Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seraphine: Maternity Skinnies, a review.

Getting pregnant this time around, being fifty pounds lighter than when I was with my last pregnancy poses only one real problem for me.

I have ZERO maternity clothes that fit.

So imagine my surprise and excitement when I was asked to review an article of clothing from Seraphine. They make the ca-utest maternity clothes that are so stylish even celebrities like Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba have been seen in their garb.

I chose an adorable pair of black skinny jeans that are low waisted and ridiculously comfortable. But let me back up. When I first had to choose a size using a simple little online size guide I thought, well crap, this sucks. Not trying on jeans? Um. That doesn't work for me.

BUT. Apparently it does. Because their sizing guide was accurate. There's a little conversion chart from Seraphine size to US sizing, but it worked like a charm. Within days my jeans were here, and I was so excited when

You see, even now, when my bump isn't exactly large & in charge yet, they fit SO good and give me that comfort that regular pants just can't right now. But yet? They'll grow with me because of the waist band and the stretch in the denim.

I felt like a million bucks in them.

Seraphine Maternity is offering you 20% off by using code SMLB20 at checkout. *good for 7 days from today*

How nice is that? 

Oh, and here I am sporting my new favorite jeans ever. Seriously, Emeline cried when she saw Declan taking photos of me and she wasn't in them, too. So she just had to jump in. Fine by me :)
see also: blurry photo, thank you husband.
 So go get your shop on pregnant momma's. 20% ain't no joke :) Use code SMLB20 at

**I was compensated for this honest review with those cute pair of pants in the photo above. Thank you, Seraphine for letting me test them out and tell my readers about your adorable shop.**

Monday, January 30, 2012

Things I learned this weekend... car will fail me. It was in the shop on Friday, and then? The battery died while in the driveway yesterday afternoon. Could it have died about two days earlier, you know, in the parking lot of the service center? Apparently not. husband is particularly good at detailing a car and there is no excuse for why I ever drive around in a dirty car now that I know his amazing detailin' skillz. Okay, so maybe I should be better about keeping my car clean to begin with. But still. It's hard with a kid, man.

...putting the car seat in and out of multiple cars over and over again due to said car troubles? Will drive my husband crazzzzzzy. I don't know if anyone else has the Britax Roundabout but that thing is a pain in the arse to get in and out.

...also, am I the only mother on the face of the planet that has no earthly idea how to install a car seat? (Not the infant know, the bigger ones?) 

...having two puke-free and relatively nausea-free days does not mean I'm in the clear. In fact, the next day my puking will return so violently just to be all, I told ya so. sister can talk me down from the ledge in pretty much any situation and I'm grateful for her sound advice and wisdom. Also for her encouragement in reminding me who I am when I need to hear it.

....having Declan take photos for a review (that I'll post tomorrow) of me in maternity pants? Torturous, I mean, fun. I should have just set up a tripod and done it myself. But thanks, sweetie :) haha.

...simple worship songs at church can send me to tears when I need it. I love that. I was having a really rough morning yesterday and we were singing "Victory is Mine". The verse Joy is mine...Joy is mine...Joy today is mine... just hit me. I can choose joy. I needed to hear that and let it kind of soak into my heart and mind.

...I am loved. Only God can judge my heart and He knows my desires, my intentions, my heart and passion for His calling on my life and the life of my family. I am free in knowing that despite being a sinner, I am redeemed by grace alone.

...I still hold true to the fact that I cannot watch action'y movies without feeling sick to some degree. I know it sounds weird, but I watched something I wouldn't normally watch last night with my husband and went to bed with an intense headache. As usual, I then woke up with the same headache. I'll stick to my rom-com's or sappy movies from now on.

...even though I thought it was impossible, I stayed up on Friday night hanging out with two of my sisters until nearly MIDNIGHT. I know, HA-HA right? But, dude I am so sleepy when pregnant and end up in bed most nights by 9pm'ish. So, midnight? That's LATE for me. I felt like such a big girl.

