Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lucy, 3 Months Old.

Dear Lucy,

You're 3 months old. A quarter of a year already? Amazing. A fun quarter of a year it's been, too.

This month you are still full of crazy smiles and coo's. You are entertained daily by watching your sister and her crazy 2 year old ways. Your eyes light up when you see her. You smile and coo big at her, and even let out little "heh-heh" giggles these days. 

You totally found your feet and find them completely fascinating. You're almost to the point of rolling from back to belly, you try so hard--almost there! (You already do belly to back!)

You are one happy-go-lucky little baby. 

Your happy days make up for the fact that you can't sleep a long straight shot of sleep for nothin'. Hey, it's the truth. Pretty much the max you'll go without waking up is 5 hours and even that is rare. I really didn't think anyone could sleep worse than your sister, but honey child, you might take the cake on this one. Every night it's multiple, and I mean multiple times. I need to experiment more with the way you like to sleep this month. Maybe that will help.

You're wearing size 3 month and 3-6 month clothing. You have some cute little rolls in your upper thighs, and you feel like such a thick little chunka', I love it! I don't know your weight this month, but I'm sure you've grown. 

You are a go-with-the-flow kid. I have this suspicion it's a 2nd child thing (or heck, a 3rd/4th, anything but #1 kid), because your schedule? HA. It's more about big sisters schedule. You get awoken to do preschool drop-offs and pick-ups and you kind of just do your thing on the go. Because really, there's no other choice. 

You're still an A+ nurser and things are going well in that arena. Those chunky thighs prove that we're doing just fine :) You do, however, hate the bottle, which kind of sucks for me. It's a darn good thing I'm so much more comfortable nursing in public nowadays. 

Your sweet demeanor does not go unnoticed, Lucy girl. It's one of the first things people always comment about you. You just have a gentle and kind way about you, giving out your precious little smiles, and being a happy kid. 

Despite the lack of sleep, you still brighten my day and are the best little sister we could have asked for.

Love you,



My oh my how you've changed. 


  1. I feel like she's starting to resemble Eme more...but...she's still very much her own little person, looks-wise. (of course, but duh, you know what I mean)

  2. Happy 3 months Lucy!! She's so sweet!

  3. She is gorgeous! I love her dark hair and the picture of her looking at her cute little toes!

  4. Happy 3 months Lucy. She is too cute and has gotten so big

  5. I love those leg warmers in her 3 month photo! What a sweet little girl! :)

  6. She is such a little sweetheart!! :)

  7. With each new picture I see more and more resemblence to Eme

  8. i cannot even believe she's already 3 months old. she is changing so much!!

  9. I feel like she is looking more and more like Eme too!! So cute, and such her own little person too!

  10. I love reading about your sweet girl. It's so much fun having so many babies born the very same week! Charlie may rock in the sleep department, but he's way behind Miss Lucy in the rolling over department! Go girl!

  11. I feel like you just had her! Where is the time going??
    She is absolutely adorable. Just from the pictures you've posted, she seems like such a content baby. :)

  12. I can't believe it's been 3 months already! I love her little outfit, especially her little baby legs. :)

  13. Such a pretty baby girl! I went back and looked at Eme's 3 month pics - the bottom left picture in the collage Lucy and E really look alike! Definitely sisters!

  14. Precious. I'll be celebrating my Lucy's 1st birthday this weekend!

  15. Holy cow, not until the comparison photo did I realize how much she'd changed. Definitely starting to look more like big sister!