Thursday, September 6, 2012

"hang out with mommy!"

Right now I'm trying to forget how awfully little sleep I got last night, the fact that I ended up dozing off on the couch the wee hours of this morning, and that both children conspired against me to make sure I got as little sleep as possible the day we head off for a weekend vacation and momma needs to pack everything but the kitchen sink. And it justsohappens my husband forgot to make that extra 4 cups of coffee for my 2nd (and 3rd) mandatory Help Mom Function fix. I'll forgive him, and make it myself. 

But I digress.

Because I really want to talk about last night. The good part.


Last night after dinner I decided on a whim that there were some little errands I needed to do before our weekend away for my sisters 30th to make packing day (today) easier. 

It would have been easy-as-pie to do said errands alone. Leave the kids with my husband and run for the hills. But I decided that Emeline's recent behavior was all pointing to one thing: Girlfriend needed some one on one attention

A short 5 weeks ago she was the only little person in my everyday world. Everything was about her. We did all things together, non-stop, really. So, sometimes I have to stop and remember how much huge!change! this is for her, too. And honestly? I've missed my one on one time with her, too. 

So I asked her if she wanted to 'hang out with mommy for a special trip'....and of course, she was THRILLED. Anything with the word special? She's on board for. Always. (can't blame her) Also, I love that running errands to a 2 year old is special, I mean, honestly--we could learn a thing or two from these sweet, simple minded little creatures. They're definitely able to find the joy in the small things--the ones that become chores to us boring adults. But anyway...

We hopped in the car, I buckled her in with a kiss, and the only extra thing I had with me was my purse. It was glorious. We snapped a picture as she was cheering in the backseat, "I hang out with mommy! A special trip! YAY!" and we turned the music up. 

Lately our car rides with baby sister have been dreadful. She hates the car. It's pretty much the one place she screams incessantly as if she's being murdered. I have no idea why, but it certainly takes the fun aspect out of going anywhere (also, feel bad for me that we are traveling for a few hours this afternoon, with both kids....I need ear plugs. No. Really). 

It was within minutes, seconds, really that Emeline and I were having one of our signature car-dance-parties, complete with arm waving, car-seat dancing, full-on-yelling-the-words-loud, and passer-by'ers looking at you like WTF. But we didn't care. The smiles were plastered. I felt joy in my bones. I'm certain she did, too.

We must have ran to about 4 different places. I forgot the ease of just one semi-independent kid. I admit my perspective has changed since having another. How a quick unbuckle and you're off to go. No finagling huge diaper bags. No making sure you didn't forget the infant. Real conversations with a toddler who can chat back with you, and not having to worry about doing it all while shushing/tapping/calming an overtired baby, for example. It was undivided attention for my girl, and we both really, really needed it.

Her wit and humor made my night. Constantly being silly, saying adorable things, hugging me and kissing my cheeks saying, "I hang out with mommy, so much fun!" and making me so glad I didn't just go alone. 

I let her pick whatever she wanted from the dollar store for a 'special treat', and she picked the ugliest, I mean, prettiest, most obnoxious, I mean, adorable, purple sparkly pony I've ever seen. It made her smile and at that moment, for a buck, that's all that mattered. It made me smile on the inside. 

I had grand plans of stopping to get ice cream with her--something we've always deemed as a really special thing---but time go the best of us. I only had time to make a quick stop at a convenient store, but did that matter to her? Not even in the slightest bit. After all, she got a blue icee out of the deal. And I didn't even care about giving her all that sugar before bedtime, because, who cares, we don't get to do this much anymore. 

On our drive home, between our loud rocking-out-jam-sessions, she and I exchanged lots of sweet smiles. I'd look back and tickle her legs. I told her how special it was for mommy to hang out with Emeline alone. How much I love her, and what a big girl she is. How proud I was of her for being so well behaved out so late, and just how much I enjoyed being together. 

She acted as if she understood everything I was saying--and I honestly think she did. It didn't matter to her what we did together. The fact that we were running necessary errands for momma, boring stuff, really. It didn't matter that we could only hit up the convenient store instead of Dairy Queen--we were spending quality time together, and that's all that mattered. I could learn a thing or two from this girl, I'm telling you.