...getting a manicure (thanks to my Living Social deal, and also? For FREE b/c I had 3 friends buy from me...thanks y'all) and then spending the entire next day scrubbing your brother-in-law & sister-in-law's new house will result in said manicure being no longer. Good thing it was free, yea?

...along with that, scraping paint off of and then cleaning both the inside and outside of 12+ windows brings an unusual but fulfilling satisfaction. Now, to find the motivation to clean the insides and outsides of MY windows. Ha...right. I'm putting this on my nesting-urge list. You know, when that phase hits and all.

...pretty feet make me oddly happy, so thank God that free pedicure is still in tact ;)

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Heyyyy Friday. Snarky much?

I'm kind of exploding with post ideas in my head. One of those days where I could post on about 29308293 different things but they'd still come out all snarky. I like to reign in my snark on the blog (no, really, stop laughing), and so until I can figure out a way to be nice about these things, they are not postable.

But just for kickers. Some of the things that have been swirling in this pregnant brain of mine are:

1. Weight loss ish. I realize I'm pregnant, but I still think about this area a lot, and get inundated with emails and questions about it. I don't mind that. What I do mind is when people are their own worst enemies. You wonder why you aren't losing weight? Maybe it's all that candy, or pizza, or carb-loaded dinners you're posting pictures of? Either make the choice to lose weight and really try your damndest to do it, or stop talking about it. (See? Too.much.snarkkkkk. Also? I'm jaded.)

So I leave posts like that for my super sweet, much nicer than myself, and very-good-with-words sister, Susan. She wrote an amazeballs post this week called "No More Excuses" and you NEED TO READ IT (if you haven't), like, now. 

2. Pregnancy grossness. One time I referred to motherhood as unglamorous (re: baby puke on your clothes, poop-up-the-back diaper explosions, etc) on a blog post and got a comment basically insinuating that I was ungrateful and ladies are dying to be pregnant everyday. I was floored by the comment because a.) While I've not struggled with infertility, I have lost a baby and I can relate to those feelings so strongly, and I connect with woman on the daily re: loss. I totally get that longing to be a momma, and b.) Talking about the realities of motherhood is just what I do. I've always been honest. But it sucks when that can be misconstrued into one not being grateful. I am so far from ungrateful it's not even funny.

So back to the pregnancy grossness thing. Someone tweeted me saying I should write a post all about those awful things no one tells you about being pregnant/pushing a baby out/recovery. I giggled and was all "yeaaaa" because, yes, I could talk about those things. As most pregnant women/women with child(ren) could I presume. You know, like how your first poop after giving birth will likely be the death of you (see also: nightmare inducing). But I don't want those things being turned into, "oh she's not grateful".

But I could talk for days about how effing uncomfortable it is to be constipated during pregnancy, or to piss your pants while violently puking (don't say I didn't warn you), or how you might waddle worse after pushing a baby out of your vag than you did at 9.5 months(abillionyears) pregnant. And then I would pad it with, "but it's all worth it" and "you will fall so deeply in love with baby none of that will matter". Because you HAVE TO DO THAT SOMETIMES. Or else someone will call you ungrateful. Even though you are anything but.

And yes, that bothers me, sometimes. Okay, a lot.

I LOVE MY BABIES AND I ALWAYS WILL. Despite talking about how tiring/gruesome/gross pregnancy and momming can be. OKAY INTERNET?

Oh shizznit.

I went and did it. I got all snarky on the internet.

It has to come out every once in a while, right? I blame pregnancy. HA! that was JUST for you. I can't stop.

Good thing I have a mani & pedi scheduled tonight. Momma needs to kick her feet up and clearly relax some.

Happy Friday, friends.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'll be the memory keeping dork.

This week my friend Corey wrote a post about her grandfather, it's over at The Poop Whisperer, and you should definitely check it out. It really struck a cord with me, for lots of reasons.

It really got me thinking about the documenting I do for my family. The photos I take. The video I shoot. Am I doing enough to remember the people I love? I often forget that all my family is not promised tomorrow. I am not promised tomorrow. Life happens and scary ish goes down.

