Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tweets are clogging my head.

There are so many thoughts swirling around in this brain of mine right now. Honestly, I have a headache because I think my head is so full of stuff. That may sound crazy, but I think it's true.

You see, this past Sunday my Pastors were talking about the season of Lent. I did not grow up in any type of denomination or church that really talked much about Lent. But I love and appreciate that as an adult, this is something I can partake in, knowing that it's a season of really pressing in and focusing on what Christ did for us when he died on the cross.

I believe in fasting. I've been a part of many different fasts throughout my lifetime. Seasons where, as a Church we all fasted the same thing(s) together. Sometimes they were personal, just me. Particular foods. Maybe entire meals. Liquid only fasts. TV fasts. Things of that nature. And most definitely (most) not all surrounding Lent, either.

Last year I gave up Facebook. In the grand scheme of things, it was no big deal.

This year, after my Pastor talked again on Sunday about this---I finally felt the urge & pressing on my heart that I was supposed to give up Twitter. In fact, right then I deleted the app from my phone.

I don't want to go into details about any of this, because this is not a woe-is-me, complaining-thing, AT ALL. In fact, because I know how hard this has been for me (don't laugh) for only the past two days, it goes to show me this was, indeed the right move.

I realized after only two days, how very little I actually process through thoughts before I was just tweeting them. How little I actually had to sit and dwell on things before I could just get them out. I realized how attached I am to certain friendships with people and that I miss just connecting with them on a daily basis. And I may even realize how real (or not real) any of those friendships were. But most of all, although I denied it up and down...I realized it was taking up some valuable time of mine. Time that I owe to God, my family, my work, my friends...and heck, myself.

I felt sad yesterday. Just an overall (stupid) sadness. I had a headache the entire day. A massive, horrible, headache that I swear is from all the tweets stuck up in my head that couldn't be tweeted. But, really--this is so good for me.

So that's where I'm at so far with all this. It's not something I'll talk about often, if at all--however, I'm sure hoping that this time of kind of quieting my brain, focusing in & up, will sure to bring me some clarity in areas of my life, and of course, insight & revelation, self-reflection, all that good stuff.

That's what I'm praying for, anyway.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Bathin' it with Mom

Because I can. And soon enough it won't just be me & her. Oh, how I love bath photos.

What a gift I have in her.


Happy Monday.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My life has been changed by bacon.

I love Saturday mornings. Correction, I love about half the year where my husband doesn't have to work on Saturday mornings. But nevertheless---they are good.

We used to go out to breakfast a lot pre-baby. It was our thing. We really don't do it that much anymore with Emeline because it's just easier and more cozy to stay in pj's and make breakfast from home now. So, we kind of have a home-tradition of Saturday morning pancakes.

pic from this morning ;)
We turn on music. Declan makes the pancakes & coffee. I make the bacon. Eme hangs around munching on strawberries & playing with random objects at our feet to keep busy while waiting for breakfast. It's a grand time. I love it.

Some mornings, when trying to coax our picky eater into eating the sugar-ridden pancakes (seriously, kid? You won't eat PANCAKES?), we make them into fun shapes. Today we made her a creepy Mickey and seriously? She wouldn't even eat that? The nerve.

raisins as eyes/nose/mouth :)
But. I'm here to tell you today that I have finally tried the new way of cooking bacon that a bunch of you suggested when I mentioned my bacon-cooking-woes before. And? My life is changed. For real.

My bacon-making used to make my kitchen smoky. I used to get burned by the grease bubbling up. I used to smell bacon-smell in my house for days after. It was gross. Granted, I'm not good at this whole cooking thing as it is.

So I baked my bacon today, and? Totally amazing. No mess. Easiest thing I've ever done. It was just as delicious, if not better than my stove-top/skillet bacon. I will never go back. I followed this ridiculously easy way to do it. I am a convert.

You must try it, too. And thank you to those of you who suggested this to me. I'm indebted to you:)

Happy Weekend, friends.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Knock, knock, who's in there? {Gender Reveal!!}

I finally convinced Declan to let me get an early gender results ultrasound. We have a really awesome place pretty local, that's been in business for a very long time, and the tech has a 7 year record of never being wrong from 15 weeks on. It's pretty awesome.

For some reason, this pregnancy I have been majorly impatient. I just needed to know who was in there. I had my momma gut feeling....and it turned out....that instinct was right.

Because Miss Emeline is going to have a.....

