Friday, October 12, 2012

Life as of late. Mainly about my girls, because. Yea.

-We've spent more than average time at home this week, and it's been oddly nice that way. We left the house very little thanks to Potty Training 101, but it has worked out so well being able to be home and get this figured out---because by golly, I think she's got it. And trust me, I don't say that lightly. Picture me shooting fireworks in the air, giving endless high-fives, shrieking with glee at the top of my lungs, and fist pumping, yea--fist pumping. Because we are that happy about it.

She's done good, man. And I'm no idiot---accidents will happen here and there, but it's all good. 

And a pantie'd butt is so darn cute, I must say. She's just so...old now. Sigh. 

-I also just have to say that my sweet Lucy? Is a doll face. She is such an angel. I can't even handle it. I feel like having a baby the second time around just makes you that much more aware of all the little things because you know how fast it goes with your first. Maybe? Either way, I have been enjoying her to the max. And I let way more things slide than I did with Em. Schedule? What schedule? Yea. Whatever. I'm not stressing about it. We'll get there. And so what if she still sleeps in my bed 75% of the night. SUE ME. I kind of love it.

-My girls together? I feel like my heart could explode sometimes. So many moments with the two of them are just so good. Emeline is just so aware of her. Every squeak and cry and chatter it's, "oh bess you, Lucy! Lucy sneezed!", or "Ohh Lucy's happy! She tawk to me!", etc. She cuddles her and likes to be near her. I often overhear her teaching Lucy things. "Lucy, 'dats a hippo....'dats a ladybug! See Lucy, nine boats!" She is just such a good big sister.

-I guess the mamarazzi in me is starting to rub off on Emeline. If I get my camera out and she notices, she fa-reaks out saying, "Ennamine needs her camera, too!!!! I find Ennamine's camera!!" and then she goes rummaging through her toybox. It looks like one of those cartoons, you know, where they fling EVERYTHING out from the box to find that one, little trinket? Yea. That's exactly what happens every time. 

Then she'll come back with her camera, nevermind the huge mess she just made, and it's ALWAYS backwards in her eye (like, literally, the flash goes off in her eye, ha!), and she'll say, "Lucy-girl...SMILE!!!! Say CHEESE!". She snaps away. She is obsessed with all things photography.

I came home from a family photo session last night that I shot, and she wanted to sit on my lap and look through all the photos. "Mom took 'dem! Good job, mom!" Her new thing is to say "I'm so proud of you!" to everyone. You can thank potty training talk for that one. ;)

little photographer in the making
Dang. I have so much more to share. Mainly about Emeline---but I had no intent of this being an Em-update-post, I'm such a mom. Swaying everything back to my kids. Typical :)


Life lately has had some challenging moments, having nothing, absolutely nothing to do with my girls or potty training, or anything. BUT. It has also been really great. I'm so thankful for the balance.


Have a happy weekend.


  1. awe this post literally makes me so excited to have another! KP was "reading" it with me and said "who dat mommy? i yike em-moo-line and bebe lucy!" awe!

  2. It is so amazing to hear some of the things Eme is saying because we went through all of those same sayings too! I think my Kenna is about 6 months older than Eme and so much of your stories resonate in my memories of her at that age! Lucy is so sweet and it is even sweeter hearing about all the love Eme has for her! :)

    I love to hear all your stories about your kids! Keep it up!

  3. I've been coming for updates about Lucy because her and G were so close in age, so she's a good reference for where G would have been.

    But seeing L and E together? Makes my heart hurt so badly. Emily talks about him now and asks to hold him again, and I hate having to tell her (over and over) that we can't see him again until we go to heaven.

    You've got such beautiful girls. When you posted a month or two ago about how hard it can be with two littles, I tried to comment about my feelings on it, but I had to walk away. There was no way to make it sound ok. Anytime people are talking about how hard two is I start feeling kind of angry in my heart thinking they are taking it for granted and I would give ANYTHING to be raising my two right now. But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that even after having gone through this, down the road when I am parenting two (or more) I will be saying how big of an adjustment two kids is too. It's just a knee jerk reaction that I'm having right now. :)
    Also just wanted to mention that I can see the many reasons that God has chosen you to parent them. You are such a great mom and I hope you remember that on the days you feel like you have given everything you've got and they're still needing more.
    Love to you.

  4. Sounds likeverything is going well for you guys! Your kids are so adorbale! How could you not post about them

  5. Your girls are so precious.....and E is def. one of the best big sisters I've ever seen :)

  6. Your girls are too cute! Whenever I read one of these posts I get so excited about having a little girl :-)

  7. I really enjoyed this post! I love the little moments between siblings! So sweet. My 6 month old is "playing" with everything now and my 3 year old thinks it's the best thing in the world! Great post, I can just picture your little cutie looking for her camera!! so sweet!

  8. Okay, so can you just send Eme down here to finish up K's potty-training? THAT would be awesome. thanks! ;p

  9. Such a sweet, sweet post!

    You are so very blessed!!

    Enjoy your weekend too. :)

  10. Lucy has changed SO much. I love that pic of Eme reading to her.

    And yay for potty training. G has absolutely no interest whatsoever.

  11. your girls are too much cute. for real. that one of them together? heart melt. i love it so.

    and emeline with the camera? love love love.

  12. Love this update about your sweeties :)

  13. Your girls are just so sweet! I cannot wait for Chloe to be potty trained! Seriously, cannot happen fast enough for us!!