But if anything happens to my family....will I be able to go back through endless photos and videos, remembering the legacy of love they left? Seeing photos and videos of them in their candid state? The person accurately depicted, the way they should be remembered? Being themselves. Silly, goofy, fun, serious, in a candid moment?

 I don't wanna be morbid, but I am being very serious about this. I want to be better at this. I NEED to be better at this. For my children. For my children's children. It is a responsibility that I literally feel rides on my shoulders.

And in Corey's post she mentions that her dad was always willing to walk around with the big, hunkin' video camera out to shoot video of his family. Despite risking his 'coolness card', he did it anyway. And despite it becoming a little joke among the family at the time, having video of her and the other grandkids with their grandfather are now a treasure. A moment in time they can now get back thanks to her dad for being the documenter.

I want to be this for my family. It's sad, and scary and worrisome that my life can change in an instant due to circumstances, illnesses, and freak accidents. But it happens all the time, and I'll be damned if I sit back and do nothing about memory keeping now.

I don't care if I look like a big old dork videoing my daughter at the aquarium. I don't care if I look like a loser who carries her big camera into Ikea for no reason other than to document a normal, everyday trip. I don't care if I'm the mom at the park lying on the ground getting a mulchy back to capture an angle of pure joy & exhilaration my baby is having on the swings. I don't care if videoing an impromptu 'interview' with my dad and little brother seems weird.

One day I will be so glad I did it.

And I'm gonna stop caring about what I think other people are thinking. Because it doesn't even matter one bit. I want to remember everything I can. I want to have ample video of my children with their grandparents. I don't want to have to regret in this one area that I have full control over.

So I'll sacrifice my coolness card. I'll lug around my big camera. I'll shoot video. I'll make video montages of special trips. I'll take pictures of every day ordinary things.

Because I feel it's my job. And I don't care if I look like a dork doing it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

That sound.

I had an OB appointment this morning. I don't know why but I went into it very nervous. I think so much of early pregnancy is just so unknown. You don't feel the baby yet. You aren't really showing much. You just know you feel awful and that's just about all the reassurance you have.

Which honestly? Should be some decent reassurance you know? I mean, I literally had two violent puking episodes this morning (sorry, I'm all TMI, you know that), just before heading out the door, and still was nervous she wouldn't be able to find the heartbeat.

I mean, what if this was just a violent stomach flu? You know? One that has lasted the last 6 weeks and that mysteriously causes my monthly cycle to stop? I know. I'm weird.

But there are some things that still haunt me a little when it comes to the potential of miscarrying a baby. I'm sorry if that's too brutally honest, but it's true. I never, ever expected to lose our first baby. After all, I was in "we're having our first baby" bliss. I had no idea what to look for. No idea what my body should be doing. Heck, I didn't even let a negative thought about the potential of losing our baby cross my mind. Honestly.

But I'm jaded a bit. I hate that I am, but it's just the nature of the beast.

So I just like to finally hear the heartbeat. It's reassuring and it makes me feel better.

And this morning after hearing the words "you lost weight this month lady, you must be sick!", and me responding with "no sh*t sherlock" (kidding, I'm more respectful than that), they finally put that doppler on my belly and found that cute little swooshing sound.

Oh how sweet it was.

I felt myself holding my breath for the few minutes it took to find the heartbeat, though. Nervous a little. Praying that please oh please let there would be a heartbeat. But it was there. And a strong 160 bpm at that.

I'll always be a little worried. It's just how it is. But? In the end I was reassured today. And it was sweet.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Misery. Poof. Gone.

I think a bloggers worst nightmare is when a post that had their heart, soul and wit poured into it gets deleted. No, I KNOW IT IS. It's my worst nightmare and for the love, IT HAPPENS TOO OFTEN.

