Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Weight Loss Story: Just Keep Going

I told you had another weight loss story to share with you--and today, I have the lovely Sam from The Ruby Turtle Hippie Times here to tell you about her journey. I'm really excited, and so darn proud of how far this chick has come. I asked her a few questions, so she kind of answered them in that style. I dig it. I think you will, too.


What kicked your rear in gear?

The biggest thing I think you need to understand about losing weight is that it is a process. That's why it should be called a lifestyle change. You're basically going against everything you've ever done. It's like a Republican decides she wants to be a Democrat. The process doesn't happen over night and it's something that should be thought about seriously. It is a decision for your life.

My process has been going on since summer of 2011. I had been reading Katie and Susan's blogs about their weight loss and I decided that I needed to start running. I lost a bunch of weight in college running and I knew this was what I should do. I ran through the summer and then it fell to the wayside during the fall. The reason it didn't continue is because I wasn't serious yet. I hadn't had my low. 

(Sam is in the white sweater-vest, gray tee!)
Mine was this family Christmas photo. Last year my family was able to come to Michigan for the holidays. And we took a holiday photo and I immediately wanted to take the photo over again because I hated the way I looked. I also hated the fact that I was in a size XL in a regular t-shirt and that my size 16 jeans my mom had just bought me did not fit. I was too embarrassed to say that I needed a size possibly even two bigger. My sister was already in the process of losing weight and I realized that I needed to get on the weight loss train and fast.

What method did you use to lose weight?

Short version: Counting Calories, then Weight Watchers, and I'm a runner. 

But you came here for the LONG version. Right?

I started out using the MyFitnessPal app. I saw someone mention it on The Twitter and thought it's a free app. Why not? I lost five pounds in the first week and then struggle for the next two months to lose another 15 pounds. I didn't like that there was no option for bad days at all. I get that with a big weight loss like I needed to make that tough love is the best process. But sometimes, having a bad day doesn't hurt now and then.

(Side note: That is one of the hardest things about The Biggest Loser show. It's not realistic and it's why it's much harder for the contestants once they go have. All these options are suddenly in front of them and it is REALLY hard to say no. I think this tangent is worth mentioning because I know so many of us love that show and would love to be on that show, but keep in mind some of the costs, they have to take with the benefits.)

In March, I really got tired of counting calories. I had a weekend binge of basically eating everything in site and then I saw Jennifer Hudson on tv. I remembered that Katie and Susan had lost a ton of weight doing WW. I also knew that my momma lost a ton of weight after she had me doing WW. So I joined Weight Watchers that very day and I've since lost another 40 pounds. 

I also started running. I lost my first 20 pounds on the elliptical and when I made the transition to Weight Watchers I also started running outside again.

I did the Couch to 5K and then the Couch to 10K.

And then I trained for a half-marathon.


No joke.

I literally went from the Couch to running a half-marathon this year.

I could sing the praises of Couch to 5K for days on end, take a breath and then start all over again.

I started running a 16 minute mile and my current Mile PR is 10:45. I could NOT have done it without the Couch to 5K program.

Seriously, it has revolutionized my life. I still run three times a week like I did when I first started Couch to 5K. I also could talk about running and all things associated with it for days. I LOVE IT. It's such a great stress reliever and I also am earning activity points to keep those pounds coming off at the same time.

If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?


Find someone who you trust, respect, admire, and that will keep you in check.

For me, that is my sister Jessi. She has kicked serious ass this year and is down 80 pounds and is a constant source of encouragement to me. When I'm struggling, I send her a text and I immediately get 5 to 10 texts in response with a plan of attack, a small lecture, and a verse from the Bible or an inspirational quote that gets me right back on track.

Okay fine, I have two pieces of advice. Find a quote, bible verse, or mantra that just resonates with you. I have two:
  • Just keep going.
  • " Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." -Hebrews 12:1

How has the weight loss made you feel?

Unstoppable. I used to weigh 239 pounds. As of today I weight 178.2 and counting. I can do so many things that I could not do 60.8 pounds ago.

I have done things that I never thought I would consider to be part of my "Bucket List" like training for and running a half-marathon! I also enjoy the small things like needing to get my rings re-sized because I've lost so much weight. And I fully admit being able to shop from places I never would have stepped foot in before is a nice perk too. 

How did the blogging community help you with your goals?

The blogging community helped a ton with my goals. At first, I read Katie and Susan's weight loss posts over and over again. I learned something different each time I did it. They motivated me to get started and then continued to motivate me as my journey progressed.

It also was another source of accountability/encouragement. I have always posted my runs to The Twitter. It kept me honest and it is a way to get my butt out there when I was dreading a run. Also, posting side by side pictures on Insta' or Facebook to show progress pushed me as well. And the blogs I read are also on my Insta' and The Twitter. So they would read my posts and then see me being active, they would encourage me along. And knowing that I had people out there who would say, "Great job!" "Keep it up!" or press the 'like' button to give me a cheer. I also started doing a weekly post about what I was doing and if I was struggling with a certain area, someone else was struggling too. They usually had advice for how they overcame that hump.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at ! 


Continue to follow along Sams journey at her blog-home, right here. Thanks, Sam!


  1. What an amazing story! Very inspiring! I will say the only thing I was confused about initially was who she was in the family pictures! It was very unclear until the bottom photo! I just like to put a face to the writer! :)

  2. Wow! You're amazing and look fantastic! Great job! I always find it interesting how people become runners. I always say I could never do it, but then, in the back of my mind is this teeny little voice whispering... "Maybe you could".
    Thanks for sharing your incredible story.

  3. SO SO SO SO SO stinkin proud of you SAM!!!! YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. love everything about this post! way to go sam!!!! so proud of all you have accomplished!!!

  5. Thats so awesome!! Thanks for sharing such a great story!!

  6. You look so good!! I'm so proud of how far you've come, running a half marathon is such a huge accomplishment! Thank you for inspiring me everyday!

  7. WAY TO GO SAM!!! Such an inspiration!!!

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind words. They had me smiling all day yesterday.

    And thank you again Katie for letting me share!!

  9. Hi Katie! I just happened upon your lovely blog and have now read through weight loss journeys and 2 birth stories! :)

    Hope you & your family have a wonderful Christmas!

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