I can't even put words to my joy these past two days. Big, huge, smiles. Lots of chatter to Emeline about her baby sister. Lots of dreaming of being a momma to two girls. A lifelong gift in a sister that my girls(!!!) will have.

Having a sister has been one of the best gifts in my life. I can't really even type about it in detail without a flood of emotions. I know I can't wish the same relationship I have with my sister on my daughters, but I can hope and pray they find the same heart to heart connection that me and my sister have.

So, cheers. And big, huge, smiles from me to you, today.


Happy Thursday :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moments in the art of juggling.

Toddlers are....busy. The busiest little creatures I ever did see. For not having anything real important or pressing to do. No checkbooks to balance, or bosses to impress. You know.

They get into everything. They are interested in everything. They ask for approximately 2938298 things before you get the right thing and even then it doesn't always satisfy their deepest little toddler cravings and desires.

It's cute, really. And partially annoying. And so....toddlerhood, as cliche as that is.

It's a little less cute when she's doing these things while I'm trying to wrangle her at my OB appointment yesterday.

Luckily we didn't have to wait for long to be called back. However, for the five minutes we waited I felt like a monkey in a cage. The ladies behind the glass office ooh'ed and ahh'ed over the cuteness of Emeline, literally, staring for the entire.five.minutes at her. I shouldn't have put her hair in piggy tails. Piggy tails make everyone swoon. Even me. Then, Eme saw the anti-bacterial hand pump and bee-lined for it. Repeating over & over & over again, I keen! I keen! until I let her 'wash her hands'. No big deal, at all. Until she escorted herself over there to pump the the stupid thing herself, for the fifth time. Talk about a mess. I juggle.

Thankfully the nurse called my name at the exact right time.

I didn't have any clue how difficult it would be to pee in a cup, in a small bathroom, with my daughter there watching me talking about momma pee-pee, shoving the iPhone in my face because she can't find the app that she deleted minutes before, all while whining as if the world is ending because the!app!is!gone! It took everything in my power not to accidentally spill my hot, fresh, urine on her, while trying to pull up my pants, re-download the app, and shushing her at the same time. I juggle.

And then? It's time to be weighed. For the first time ever they let me pee first. Thank you, I lost a pound. Okay. At least half a pound. But when Eme saw me stand on that scale? SHE WANTED TO STAND ON THE SCALE, TOO! While teetering on the scale I tried to distract her with my phone again, all while probably annoying the nurse because it was hard to get an accurate reading while I'm bent over uploading Elmo videos from YouTube, that the nurse out front had just recommended to me. Your head spinning yet? Mine was. I juggle.

Two coats, purse & hot, fresh pee cup in hand...Emeline trailing behind me, about to run into walls, so distracted from that dang phone. Whatever. I'm done feeling bad about it. I'm coping at this point.  The nurse escorts us to a room that she assures me IS NOT GOING TO BE MY ROOM for the appointment today, that she had to prep a real room for me. It's a good thing because that particular bed looked like some kind of torture device used in the olden days and there was no way in hay'ull I was getting on that thing. But, great. Another move once I get all comfortable & situated with my crazy-cakes toddler on my lap.

We finally ended up at our resting place. A normal room. One with the cool fish tiles on the ceilings so women can feel "distracted" while doctors go up their hoo-ha with uncomfortable tools (OB & GYN is all one place :) ) while discussing the latest recipe they found on Pinterest. Anyone else find that really awkward? No? Anyway. I digress.

The nurse then says those words I was hoping to God I wouldn't hear. The Doctor could be an extra few minutes, sit on the chair and not the bed until she gets here. Code for: You're going to be waiting forever. Cue internal freak-out. Noooooooooooooooooooooo.

She sat on my lap. We played game 1 until she was disinterested. We stared up at the fishies on the ceiling tiles and began to count them. We sang fishy songs from swim class. We did hand motions. She asked for a snack. I did the snack/sippy cup dance. She didn't want what I brought along, of course. We went onto game 2. I tried to download a new game. We watched 3948309 random clips of Dora related stuff on YouTube. Let me just say....people upload weird ish. She got off my lap, she pulled down the doctors measuring tape, she wore it as a 'necklace' and danced around the room. I tried downloading new apps. I got error messages galore because I am out of space on my phone. I deleted other important apps to make room for stuff for her. Because momma's do stuff like that. Now I don't have a pregnancy app to keep me straight so if you ask me how far along I am and I don't know? You know why.