I'm kind of raw right now. Yes, I realize I'm being a bit dramatic but I was trying (for the second time) to write the story of the day we found out about this new little baby (the Target story, even!) and then all about how I told Declan. It was FINALLY coming out well. The perfect blend of humor and sentimental. Exactly how that day was.

I finally had the desire to write about it (after trying and failing a few weeks prior), and I was literally A SENTENCE AWAY from it being finished. Ready to post. For the baby books, you know. FOR HISTORY RECORDS OF THIS BABY. Because God knows this is the only place I write anything down.

I walked away from my laptop FOR A SECOND to go get a bag of popcorn out of the microwave and within that second, Emeline managed to click a button and DELETE the entire post, and then it promptly AUTO-SAVED.


I knew better. I shouldn't have left the laptop within any type of reachable distance of el-destructo toddler child. But I didn't listen to my inner voice and it's all my fault.

So now you're left with this sad, pathetic, woe-is-me blog post. I'll get over it. And let's just hope that one day I'll get my mojo back to write about that day. You know, prior to actually meeting this kid face to face. But I have a feeling it'll be a while.


PS: There was an excessive amount of CAPS in this post, and for that I apologize. Sense my severe disappointment? GOOD. YOU SHOULD. (Added for dramatic effect.)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rosy Cheeks

We woke up to a few inches of snow this morning. It was admittedly really fun to bring Emeline up to the window and show her all the snow. She kept saying "I see snow!!" with excitement.

I admit it. I hate the white stuff. It's pretty to look at it, but it ruins plans, is dangerous, and makes me miserable most of the time. However, having kid(s) kind of helps me be a bit more excited about it. Because it is SO!FUN! for them.

I remember that excitement as a kid.

Anyway. After breakfast, we got bundled up and got outside with our girlie. She's not 100% in love with it yet, but definitely enjoyed her time in the white stuff.

Then we came inside to warm banana bread fresh out of the oven. Today? It's been a pretty good day. :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello Baby Deux: 12 Weeks

What people say is true. Something I thought for sure, there was no way on earth I would ever, ever do. Me? The Documenter? Yea. Even me. Poor, poor baby #2....gets so much more neglected when it comes to photos. Already. Even in utero. Say it ain't so.

But here I am. I forced asked my husband to take photos of me so I could finally do some sort of update on this very much loved baby. I'll spare you the outtakes on that little photoshoot. Let's just say, I'm considering going back to the 'ole camera in the mirror pics. Although it doesn't fit with my vision for documenting said pregnancy (you can thank Pinterest for that).

Ahem. But back to the whole point of this post. Baby #2. This pregnancy. The bump that's finally starting to grow.

The Babe
From what I can assume, everything's going a-ok in there.  I'll get to hear the heartbeat on Tuesday morning, and yep, I'm looking forward to it, and of course speculating gender and all that bee-ess based solely on a number that means nothing. You know how it is. It's fun anyway. The other day I saw in a quick glance on my pregnancy app that this kiddo is the size of a lemon already. WHAT? How did that happen? I swore it was just the size of a gummy bear last week. Yes I just called my baby 'it'. 

The Momma
You know, other then puking and feeling awful 24/7, I'm surviving. I'm sleeping great for the most part, and even napping some days. I go to bed pretty early most nights, and luckily sleep through most the night without getting up to pee. I was like that with Eme, too. Able to sleep all night through (even up till delivery) without getting up to pee. I must have a massive bladder or something. Either way I'm not complaining.

I am all about fresh fruit like strawberries, kiwi's, and pineapples right now. I make smoothies daily. Also, fresh veggies slathered in dip (of course). But don't worry, I like bad things too--like, I am also equally in love with carbs like bagels, soft pretzels & english muffins. Oh, and the occasional bowl of Cap'n Crunch. Yea, apparently I'm 5. 

The Bod
I feel like I started really kind of "showing" this week. Maybe not to others, but to me. I'm still somewhere on the negative 4lb loss arena, which is and totally normal with sick 1st trimesters like myself. GOOD NEWS ALERT: I got my butt back on the treadmill this week! It was THE BEST feeling ever after taking a much needed 6 weeks off. But I finally felt like I just HAD to run. I only did 1.5 miles, but I'll ease my way back into it. Of course, now I need to keep it up.

