Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lucy, 4 Months Old.

Sweet Lucy girl,

You are 4 months old today. I'd say that it feels like yesterday that you came into the world, but the sleep deprivation I feel tells me otherwise. It's been 121 days since I've got a lick of sleep. But who's counting? 

You are still awesome. The sweet, smiley girl that everyone loves. Adoring your sister, your puppy, of course, your mommy and daddy. You know your name and smile big when someone calls it. You have a cute little raspy voice. You tend to "talk" more when big sister isn't around. Hmmm, wonder why? :)

You're a little chunka-muffin. So cute with your little wrist rolls and inner thigh rolls. I'd like to nibble your cuteness daily. You are 15lbs 10oz, 25 3/4" long. You can wear mostly 3-6 month clothing, but I put a 9 month sleeper of your sisters on you today and it fit perfectly. I am SO not used to a baby who wears sizes bigger than her age, but hey--it's obvious I don't starve you. Healthy little lady.

You mastered rolling in both directions this month. The big one is you now go from back to belly.  You try to sit up on your own, and if we prop you up, you will totally sit there all big-girl-status. It is crazy and you're too young for that shenanigans.

You still have that beautiful dark hair. It's been coming in a little lighter, but I'm not sure if you'll go blonde yet or not. I kind of hope you keep your dark hair and blue eyes. You've done your fair share of rubbing off a bit on the back and sides. You have a little toupe look going on. Don't worry, girlie, you're still cute.

We have not figured out how you like to sleep at night. It's a daily struggle. Day sleeping and napping is smooth, and your schedule seems just normal and fine. But for some reason, nights have been an issue since day 1. You "sleep", but you wake up A LOT. Like, a lot, a lot. It is exhausting. However, I forgive you each morning when you smile at me like you do. Lucky you're so cute, Lucy.

Overall? You're pretty much smothered with love on a daily basis. Your sister is awesome and all day long tells you how much she loves and adores you. We all squish your cheeks with tons of kisses. 

We love you tons and tons, girl.



Smiling's my favorite.

*we had a big, fat, fail of a photoshoot this morning. We will try again this afternoon, you know, now that the the 4 month sticker has been ripped to pieces, sigh. None of what I got does you and your happy-self justice*


  1. SHE is adorable and oh so squishy. I love it. I keep wondering if Ethan will be a chunk like Caleb or on the smaller, leaner side.

    Oh, and this reminds me. Maybe since Ethan is already almost 6wks old, I should do a one month update, eh?

    Poor second child syndrome, no? Sigh.

  2. OH, those smiles.

    If it weren't for the flashbacks of the sleep deprivation you just gave me, I might regret B's snip-snip a little.


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  4. 4 Months already....time is flying. She is such a doll!

  5. Happy 4 months Lucy!! She's so sweet!! I understand totally about the second baby being bigger than the first!! My 8 month old is wearing 18 and 24 month clothes and weighs 23 pounds!! My 3.5 yr old only weighs 38 pounds! LoL

  6. Soooo cute! Love those smiles. Also, I LOVE her headbands!

  7. 4 months already? I can't believe it! She is so sweet! Reese is almost 2 months and I really can't believe that one!

  8. FOUR months?? Rolling over? Starting to sit up?? Say it ain't so!

    Ah! I feel like I was just reading your birth story! She's a cutie for sure!

  9. What HAPPENED?? FOUR MONTHS?! Make her stop growing! Seriously, she is an absolute babydoll. And thank you for reminding me of the sleep deprivation. It makes me feel a little tiny bit better about not being pregnant right now. lol!

  10. I can't believe she is 4 months old! She's just a little ball of sunshine!

  11. I didn't turn blonde until I was four or five years old! :)

  12. Oh my word, that smile with the blue clip, and her tongue sticking out... too stinking cute!

  13. she is precious. and I cannot even believe I am reading her 4 month update. Just as I cannot believe I just wrote Gwen's 5!! OMG they are growing too fast.