Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm not a fashion blogger but I kind of wanna be.

This Fall I've been a whole heck of a lot more self conscious about what I wear because of that whole having a baby thing. I'm in between jean sizes as I'm losing the baby weight, my you-know-what's are abnormally large, and the whole muffin-top-issue. 

Therefore I've been perusing Pinterest like it's my job, checking out the new Fall trends, trying to figure out how I can fit my body into these styles, look semi-decent, get out of my normal yoga pants & tank top attire and look, you know, presentable.

The one thing I have already proclaimed my love for multiple times is the fact that long, flowy tops are in. HALLELUJAH, thank you, God. They are perfect, I mean, PERFECT for me, in this odd in between stage, not clingy, and look ridiculously cute with a good pair of skinny jeans.

Now let's talk skinny jeans for a second. Clearly, they are still very much 'in' this Fall. You've all seen the pictures, with the leopard print flats, and long flowy top or sweater/cardigan. It's cute! In fact, I'm starting to think that a good pair of skinny jeans that fit me NOW may be a purchase I make to get me through the few months of awkward-in-between, so I can still be somewhat in style, you know?

Old Navy has these awesome Rockstar Jeans, that literally come in every shade of denim, including colors, and cords! 

These are some of my favorite:

If only my legs looked that good. Sigh.

But how awesome would these jeans look with flats? Or boots? And a tank top with a long open cardigan and a scarf? I'm starting to think a pair of these is a key to my Fall Wardrobe this year. Despite having to buy them a few sizes larger than normal, I think it's an investment I'm willing to make. 

So here's my basic take on Fall Fashion this year:

-a good pair of Old Navy Rockstar Jeans
-long, flowy tanks and basic layering tops
-cardigans, ones that can stay open, or button up depending on the look
-a chambray to pair with colored jeans
-a few poppy-colored/fun printed flats for a little statement
-scarves. scarves. scarves.
-can't forget a cute pair of earrings or a statement necklace

Overall, it seems like this year a good mix-n-match wardrobe is key. I'm down with that. Now, who wants to go shopping?

Check out the Fit for Fall Old Navy Fashion Show video here!

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Happy Thursday!


  1. LOVE! I love me some Old Navy jeans...just the right price for all the pairs I want to own! And your fall closet sounds just about the same as some fall staples! Happy Thursday, dear!

  2. I really want a cobalt blue pair. Super cute!!

  3. Ummm I want to go shopping. You're great at putting outfits together - I need your help! ;)

  4. I've gone Rockstar Jean crazy this summer. They really do fit great and allow for so many looks.

    And, as much as I love Old Navy, you should try New York & Company's Super Soft Jeggings. They are the softest, most comfortable non-yoga pants I've ever worn.

  5. I really want a pair of colored denim....but my thighs said no. Maybe in 30 more pounds I will revisit them. Hopefully they're still cool by then!

  6. I'm so glad you did this post. I've been wanting some skinny jeans, but I'm skerred. :) My dad tried to put me in skinny jeans when I was 12 and 90 lbs, but of course I hated them then (he's always been ahead of his time on fashion lol). So now I'm worried they won't look good on me, seeing as how I'm most definitely NOT 90 lbs. :)

    ps. You could definitely be a fashion blogger. One of those "how to dress yourself without blowing the budget" types. I'd read it!

  7. I love skinnies...can't get enough. And I agree, ON has some cute onest that won't break the bank!

  8. Love these! I just bought a pair of skinny cords from LOFT (this 2 month pp momma loves the Curvy line of pants there!) I am going to have to check out the Old Navy ones because I NEED the purple ones!

  9. I love the pop of colored denim, I just haven't been able to bite the bullet and do it just yet. Maybe these Old Navy ones are the solution. For $19, I think I can take a chance. Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. Just went to old navy and got a pair..bonus was they were on sale for $19!!! I only got one pair though since I am hoping not to be in the size I bought for long ;-) thanks for the advice!! They are soo comfy!!

  11. I have looked and looked at the skinny jeans...but I just don't think I can pull it off! My legs/thighs are not meant for skinny jeans!! But I looove the flowy tops that are in style!!

  12. You should try making a Polyvore account, you can easily sign-up using your facebook info.! It's a great way to put looks together and be creative, or just something fun to do.! If you do happen to make one, be sure to follow me: makayela-miller

  13. I'm trying to decide whether or not to shell out for a pair of skinny maternity jeans with only 8 weeks (or less!!) left. On one hand, it kinda feels like a waste. On the other...let's be honest...I might wear them a few weeks postpartum too, which could get me into December at least. So, I've pretty much sold myself on the IDEA of it, but can't bring myself to pull the trigger and actually spend the cash!

  14. I just bought three pairs of those jeans this week. A pair earlier in the week, and then two more when they went on sale Thursday. I already had four pairs! I LOVE Rockstar jeans! They are comfy and sexy. :)