Oh, and comparison to last pregnancy. Here are my thoughts: I was overall more 'fat' last pregnancy and none of which can easily be seen from this photo. But, as far as the belly goes--I think I look relatively the same in comparison. You think?

The Big Sis 
Having a toddler and being pregnant is exhausting. This could be an entire post on it's own. But it's equally fun to get to have another family member to share this whole thing with. She knows something is going on, and mentions the baby in my belly often. She'll point to my belly & say "baby!" and then lean in and go "Mmmmahhh!" (kiss sound), and hug my belly. She is insanely sweet. But does she have any real idea what's going on? Probably not. But it's cute nonetheless. 

She loves babies. Loves them. She's very, very interested in the other babies at church or her baby cousin, Paxton. She's really gentle but doesn't quite understand why they can't play yet. It's cute. We have time to work on all this, but let's hope this lends itself to her being The Best Big Sister Everrr.

Overall? It has NOT sunken in yet that I'm pregnant. I mean, duh, I'm sick a lot. I feel terrible most of the time. I get that. But that there is a real baby in my belly and that I'll be a mom of two this summer? Nope. None of that has sunk in. And you know what? I don't REALLY think it will sink in until it did last time. You know, when they said, "you're ready to push!"

Just keepin' it real.

We love you, baby deux. Lots. Keep growing.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Few things...

1. This whole SOPA and PIPA thing has my stomach in KNOTS. KNOTS. If you don't know what I'm even talking about, please read about it here.  Educate yourself and speak up. Censorship of the internet can affect little 'ole bloggers like you and me. It can also do much worse. I'm not one to get super passionate about these things, but THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Consider signing a petition, please. Here is one by Google. 

A lot of bloggers are blacking out today for this. I think that's great and fully support them. I also think that there are a lot of people who may not know much about this and so maybe there's a benefit to me posting a few links and getting a few more people on board with the damage this could cause.

Okay. Moving on. (But please. Do something about this.)

2. I've said this before, and I'll say it again, yo. If you don't shop GroopDealz you are missing out like whoa. Today there is THE CUTEST bakers twine for 43% off.
See? Adorable.

And look at this Valentines day heart bunting. I die. 

Custom Hand Stamped Necklaces, on sale for THIRTEEN BUCKS. OMG. Go get one, now.

Just click on this pretty little button below to shop these deals and more:


3. I've been ordering from Zulily again lately. They have the most ridiculously cute deals going for kids, momma's, babies, etc--and multiple deals a day. Last week? I got a gorgeous leather purse for like $17 that will be double as my diaper bag as soon as it arrives at my doorstep. 

Today they have REPORT footwear for like 50% off and I'm kind of lusting over this pair of boots right now.
If you need an invite to Zulily, I got you covered right here.


4. Remember when I blogged about a few months ago? Well, I still love that website. It's a membership based site, and all the products on there are 39.95 flat rate, free shipping, etc. I own a few pairs of boots, a few handbags, and even some accessories from there & gave away a bunch of it for Christmas, too. THE STUFF IS LEGIT. Like, gorgeous, boutique-finds, high-quality stuff. I was and continue to be pleasantly surprised with their site. So far I'm way, way pleased with it. Here's an invite if you wanna join Just Fab.

That's pretty much all I got today. Random stuff. 

Please don't forget to go check out the SOPA and PIPA info and get educated.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Soft Pretzel Snatcher

It's no secret that one of the things that I can handle eating while sick and pregnant are soft pretzels. I was the same way with Emeline. For months and months I'd bring a frozen SuperPretzel to work for lunch every single day. Heat it in the microwave. And eat it happily.

It never got old.

I often stopped for an Auntie Anne's pretzel when at the mall or our local Walmart. (Yep, our Walmart has an Auntie Anne's. Weird? Maybe. But delicious.)