On the way home she told me she was going to tell daddy how much fun we had. And then quickly followed that up with...."and baby Lucy, and Mac-a-boy, too!"  Because we can't forget anyone, of course.

I smiled a ton last night. Everything about our time together was so pleasant, and undistracted, and really just so fun. 

Doing this kind of thing everyday with Emeline was my old normal. But since it's not anymore--it made it all the more special. 

It wasn't about what we did together--it was just about being together, and I was reminded of that last night. 


I don't know when I'll be back around here. Between going away tonight and then starting back to work on Monday, it might take a little bit to let the dust settle. But, we'll be back...eventually. 


  1. And thank you for starting the waterworks early for me this morning! Gah! ;) I love this and even though
    E isn't here yet, I get everything you just said. And on one hand it makes me sad but on the other hand, I'm over the moon excited. These emotions are definitely wicked at the end.

  2. this is why you're going to rock this mom of two thing, because you know what is special to your girls and you take the time to do it. sweet post lady :) have a fun weekend!!!

  3. Car seat tricks- Mirror!! It helped us so much. Car seat toys, TV, swaddle, and womb bear :) my (almost) two year old is beginning to like the car :)
    Sweet post! It is the little things :)

  4. After having two-under-2 my quote became: "I could go to the moon with only one kid." Seriously, it's just that much easier to have only one with you. Doesn't matter which one, but just having one makes all the difference.

    My husband and I put a HIGH priority on time alone with each of the kids. Grocery store, mall, errands whatever. My boys are so close in age (19 months) they're often treated like twins so time alone is huge for them. Makes them so happy- and me too! Glad y'all got to have a fun night!

  5. Yay for one on one time! & good luck back at work!

  6. Totally sweet! I need to remember these things when baby dew # 2 becomes a blip on the radar!

  7. This is so sweet! Emeline sure is lucky to have a momma like you.

    Boo for work on Monday! I didn't know you worked. Is it like a stay at home gig, or do you have to put E & Lucy into daycare?

  8. Happy post! Don't stay away too long, Katie :)

  9. Tears. I needed a reminder to look for the joy in the small things, as I'm starting to create a schedule from scratch in the FOURTH week of school. Breathe deeply, G. Breathe.

  10. such a sweet post and memory for both you and Emeline

    I will be thinking of you on Monday when you go back to work. I went back at 6 weeks, but worked from home with Crew. I hope that you flow into a balance with ease.
    Praying for you!

    Have a great weekend with your Sis!
    BTW it won't let me follow you on Instagram... :(

  11. So glad you had fun with Emeline! Your post made me look forward to creating those kind of memories with my son. Right now we're struggling to get out of the house regularly (because he's still a tiny two-month old). I'm trying to savor these days at home where we're tied to an erratic nap schedule because I know they'll pass quickly. So while I'm not wishing away the time, I'm excited for us to be able to make the kind of memories you described.

    Hope you have a great weekend getaway. I'll be thinking about you as you adjust to working again Monday. I have no doubt you'll handle it with grace.

  12. I love this post! It's opening my eyes to really enjoy my toddler before another baby. It's funny how you forget how difficult running around with a newborn is. I'm glad you two had such a great time!

  13. I can't wait for dance parties with my kiddos. Have tons of fun this weekend!

  14. this is so sweet!!! i love how excited she is to just hang out with you...the cutest!! :) i am so glad you got just momma and Eme time, Lord knows you both needed it...probably more than you would have thought :)

  15. I kinda had tears in my eyes while reading this. It was just so sweet <3

    -- what?! Going back to work?? Did I miss something?! I probably did. I need to read...

  16. You guys are so adorable! It's so awesome that you are taking the time to do things with just her. I'm sure she just loves it!! Noted for my very near future :) Have a fun weekend!

  17. Aww, I love this! The idea of a gal pal date with your little girl is just the sweetest thing to me. Sounds like you both had a really good time.