Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Decorating Gives me an Anxiety but I'm gonna try and treasure it anyway*

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I can talk about Christmas without feeling like it's a...problem. Err. Or before someone comes and slashes my tires. I don't really get into the 'respect the turkey' hype, but I do love Thanksgiving, and so I like to take that all in before I get all Christmasfied. Which means that basically, I don't decorate until after Thanksgiving.

Don't get me wrong--we don't wait long, though. Basically just long enough for our turkey dinner to digest (hardly). So, Black Friday morning, while most of you are out shopping and fighting the crazy herds, we're home in our jams, decorating. We have breakfast. And coffee (we never NOT have coffee, let's be real). Christmas music. And it's beautiful and peaceful and organized and not stressful at all.

Can you see it in my face? I'm lying.


I want to be all, decorating my tree with my toddler was magical! We stopped and ooh'ed and ahh'ed over every ornament! I told her the story of the 394820948 "baby's 1st christmas" ornaments she has! I let her magically place fake snow on the tree and didn't wince an ounce when it all ended up on my floor! I didn't fight at all with my husband over stupid stuff! We kissed under the mistletoe! (we don't have mistletoe)

But they are lies.

Christmas decorating gives me anxiety.

Major, major, almost-meltdown-status-anxiety.

My living room looks like a bomb exploded for 75% of the day.

Most of the day you can't even hear the Christmas music because it's filled with, Don't touch that! Mac, get out of there! This #$@*#*@ strand of lights won't work! Crap, the tree is falling is apart! You forgot another box of decorations in the garage! We forgot to order Lucy a stocking! Here, you hold Lucy while I wrap the banisters. Don't let her roll over that pinecone! 

You get it.

Every year, I like to pretend it's going to be something magical. But it never, ever feels that way.

The end result? Well, that always feels good. But the 99 times I have to vacuum up pine needles to get a clean floor** feels like it will surely kill me before I get to sit back, turn on my YuleLog on Demand (don't judge, we don't have a fireplace) and breathe that sigh of, it's done.

The good news is--I think that despite the fact that I feel somewhat crazy and out of control in the Christmas set-up madness? I still think Emeline loved every bit of it.

Every day, about 40 times a day she'll proclaim, "It's Christmastime! I love it! Mommy, I love my Christmas tree! It's so boo'ful! Oh, the sparkadally lights!"

She makes all the crazy worth it.

*I find nothing fun about Christmas decorating at all. At ALL. It's hard to fake it. I'm not sure that will ever change, but we'll just pretend there is hope.

**Let's be honest, it never gets clean.


Let the good times roll.


  1. I ADORE that picture!!!!!!!! :)

  2. My goodness. She is so beautiful. Both of your girls.

  3. She is gorgeous! Oh and youre not the only one with decorating anxiety. I have it too. I need a bottle of wine and a Xanax after trying to decorate for Christmas.

  4. Oh you are much more brave than I :) I do all of my decorating when my little girl is asleep. This year I took a video of her reaction to all of the decorations and it was priceless. I feel like I got to peacefully decorate and we made some sweet memories at the same time!

  5. Beautiful picture!! I agree, I freak that my house is a disaster while decorating!! Our first attempt at the tree was a disaster! Cole melting down, Drew crying, and my hubs saying in his most sarcastic voice "It's the most wonderful time of the year" So we got most of it done that day...and then Cole and I finished on Sunday. A much more pleasant attempt. I loved your story today. I think we can all relate!!

  6. So, yesterday, I almost wrote a post about one of our first fights in which is I stood in my front yard screaming at my husband, "I AM NOT HAVING THAT CHRISTMAS TREE IN MY HOUSE TO REMIND ME OF THIS AWFUL DAY. YOU'RE JUST A GRINCH. I CAN'T BELIEVE I MARRIED A GRINCH. YOU RUINED IT. YOU RUINED CHRISTMAS!!!!

    Ah... I'd like to say that we haven't fought over decorating for Christmas again, but I would be lying. I'm fairly sure I called him a Scrooge the next year. But! There's always hope =)

  7. Usually I'm really excited to decorate but this year it felt like such a hassle and I don't even have little ones afoot! We're celebrating at my mom's this year so we won't be home for Christmas, but putting up the tree did get me more in the spirit. And it didn't take too long because we have a tiny townhouse!

  8. I am dreading decorating for Christmas. DREADING IT! I know the tree will be annoying with the needles and watering it and telling Avery 100000000 times to not touch it. Oh and making sure one of my moron dogs doesn't lift his leg on it, because at 3 years old, he still lifts his leg on anything vertical (including people who stand in one spot for too long, not a joke, there is a reason we don't go to the Lloyd Ave dog park anymore). And yes, he is fixed. He's just a jerk.
    And then there are the 30+ years worth of nutcrackers.
    Just thinking about it makes me want to smoke a cigarette - and I don't even smoke!
    But your home looks lovely and I adore that photo of Emeline - what an angel ;-)!

  9. thank you for this post. It makes me feel better about dreading decorating this year. we are waiting until after my daughters birthday on Dec 7, but she is already asking for Christmas stuff.

  10. I am with you on this one, I love the end result but the "in progress" is nothing but stress, frustration and a back ache.

    I did have to chuckle though because while you were worried about Lucy rolling over a pine cone, we were teaching my son about why we cannot eat them. Kids!

  11. Oh God, girl. You hit the nail on the head with this post.

    I wanted it to be magical but instead I used my angry voice WAY too many times because little fingers kept grabbing at everything and we even had a couple of broken ornaments. I know, no big deal in the grand scheme. But it wasn't what I call fun.

  12. I thought I enjoyed it until last night when the tree looked too holy, the ornaments all looked like they were in the wrong spots. Most of the balls were missing spots of glitter and my boyfriend got distracted right when it was time to put on my favorite ornaments. Decorating the tree was hardly the fun, magical time I was hoping, even with the baby in bed, away from the mess.

  13. We were decorating on Friday and B looks at me and says, "G. Don't let this stress you out. This is supposed to be fun."

    Bahahahaha. Easy for him to say.

  14. Bahaha I love this post. But seriously taking the crap down? THAT is for the birds! All those "helping hands" I had to start this biz will be no where to be found when its time to pack it up!

  15. We just decorated the tree today but we waited till The Toddler napped b/c I couldn't fathom doing it while she was awake. Plus it was all "oohs and ahhs" when she did wake up and that made it fun plus it was fun reminiscing over the ornaments of years past w/just Jimmy!

  16. So I had to walk away three times in the decorating of the tree. Because my OCD was killing me and I just knew E was going to break something. I might have even threatened a few times to just put it all back if she touched it one more time. No lie. The first thing I find broken is likely to make my head spin. Oh well.. It is what it is. But man I love how excited that tree makes her!

  17. i do hate the job of decorating, and generally i don't like what i do at my own house, but my mom's house always feels warm and festive and what Christmas should look like. We don't have any little ones walking around anymore and I think that takes something special away from the spirit of it all as well. Love your pic of Eme with the tree lights!!!

  18. We haven't even started yet and my husband already has anxiety about it. But Saturday, it's ON! I may give him a Xanax before... ;-P

    But yes, it's ALL worth it!

  19. Beautiful pics! I admit, I love decorating for Christmas...but what do I equally love? Taking them down and your house feels so big, clean, open and bright. Sad, but true :)