I'm guessing it has something to do with being carbs. And bready. And felt good on my stomach when I'm so nauseous all the time while pregnant.

Either way, I love me some soft pretzels, and this pregnancy is no different.

I've been stopping at the mall at least 1x a week for said pretzel, and, you know, to let my kid run around on the playground & such since it's been so cold lately. I may or may not stop for a smoothie, too.

The other day, I was giddy about my pretzel sticks. I had gotten myself & Eme inside the mall. Was pushing her along in her stroller. Got to Auntie Anne's. Ordered up my delicious pretzel sticks and cheese (what? I didn't mention the fake-cheese craving, too?), then went over to the little bar thing to get some napkins and a straw.

I remember setting my bag full of yummy goodness down on that counter and thinking Don't you dare forget that bag, woman! Before you know it, I had situated my drink in the stroller, gotten Emeline a bite of my pretzel (yes, I share with my daughter. I have a heart, y'all) and off I went.


I went an entire mall "block" (if you know what I mean), before realizing that I had situated my drink and all, but THE PRETZEL BAG WAS MISSING.


I literally panicked. Cravings are LEGIT for me, and the thought of losing those beloved pretzel sticks made my pregnant heart sad.

So I did what anyone would do, and I turned the heck around faster than you could say the word and started booking it back to the Auntie Anne's store. I mean, it's a fairly dead weekday afternoon at the mall, they'll still be there.

I finally get to where I am in eye-line with The Bag. I see them sitting there. And THEN? I see a group of teenagers start hovering around MY BAG OF PRETZELS.

One boy even has the nerve to peek his face in the bag (without touching), and they are all giving each other the look of Let's just take it and run!

My insides were on fiyah by this point. I NEEDED THOSE PRETZELS and gosh darn it, those kids were NOT gonna take what was rightfully mine, yo.

So then I did it. I did what would have HORRIFIED me if my mother had ever done. What would have horrified me if I had witnessed anyone else doing.

I shouted, "HEY! Those are mine!" and was all don't you even think about it in my tone.

*hangs head in shame*

I made sure to give them a smile and thank them for taking care of my bag of pretzels for me. I almost started word vomiting about being pregnant and how horrible of a thing to take away a pregnant woman's cravings. But I didn't.

I did, however, get my pretzels back. Fully in tact. And fully delicious.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Messy Mom Mondays

A few of my blog friends are writing about keeping it real as a mom today. Moms who are being honest about just not having it all together all the time. Who don a messy house. Laundry that needs to be folded. One shaven leg (kidding. but maybe). The list goes on.

I'm all about being honest. I've written plenty of times about the hot mess I often am in this whole mommin' thing. How my house is almost always messy. Laundry rarely, if ever gets put away, and my bed? Is never, ever, made. EVER. Oh, and about how rarely I shower. Because it's true.

Pregnancy has made this all so much worse for me lately. Just feeling so terrible, and having no real desire to do anything other than sleep, rest, or...vomit. You know? Motivation level sinks.

So today I'm confessing I don't have it all together. I never do. And I'm okay with that.

My kitchen table....right now? Looks like this:
What? You don't keep a can of whipped cream handy? Quit judging me :)

Oh, and that stuff behind my laptop? All clutter. Things that need to find a home and have been sitting there for weeks. I know. Just sign me up for hoarders already.
Oh, if you noticed, those are a bag of Shockers candy. My craving, yo. My friend Gina mailed me some because I cannot find any around here. She rocks.

Kitchen floor always, always, always has toys on it. I trip and stub my toe on a daily basis. We have no playroom, and our 'living area' is only a small living room & kitchen. Hence, why toys are everywhere. Or because I don't find cleaning up during the day even a battle worth fighting. Before bedtime? Sure. But during the day? Why bother.

Somehow in this house the banisters have become hangers for everything. And it's a horrible habit and makes it look messy all the time. But let's be honest, it's SO MUCH EASIER to just hang things there.

