Monday, October 8, 2012

An unexpected weekend twist...and it's not what you're thinking.

from the park that night.
It started off awesome, this weekend, that is. I picked Emeline up from school with a surprise Icee in hand and we took a trip to the local farm.

Then we had a Friday night family date. One where we all go out, ate dinner at a real restaurant, didn't offend people with our rambunctious crew, meaning, everyone (including me) was semi-well behaved.

One where we go out afterwards to a park, let the 2 year old run rampid....just kidding, where we actually hover over her as she goes up the most god-awful-dangerous things I've ever seen in the worst non-grippy and unsafe shoes known to man (her TOMS). One where we smile a lot and where Lucy-girl was a little doll face angel baby, just along for the ride, completely content. One where I thought, yea this weekend is gonna be the bomb dot com.

It was a gorgeous night, and just felt like a good opening to our weekend. You know what I mean?

But in between taking turns being helicopter parents helping Emeline on the death trap playground, we started talking about our weekends in October, and about how this was literally our only weekend free for the entire month. Between weddings, birthday parties, special dinners and wedding dress shopping with my sister (can I get a what!what!), we're booked.

So Saturday morning rolled around and Emeline happened to mention her Dora panties....and it was as if she decided for us. This was the weekend. Our only free weekend to really go nowhere, and just drill this thing in. Yep. Dun, dun, dun. Potty training.

Declan and I just looked at one other and kind of gave each other the shrug like well it's gotta happen sometime. And so. Yea. We just went with it. There was no planning. There was no potty chart. No special trip with toys or stickers to bribe her. Nothing that I had planned on doing. But oh well.

We probably said, "Em, tell us when you have to go potty" about 43904839084 times. We've had a little nakey tush running around. We've talked way too much about bodily fluids. Gave a million high-fives. Made celebratory phone calls (per her request). Did lots of dancing. Lots of praising. Lots of "you did it!" and "I did it!"'s were uttered. Basically, all the things that make you sound like a looney-bin unless you're a parent and have been there. It's cool. We know we're crazy.

But the good news is, most parents are crazy--so it's okay.

I'm not really sure I'm ever going to get into the throes of potty training details here. Because, times, yea? But, I will say--it was a lot less stressful than I anticipated, which probably meant she was ready. And so far I'm both super proud of her, and super scared to ever leave the house. I know other moms who have been down this road feel me on that one. (tips??)

So instead of wasting* away our only free weekend in October? We might just have one kid in diapers now. How 'bout that? Here's to hoping...


*there is nothing wasteful about a free weekend, fyi--I love a good do nothing weekend like the best of 'em. 


  1. YAY Eme!!! That's great that she did so well! How proud you have to be!!!!

  2. Yay! What a big girl Em! I would suggest getting a potty for the car. I thought my frind was crazy when she told me she kept a potty in her car. And then my daughter potty trained. Now I keep a 2-in-1 Potette Plus folded under the seat just in case. It has been great!

  3. Yay for Em!!! That is so very exciting. Ethan has been interested but I haven't been pushing it.

  4. That's great!! Good Job to your little one! My son was 3, and even at 3 it was a challenge. (they say boys are like that?) I finally found ditching the pull-ups even at nap helped. He would look in his pants to see if he had a pull-up on instead of just going to the potty! Lazy boy! He does wear one at bedtime but that's it and it has worked!! Congrats to you and your family!! It's a big deal!

  5. a million trips to the bathroom before you go and then a million asks while out on errands. i always stuck with target in those days..that way if there was an accident i had an excuse for a new outfit for him or her hahahahha

    yes it's super easy when a parent LETS the child decide when it's time to potty train. mine were usually right at the 3rd bday mark and they woke up (not counting lily) and were potty trained pee/poo/night. Lily was just stubborn and refused to go at all and would hold for over 24 hrs...yes many phone calls to my pedi dr asking if she could die matter how many kids you have each potty training is an experience!

  6. So exciting! Yay Emeline! (and Mommy and Daddy :-) )

  7. I have no issues with the "big boy" underwear at home. Heck yesterday we made it through with only ONE accident. But I'm with you on the "terrified to leave the house" front.

    I don't think we're quite ready for diaper free outings. That's when shit gets real. Literally. LOL

    Glad Eme had a great potty learning weekend!

  8. Nice! And exciting!

    Yesterday, I was talking with some other young moms at church, and the one girl is pregnant with her 4th. She said her 1st 2 kids just one day did what Eme did...just mentioned it, and boom. But her 3rd, who just turned 2, refuuuuuses to have anything to do with anything potty.

    Funny how some kids just wake up and decide, hey, let's do it. I am praying Ethan is one of THOSE. Here's to hoping.

    Yay, Eme. ;)

  9. Wooo! That's awesome!

    I think that for me, the biggest issue was going into things thinking it would be something that we did for 3 or 5 days or whatever, and then we'd be DONE with the whole "potty training" thing. Yeah, for us it's been more of a process. Lizzy can go weeks without an accident, and then have like 3 or 4 in a day. I'm trying to just roll with it. I totally break the "rules" and still have her wear a pull-up when we're out sometimes and I know a bathroom won't be easily accessible...and we've stopped trying at night altogether because it just wasn't going well!

    Anyway, hope things continue to go well with Eme!

  10. Yay for Emeline!!! That's exciting. Potty training terrifies me. I know my son isn't quite ready (he's just 15 months) but the thought of it makes me nervous. I picture pee and poo poo everywhere. I plan to let him decide when he's ready. I've been told that's the best way to go, but oh my....

  11. Yay for Eme and for you! For everyone involved, I hope this sticks! Jackson is just starting to show interest so I'm keeping an eye out for the day he's ready. If all goes well, he'll let us know just like Eme did :) sounds like a win of a weekend!

  12. Sounds like she's got it. I think it's always harder on us (in our minds) than it is on them. They just do it when they are ready. We freak and make a big deal about it. ;)

    My advice. Don't turn back. Even if you have a bad day-hide her diapers (Don't pitch 'em, Lucy can use those babies! Just hide them and tell her you threw them away). a travel potty. It will be your lifesaver. For years. Keep it in your car.


  13. It gets better! I felt the same way about leaving the house and worried a lot about accidents at preschool. I washed the car seat cover a few times but no big deal. Took us about 3 weeks. I have not trained my daughter overnight or during naps but I think she is close. Sounds like your doing great.

  14. That is awesome! & I totally know what you mean about not wanting to leave the house. W/in the last few months we got to the point where we feel like our 3 year old is doing a good job about going on her own, or telling us when we are out. Whatever you do - don't give up. She'll have accidents and you'll get upset and frustrated, but keep at it. It might takes months, but she'll get it.

  15. I'm so so so proud of her. Our day is coming soon. I know it. And I'm about 50% scared and 50% excited. It would be nice to be done with diapers that's for sure.