Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Things

Did you see yesterday afternoon's rah-rah post? I don't know why but when I get the urge to write, I and so that's why it posted so late, and was probably missed by a ton. Feel free to take a gander now. And know that I love and appreciate all the encouragement, comments, emails, that many of you have sent along my way over the last few years. Truly.

I think I may be the only mom of the face of the planet who has not considered Halloween costume options yet. All I know is this...I do not want to get into hand making a costume like I did last year. Especially now since I have double the kids. And also, the whole sister thing? I mean, they could be something cute that goes together, you know? Ohmygosh, what should I do? Hellllppppppp.

This morning I got up all early (or what I thought was early), hoping to catch a little alone time, to sip my coffee in peace...and as I was creeping around the room trying not to wake Lucy, I grabbed Em's monitor to take downstairs. I took a peek at it, and she was up sitting in her bed, wide awake. Plan Fail. So I went into her room and said "Why are you up so early, missy?"...and she goes, "I no tired anymore, mom". Welp, if you say so, kid. Then, my dog proceeded to jump on my bed, waking Lucy. Therefore, a double plan fail. 

Speaking of which. We are MOM and DAD now, almost all the time. And it kills me a little every time she says it. I've corrected her. I told her she can call me momma or mommy. She goes, 'Otay, MOM'. She totally knows it bothers me that she's acting like a friggin' pre-teen already, so she continues on. *sob* She is going to give me a run for my money. 

Yesterday? Yesterday made me feel like a Rockstar Mom/Wife. It was pretty awesome. I have one of those days about once a....month? Yea. Once a month, if that. I made my family a legit breakfast, you know, bacon/eggs/toast/fruit. We were all home because Declan took off the morning to go to swim class with us. We did that. I nursed my other kid on-the-go (I've grown leaps & bounds in this area, for the record), during naptime I ran my first 5K post-Lucy (yeoowww!), took a shower, did my hair/makeup/dressed like a human being. I had dinner in the crockpot since 8am that morning, made all the sides, had dinner on the table by a decent time, helped with baths, and even managed to have a little girls night with my sister and a friend. It was an awesome day. I fear for today. It just cannot live up to yesterday. 

Does anyone know about the program, Girls on the Run? I am super pumped, because on Wednesday's I'm helping coach with my sister at a local elementary school. I get a few hours out, not in mom-mode, getting to do something for my community and that's really uplifting and fun for these girls. We had so much fun this past week. You even get in some exercise. And it reminded me why I liked that age (3rd-5th grade). This week we left with stickers all over us because of all the laps the girls ran that day. When I came home I'm pretty sure my 2 year old had a stroke out of pure happiness that was stickers all over her momma.

I have been drinking from a Christmas mug all year long. As in, every day. But for some reason today, when I took it out? I thought, Sweet! It's totally justified for me to use this now. Since, you know, Christmas is coming up, like, IN THREE MONTHS. 

You know my desk-kitchen area makeover? It's been the best thing ever. I sit here all the time, it keeps my kitchen table a lot more open, and I smile at it's cute presence in here daily. Best thing I've done around the house in a while.

Any awesome weekend plans? Anyone else feel like this week flew by....? Went crazy fast for me. 

....happy weekend!

**my favorite instagrams this week**

I'd say it's been one pretty good one.


  1. She's calling you MOM already??? That's a heartbreaking word, so...pre-teen.

    Congratulations on running your first 5k! That's amazing. You're rocking this out and motivating me!

    Weekend plans - ballet for Olivia, church and tons of family time. Saturday and Sunday are my favorite days.

    Happy weekend.

  2. Jamie calls me mom sometimes. It doesn't really bother me though, I think it's kind of cute. But that's what I called my mom...we were never a "mommy/mama" family.

    Don't try and compare yesterday to today. Apprectiate yesterday for the great day that it was!

  3. That after-bath pic of Lucy kills me. Simply cannot handle the cuteness.
    I have a rockstar day, probably once every two months. So you have me beat. I'm impressed you were still up early! haha.
    I adore your health/fitness/rah!rah! posts. They inspire me. Remember last year? I had never ran, voluntarily, before. After seeing/reading your (and Susan's) success, I gave it a go and would run 5K's almost daily. So yeah, totally get the whole inspiration-from-others thing. :)

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome week! The "mom" name calling is funny to me. My brother's 20 month old calls her mom that and she says it like a preteen... "mooooommmm". lol. Halloween costumes, yay! I'm site there are tons of cute sibling outfits out there. I'm making Phoebe's again this year, but I just have the 1 kid, so yeah. Good luck!

  5. What about little bo peep (E) and a sheep (L)?

  6. Mom?! I'm hoping when Monroe is too old to call
    Me mommy he'll just go with mama. I can't handle mom until he's at least 13 ;).

    I'm thinking Monroe will be a firefighter for Halloween and baby brother or sister will be a Dalmatian. Except I just realized that I'm probably not goin to be able to find a costume that small, so I may have to find a white sleeper an make one.

    I really wanted to go to the fair this weekend, but made the mistake of yelling hubs I was at 1.5cm at my 36 wk appointment yesterday and that the midwife said to be prepared to go between 38-39 weeks, so now he's freaking out about getting stuff done. Which is probably what we should actually do, but I really want my boy to enjoy the fair-and mama wants a caramel apple!

    girls on the run is an amazing program! I actually know the lady who started it in Charlotte. I used to volunteer with them some when I was in highschool. You and Susan will be great role models for those girls!

  7. My just turned 2 year old is calling me "Mom" too. I thought it was because my 5 year old switched over to that and she was just copying him. It makes me sad, especially since we are done having babies.
    I am in love with that picture of Lucy in her yellow sleeper and the one of you holding her in the pink towel. Her cheeks are to die for.

  8. You and your girls are adorable! I've got two girls myself... 2 1/2 and 11 months! Ive wanted to comment before...but neve got around to it... But, it does get easier...I promise! Still a bit crazy...but easier!! I saw this adorable mini marathon runner costume on the parents magazine website. I just emailed you the picture. It's soon cute! I don't run (I so should start!) I just passed on it...but since you would be so cute!

  9. Lucy is so cute. No mistaking she is a girl-very pretty. My daughter, Jane, is 2 months too. I was thinking of dressing her as Woodstock and her 15 month old brother, Michael, as Snoopy.

  10. LOVING your post about how you felt when others were losing weight. I don't know if I would have ever thought to word it that way (that's why you write a blog and I don't, ha!) but that's exactly what I'm going through right now. And it's time to get motivated! SO, I need some advice... what's the nike+ thing you were talking about? can you listen to your 5K but with the music you choose? Ok, so I'm sure my ignorance is showing, but I'm ready and music drives me... I just don't know how to incorporate it! Any chance you want to do a post on your favorite running motivating things? music? pants? shoes? You rock girl, keep it going!!!

  11. I love Girls on the Run. At my previous job, we were one of the vendors handing out goodies to all of the girls and teams and it was such an awesome thing to see so many girls out there with their parents/mentors/teachers. I especially loved the girls who ran with their fathers. It was so nice to see that they had something special to do with their Dads. Have fun!