While running around and snapping pics I peeked under the living room ottoman and found random mega blocks, an old dead laptop, a curdled sippy cup of milk (UGH), and crunched up cheez-its. I didn't take a picture because it was too hard to properly portray the yuck. But? I'll still tell you all about it. Feel lucky.

My bedroom is a mess. The bed is never made. The covers are never tucked properly. The floor is strewn with random crap that most likely my toddler helped put there. And the pretty dresser top is still overflowing with Christmas gifts that need to be put away. Christmas was almost a month ago

Pizza from Friday is still sitting, unedible, in a box on the counter in the kitchen.

Masses and masses of laundry is down in the basement, folded (thanks to my husband), but will likely never get put away (because I suck at that). 

Today, it's unlikely that I'll shower, even though I'm a day overdue because during the (ridiculously short) naptimes my kid takes these days, I'd rather lay down, too. I can never nap, unless pregnant. Ever. If I'm pregnant? I'm pretty much a nap champion. So I'll likely remain dirty.

And? The only reason I shave my legs these days is because we have swim class once a week. Without that? I'd be a hairy beast until the spring. That may or may not be based on facts from the past. Lucky for my husband we're doing swim.


Alright. I think you get the picture by now. We don't have it all together. I don't have it all together. But we have loved, well-adapted, happy children, yea? 

So it's all good.

Go link up with either Jess or Britt, and share your Messy Mom Monday post.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

1. Nothing about this is fun. I lied. Feel free to leave now. Kidding! Don't leave. I love you!

2. I have been working on being more present lately. I know, I know. It seems to be the trend, and I still fail miserably at times. But I don't find myself obsessing over checking things, or staying on top of my twitter stream (in fact I never go back & read it anymore), etc. But I'm still not perfect, or anywhere close. And my computer and phone get the best of me often. And it's so stinking hard when your job and hobbies revolve around the computer (blogging for work & for pleasure, then blog designing, and photos & editing, etc). It's definitely HARD.

3. It's well into January and the only substantial snowfall we've had this year was that FLUKE crazy storm we had just prior to halloween. We had a few flurries today, but I'm kind of in shock about it. I'm sure it'll come with a vengeance soon.

4. On that note, I miss summer, terribly. I forgot how amazing and awesome it is to be able to go out without bundling your kid up, head to the park on any random day, take walks & enjoy the sunshine, and just PLAY outside. I feel bad for my kid. I think she's bored to death of the dumb mall playground and the chick-fil-a playzone, but WHAT ELSE SHOULD WE DO?! Thankfully we have swim once a week, but the winter sucks. The end.

5. Lately I've been feeling maybe a tiny, itty, bit of the morning (all day) sickness is easing up. Granted, I still have moments of complete and utter "I'm gonna diiiie",  and I still am puking, totally--but the feeling like butt 100% of the day seems to be wearing off a tiny bit. I'd say it's more like 75% of the day. So, it's still pretty awful, but it's manageable. If that makes any sense at all. But heck, I'll take it.

6. I feel a lot of guilt that I already prefer one gender over the other regarding this baby. I know that is the most horrible thing to say, and sounds awful of me. But I don't know how to make it stop. And honestly, in the end, I know that I'll be totally okay with either. But my brain won't stop thinking about it. I HATE that I have a preference. Hate it.

7. I've been reading a few new blogs lately. One of them I think is really a cool girl who I know would practically be my BFF if she ever took the time of day to respond to me, but she doesn't. And I find myself getting annoyed. I've been leaving comments here & there, but never, ever hear from her. She's a bigg'ish blogger, I guess you'd say. 700 some followers or whatever? But really? I am starting to be turned off now. Like, she seems a bit diva. And then it got me thinking. I try really hard to respond to comments (if they're something that seems like it needs a response), and sometimes I'll often just respond back with a "thanks :)" or someTHING. Definitely not always, but I do try. If I can't/don't ever respond to you it's probably because you don't have your email set up in blogger. So make sure to do that? Please?

