Monday, December 3, 2012

Things worth noting.

Run. Ran?
Ran another 5K yesterday. This time, for our "finale" to our Girl on the Run season. It was a little different than our Turkey Trot race last week, because this time we ran with a 3rd grade girl from our team. She needed a lot of motivating, there were a few times we had to stop, double-knot shoes, encourage-encourage-encourage nonstop. I completely tapped out my motivation-mojo--but the good news is, we finished. And a whole lot sooner than we figured we would.

Sister & I before the race:

Avent time, yo! Now that I have a very-interested-2-year-old I knew I needed to do something. Wandered around Walmart and picked up so much random stuff on Friday to help make an advent calendar of sorts, and ended up just going with a simple envelope-style one. I sealed them, then chopped the tops off with fancy scissors, decorated with ribbon and paper doilies, and voila. Oh, and mini clothes pins, because, obviously.
What's inside? Well, I'm kind of filling it as I go, and according to the calendar. I decided to make this year more about Christmas experiences. Togetherness. Things to get us out there, or talking or just enjoying the holiday season more. For instance, Go christmas caroling at the nursing home, donate toys, make a special treat for our neighbors, make a gingerbread house, etc, etc. Some days have a little treat, or a craft idea. You get it. Not fancy. And I hope I remember to do it everyday if I'm being honest. (My toddler will remind me, don't worry.)

Never Shared.
A few outtakes from the little Christmas photo session (aka: it sucked) I had with the girls a few weeks ago in attempts for a card-photo. Emeline kills me in this picture--mischievous like whoa. 

Shutterfly's Facebook Fanpage has 920k+, yea, whoa. And they asked little 'ole me to use the Winter Bucket List for their Holiday Countdown. Why of course you can. Share the love. 


Other random things worth noting:

My cold is finally getting better. But Declan is now coming down with it. When a man gets a cold, why is it always a huge-huge deal? The man cold may be the death of me.

This weekend was so insanely busy that I want a whole 'nother weekend to recover from my weekend. 

Saturday, Declan took Em to a parade & lunch and I went with Lucy to check out my sisters wedding reception venue. I'm a little bummed I missed doing the parade with them, but I love that she had a long morning/afternoon out on a daddy date. She's been talking about it nonstop.

Every year I say I'm going to slow down in December and really try to take it all in, relax, and enjoy. But it's barely a few days into December and looking at my calendar makes my hyperventilate. I guess it's just inevitable. The holidays are crazy.

Lucy weighs 15lbs 10oz at 4 months old. Hold the chunky-loving-baby-phone. How did this happen? Okay okay, I feed her well.

ok. Done now.

Go enjoy your Monday...if that's even possible ;)


  1. I made a calender just like that this weekend. If only I had thought of paper doilies! Next year...

  2. Congrats on being featured on the Shutterfly page! That's awesome! :)

  3. Congrats on the Shutterfly feature! That is amazing! I attempted (for 2 days) to do an advent calendar for Ethan and it has just been a torturing process of "No, Ethan...only one a day". So I think I may be calling it quits. Bah-Hum-Bug.

  4. I love the advent calendar. I wish I could make one! I'm a little late in the game, but I guess it's never to late to start!

    Good for y'all for running another race!

    And GO GIRL! Shutterfly using the bucket list! WOO HOO!

  5. I love your Avent calendar!!!!!!!: )

  6. The advent calendar is the cutest! Phoebe is not super into all of this yet, so I'll do one next year.

    I think the 5k you did was awesome.

    Woo on daddy-daughter dates! So fun. I cherish the ones I had with my dad.

    Lucy is well fed. Yay! ;)

  7. so, for real... you don't even look like you just had a baby.

    I've been toying around with the idea of doing an Advent calendar myself, pinned about 20 different ones trying to figure out how involved I want to make it. I think I'm going to go super simple this year... now the only problem is finding time to make it!

  8. The girls are adorable! Your advent looks great! Mine quickly turned into a 12 days of christmas thingy when I did not finish it in time, lol!

  9. Love the advent calendar :-)
    The holiday pics of the girls are precious! Congrats on the Winter Bucket List, it really is awesome and so nice you could share it with so many people, you ROCK!

  10. Woah. That's so cool about Shutterfly!! And the girls are just so cute together. :)

  11. I'm totally intrigued by hearing about Girls on the Run. I hate running, but I need to find out if there's something like this in our area...because I think I might actually enjoy that.

    LOVE Eme's legs in that holiday photo!

  12. Have you put my advent calendar in the mail yet? Because I KNOW you made me one too right?

  13. Agh..I was supposed to run in a race on Friday and I am currently lying in bed with 2 hot rice bag thingies on my head trying to get some stinkin relief from all.the.PRESSURE. Colds suck, but man are you right. The man cold makes me want to have it all over again. Or throat punch him (I kid) and tell him to get over it already!

    I can't wait to see the picture you ended up using for yr'll have to share later on!

    Oh and that is awesome about Shutterfly!!! I have got to get a frame so I can start using those!