked up there.

...on the other side of the fence, when they get to the blood-curdling-pissed-off-scream? (I mean, PAST the point of the normal newborn cry)--it's not as cute. No, not at all. (Also: I think I very rarely heard this with Eme because I could be at her side for every squeak and wiggle. This time, having two kids to take care of means someone has to wait sometimes. Luckily it's not often, but oh, that scream. My girls have pipes.) should really keep a burp cloth handy, within arms reach, at all times. I still have yet to learn this lesson with Lucy---and so far spit-up has landed in my hair (and found hours later), on my robe (poor, pink robe--but still wearing it, fyi), and down my cleavage. And also? She's not even a baby who spits up much. So, yea. You will need it. Having your husband make extra coffee every day is not a bad thing---it's a survival technique. Go with it.

Most of all?

Heart. booming. love. All over again. I love her little squishy self to the moon and back. If anything, I feel like a better, more experienced momma, doing all that I can to provide for both my girls needs, while ping-ponging back and forth between toddlerville and newborn-world.

I love the newborn stage, I do. So stinkin' much, actually that I find myself already worried about how fast it's going. But, man--there was so much I kind of forgot.

These tiny people are so sweet. I just love it.


Happy Thursday!


  1. I know how you feel (kinda because I am in no way comparing having a kid to having a kitten!) with the sneezes I have a kitten and when she sneezes its the cutest my heart melts. I think it must be something with all babies no matter what kind their sneezes are the cutest sound :)
    Her feet are so cute! I just want to count all those toes and kiss them! I think with Lucy she needs time alone with her mama and 5am is the only time she can get it :)

  2. What a cute little doll baby! I can't wait to have these moments with our first born, due in Jan.

  3. this post is killing me! You just made my baby craze go through the roof even more with her! She is too cute!

  4. I felt my uterus squeeze at every single point. You are not making it very easy to wait until next year to try for #2. Actually, after I read your blog, I just go check my bank account and then my insides settle down ;)
    She is beautiful! Thank you for sharing all you do with us!

  5. Seriously, I've been a little crazy-pregnant-hormonal lately, but this whole post made me cry. Ridiculously.

    Because, I mean, who says, "Awwwwwwww" and cries when reading about baby poop?! Me, apparently.

  6. I have an almost eight-week old and when he was about two weeks old my son was sleeping on my chest and I noticed a big spot behind his ear. I turned to my husband and said, "Have you seen this huge mole behind his ear?!" He came over and looked and said, "That's a popcorn kernel." Whoops. I had been eating popcorn earlier and one of the shells had dropped onto his head and landed so it looked like a mole. Ha! So I totally understand dropping food on your child.

    I'm a longtime reader, but new to commenting. Thanks for sharing your story--I love following along. Reading blogs of moms of two has helped me treasure my time with only one. I know if/when we have more children I won't get to just lie on the couch while he naps on me all day. Okay, really, I do other things besides lie on the couch all day, and adjusting to life with a newborn is no joke no matter how many kids you have, but the point is that with a toddler it's a whole 'nother ballgame. Knowing that had made this time with just my son even more special to me.

  7. aww this made me so excited for my little baby due in november!! :)

  8. Oh thank you for this! I am absolutely scared out of my mind for November to get here and to have 2 kids! But this helped me so much to know that not everything is bad & ugly! I am also terrified about changing a little girls diaper... I have never changed one so I don't know what I am going to be doing! Oh and the tiny booty thing I am so excited to have a teensy tiny booty in my house again. I love Zane's booty & to me it's small but I know once Lilah gets here I am going to be like WOW his booty is huge ;) he he Thank you for you posts they really are helpful for this 2nd time momma {who's waiting in the wings to have their 2nd baby come ;)}

  9. Aww you are really giving me a bad case of newborn baby fever. I miss so many of those things SO much. I'd even settle for the newborn meltdown during changing time, since we're currently going through the 10 month old change time meltdown, and it's harder to keep her in place.

  10. My husband has already told me multiple times to turn off my ovaries....this just dialed them up a notch or two! Lucy is adorable!

  11. So sweet! I'm hoping next time around I'll enjoy the newborn stage more. The first time I was so uptight and worried about everything, I ended up hating it. Right now I'm enjoying toddlerville (minus toddler meltdowns), but seeing little Lucy does make me excited about another baby in the future!

  12. I remember the first time I changed Kate's diaper after having Will and I was all "OMG her booty is so huge". Ha!

    And it took me like 2 months to learn how to change a bit diaper. I have been peed on so many times. It just do different. And things are um, squishy, and harder to wipe. TMI?

    Miss those newborn snugs so much! Having them just nuzzle right up to you is the best thing ever.

  13. And I totally forgot I mention how beautiful Lucy is. She is stunning!

  14. Both your girls are super adorable! I just joined the newborn club so I was nodding along with all of the details of you post! Congratulations!

  15. I totally forgot how many diapers they use. The first few times I was out with Gwen, I ran out of diapers. No one reminded me that every time you change a NB's diaper ... you change it again in 3 seconds. :)

    And seriously - ENJOY that newborn stage. I don't know if it's bc she has a big sister to distract her or what .. but I swear Gwen's not even a newborn anymore. She can't get passed around while sleeping, she is picky about where she falls asleep, and she's just too stinking big.

  16. Oops. Think I posted that from the wrong acct. It was me. Obviously.

  17. I always thought my boys had been utterly traumatized by the circumcision so it's a relief to hear Lucy freaks out too in spite of obviously never having one. For diaper changes that is. I forget how useless their limbs are for them too! It's like a sand doll they just flop. It's so endearing. You really do have stunningly beautiful children. I love seeing all the pictures.

  18. OH MY GOD STOP! You're making my uterus twitch! :D

    Just kidding. Don't you dare stop. :D So glad you're enjoying her!

  19. Oh my gosh! The tiny toes! I thought they were really long until I saw her foot in your hand! But somehow the toes are still long even though tiny.

  20. So sweet! I forget about the floppiness too, and I feel so dumb anytime I hold a friend's newborn. It's as if I've never held a baby before. lol. Enjoy every second. She is such a cutie.

  21. well i finally had mine 8/8 and yes i forgot how tiny they were and how much they poop and esp right after you've put them to sleep...only to have to wake them up to change them boo

  22. OOooohhh Katie Eileen Balla! You must delete this post immediately henceforth herewith and right the hell now! You made my uterus hurt and be all, hey! Let's do this again!

    I am NOT for that.

    *grumbling* those toes! that baby hair bow! the teeny butt! the snuggling!

    You just stop it with all the cuteness. Stop it right now before I go get pregnant so I can get in on some of that newborn squishiness!

  23. AGREED! I am on baby #3, she's 6 weeks old, and boy is changing/dressing her its own Olympic event! Your girls are GORGEOUS!

    And the part about coffee... survival is Right!