Thursday, October 18, 2012

Little sweetness moments, then BAM. Reality.

This morning started much too early for my liking, and I'm not talking about the 3904823908 times my littlest gets up through the night. That doesn't count. Or better yet, I probably should just not talk about it. Yea. That.

I'm not a morning person. Duh. We know this. But this morning I heard Emeline sobbing hysterically over the monitor a few minutes before 6am. Here I am, snuggling and feeding Lucy who's laying beside me, staring at the monitor, pulling it to my ear to hear my 2 year old hysterically sobbing for....her sister. And holy heart melt batman.

In between the gasping-for-breath sobs I'm hearing this:

"Where's Lucyyyy girlllll? I need my baby sissssterrrrr. Lucy's sleeeepin'. Ennamine see Lucy girlllll, *sobbbbb* I need my sister, baby sisterrrrr where are you? Lucy girl....Luuuucyyyy!" 

Freaking sweetest thing ever.

We thought she'd put herself back to sleep, but after some time we realized that wasn't going to happen so Declan went in there to see if he could cuddle her back to sleep, and well, YEA RIGHT. Girlfriend is energized by people. So that didn't work.

Next thing you know, the whole family ended up on the couch by a little after 6am, snuggling and watching Disney Junior.

That never happens on a weekday. So I kind of loved it. All of my little family snuggled under a blanket, soaking in the last half hour before Declan had to leave for work. It felt kind of...warm and cozy and memorable in a weird way. Everyone slowly waking up, cozy in jammies, still dark outside, you know?

Sounds perfect and magical, right?

It was. 

And then Declan left for work. He forgot to take the dog out. Mac reminds me by yelling at me barking my ear off. I have a toddler running around nude because of doing a half-pee in her panties (oops!), chasing the dog around like a wild woman, who is currently chewing up every one of her plastic food toys from her play kitchen, so sharp remnants of plastic are strewn about the living room. And my couch has a huge milk spill (or is that pee?) on it and I could basically care less. I'm trying to muster up the energy to get us ready and out the door to swim lessons.

Oh. And the sun just came up.

Thanks reality. It's gonna be a loooong day. :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. You poor thing! Days like this make you question your prior decisions. I'm sorry lady.

  2. Just remember the good. Hope the bad got itself out of the way in a hurry so that you can enjoy your precious ladies.

  3. DAMN dogs! I swear! Other than that sounds like a pretty sweet morning!

  4. You have such an awesome way of making those everyday crazy times sounds wonderful!

  5. This could so easily be a description of a morning at my house! My girls flip out if the dog chews on their toys - Ariel has a tendency to chase the dog around with her play broom, trying to administer a spanking.

  6. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... and thinking about those cozy morning cuddles. And counting down the minutes until Declan gets home.. Happy Thursday! ;)

  7. Just wow!!! I got a little tired reading that. and eme crying for Lucy ... heart melt!!! hope you've had ur coffee today... ur gonna need it!!

  8. Oh man! If it is any consolation my son is one of "those we shall not speak of sleepers" you know, the didn't sleep thru the night until he was 9 months old, never napped and still at 2.5yrs old frequently wakes at night sleepers...and he has never slept past 7 am in his life. Infact those days are very rare as we are usually woken by the slamming of his bedroom door at 5:30ish am every day ; ) JOY! Welcome to the Dark out Disney Jr. club, gotta be honest Goofy and his "garsh!" are a little tough to take before the sun comes up LOL! (and I currently have a destroyed plastic hamburger & cob of corn on my living room floor b/c my lab chewed them days ago and now enjoys them as toys, awesome.)Feeling your pain & sending you lots of patient vibes!

  9. Aww... Just keep thinking of the wonderful cuddles. My mornings ALWAYS go a bit like this, minus the toddler but add in three BIG dogs and a whiny NON morning husband and having to go out into the cold to feed the outside critters! Super fab I tell you. BUT Miss C is the happiest at 4;45 AM and it gets me through the day. I will also say if one more person tells me their baby slept through the night at blah blah blah age I will KICK them HARD :) five months in and still getting LOTS of snuggles morning noon and all through the night :) I wouldnt trade it for the world though.

  10. Is there a full moon or something?? Because your morning sounds a lot like mine yesterday. Which started bright and early at 5am with a toddler ready to go!

    My husband and I joke that when our kids are teenagers and sleeping the day away, we're going to go into their rooms at the crack of dawn and jump on their beds for once.

    Hope you have lots of coffee today friend!!

  11. Awww that is so sweet that she was wanting her sister so bad!

    6am is early huh? That's my get up time everyday to get ready and get the boys to daycare before work. It sucks.

  12. Oh days like that just about kill me! I hope your day got better and that you maybe got in a little nap?

  13. Soooo sweet that Eme loves her baby sister so much that she's crying for her when she wakes up!! Gosh, if I have another baby, I want a girl just so her and Chloe can have that relationship!