8. Also, I'm a big instagram lover. You know this. I love that people can comment and like photos, and I can do the same for them. BUT PLEASE, pretty please with a cherry on top, remember to "mention" the user you are writing back to in the comments section, or else they will likely never see what you wrote to them. IE: I will never see what you wrote back to me if you don't mention my username because I follow too many people to scroll back and check. Make sense? Great.

9. I am both excited and terrified that we're starting to think about Emeline's big girl room. I'm not at all afraid of the transition (I mean, she'll get it...eventually), but I'm afraid that I have these big expectations for what I want the room to look like in my head, and worried a bit that I can't live up to it in my decorating. I know, so shallow right?

10. Do you shop GroopDealz? If you don't you are missing out, big time. It's basically like any of those other flash sale sites, EXCEPT for it's for the ca-utest handmade-vintage-fun accessories, home decor, jewelry, clothes, etc! You can get daily deals emailed to you, and all the products are 50% off. I order from there often and always get the best things. That's what this little cute picture is below, if you're wondering then clicky-click it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

20 Months Old

Oh, this child kills me.

Dear Emeline,

I know I don't really do the whole letter thing anymore. But for some reason, 20 months seems monumental in my head. It's such a rounded, perfect little number and I can't believe we're only 4 months away from having a big T-W-O year old. So here it goes.

You like to "play-play". Everything and anything. You love to build blocks, play with your leapfrog "laptop", play the matching animal games on my phone, play with your new play kitchen, pushing your Elmo in your stroller--you name it. You own the playground now and run confidently around it like you aren't a baby anymore, but a kid. It still kind of surprises me at times how you can do everything by yourself. 

You're mildly obsessed with all things Dora The Explorer. It's....cute? :) You know a good handful of spanish words, taught to you by all your Dora books, the shows, and by some of our spanish speaking friends from Church. You like the shows Bubble Guppies, Dora (obviously), Chuggington ("choo-choo!"), Jake & the Pirates, and Mickey of course. You will request the "show" you want by name. 

My goodness, the theme of your life so far has been DANCE. I went back through all your videos last night and almost every one of them is of you dancing to some degree.  You love to move & shake your booty, and I think it's adorable. 

You tend to skip now when you run. Everyone comments on how cute your little gallop-run is, even random strangers at the mall. I think you just have happy feet :)

You are totally and completely picky about food. It's irritating as heck, but I just remind myself that it should pass at some point. You're still super attached to your milk, and you like "laller" (water), too. You still don't get juice and you seem fine with that. We are, too. 

You greet me with "hi momma, I la-lu" often. It melts my heart. Your vocab is exploding and you put mini sentences together all the time now. I think I can understand you more than others, which is obviously to be expected since we spend together. You can name all family members and a lot of friends by name and you practice them often.

You totally test us now. I can see bits and pieces of disobedience (and normal toddlerhood) creeping in every day and some days? It's totally challenging. You understand the word "no" but sometimes you just don't listen. You already have the ability to tune your parents out. Why does that happen so early? :)

Overall, though? You are one heck of a kid. Everyone who watches you or spends time with you says what an easy kid and what a delight you are. In fact, a friend from Church told us we should have 100 more babies if they all turned out like you. Ha! But? What a compliment.

Love you little girl. Tons and tons.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Here Fishy, fishyyyy.

One of the amazing gifts we got this year for Christmas from my brother and his awesome wife was a year pass to the aquarium. A YEARLY PASS, dude! That is amazing. We love it!

And it's the gift that keeps on giving if you ask me.

Totally thrilled about that.

So this past Friday (the same day Declan got tattooed) morning, we packed up early and headed off to show Emeline the aquarium for the VERY first time. It was a hit. I managed to take some video of her excitement while there (at the end), and got a few photos. It's so hard getting good pictures when it's so dark inside aquariums.

And if you're wondering why the hippo & birds? They had a special Africa Exhibit going on :)

A peek into our Adventure Aquarium trip:

....and a little video action:

Happy Wednesday :)