Finally. She arrived. I sat Eme on the chair by herself as I sat up on the table/bed/torture device. The second I laid back and pulled my stretchy band down so she could get the doppler out?


I didn't expect this at all from her. I had no idea the poor kid would think the doctor was hurting me by putting that thing on my belly. But, sure enough, big-huge-crocodile-tears and a sheer look of panic overtook my little girl as the doctor said "Oh honey, I'm not hurting your mommy!"

Once that special little swooshing sound of her little baby sibling came up loud and clear on the doppler? She put her little hands over her mouth & did her little gasp/giggle combo with tears still running down her face. As if she knew she was listening to something really cool and special.

I will remember that little sweet moment forever. I hope.

Despite what felt like complete and utter chaos of that appointment. Despite the juggling act of sippie cup/snack/game/sing-your-abc's/let's dance!/don't cry/shhhhh!/and all the redirection in between. It was really special.

I'm glad for that little moment. And so glad for naptime that followed.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Tuesday, so....confess.

Every season when the Bachelor or Bachelorette ends, I am disappointed beyond belief in the persons choice or the fact that they don't all just STAY IN LOVE. With the exception of a FEW couples. Then, I huff and puff and whine about how I will never, ever, ever watch one of those stupid, awful shows again. But every season it lures me back in, and I am ashamed. So ashamed. Why do I do this to myself? I have no idea.

95% of the time I don't even think about dinner or what to make for dinner until about 4pm that day. I swear, I am physically incapable of meal planning. I practically twitch in the grocery store, I hate grocery shopping that much. I cannot stick to lists. I hate making lists. Basically, I am not good at such things. I totally fail in this department. Always.

I am so not a morning person. I am very slow and the morning, for a while, anyway. I have been bringing up to our room a cup of milk (for her) & a cup of coffee (for moi) at the first sign of Emeline waking up these days. It started while I was super sick pregnant and the tradition has continued. We lay in bed sipping our preferred drink of choice watching cartoons. Lazy say what? I like it.

I use apps/games on my iPhone to pacify my toddler while she's fa-reaking out in a store, or on the edge of naptime and bordering on falling asleep in the car, or if I've heard her scream for the "b-b-baaarnnnn" app too many times and I just want her to stop. It is really quite ridiculous that she can navigate a phone so well, cruising between apps and really playing them. (Pssst: have you signed up for AppSmitten yet? You need to!)

I purposely wear the lightest clothes I can when I go to OB appointments. Why? Because they put you on a scale fully clothed and with a full bladder, so of course, I don't want to add any unnecessary poundage. It's stupid, really.

I also always, accidentally, forget to 'hold my pee' so I can do the whole pee in a cup thing and tell them every time how sorry I am that I forgot again. They always tell me to just try to squeeze out a little (it's okay, you can laugh), and somehow I can always manage that, no matter how empty my bladder feels, oddly enough.

Sneezing while pregnant. NOT COOL. That is all.

I hate finances and dealing with them. Thankfully, my husband is obsessed with financial stuff, budgeting, online banking, and all that money related ish that makes me quiver inside. Handing over that area of our life to my him fully was the best decision I ever made. Of course I have access to everything, and check up from time to time, but I'd really rather not. I've never been that great with numbers, and he's the finance director for our Church, so really? It's much more his thing than mine anyway.

I let my dog go out of date with shots and I feel awful when this happens. Every.time. The only way I knew he was out of date on shots? I called the groomer because the poor guy can't see anymore with all that hair in his eyes, and they told me we needed an updated rabies vaccine. He was due for one in....NOVEMBER. Fail. Fail. Fail. So I had to hang up with them and call the vet, to which I was informed he was due for a lot more than that. Poor pup. We will remedy all this on Thursday afternoon, and the groomer will have to wait 'til next week.

I am suddenly back on a bit of a candy kick again this week. Starbursts, mentos fruit chews, gummy, sour chewy candy, oh my. It needs to stop.

Also. My thighs are growing. I can tell. It's gross. I blame the candy.


What are you confessing today?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dressing the Bump, Part Two.

There are fashion bloggers out there. I am not one of them. I never, ever, ever, ever once have stated that I really even know anything about clothing, at all. But I feel semi-passionate about one thing specifically related to clothing and that is this:

I do not need to look like an oompa loompah just because I'm pregnant.

You also would be surprised how little "maternity" clothes you actually need when it comes down to it. I've talked about this before with my last pregnancy, too.

My beef with maternity clothes is two-fold.

1. It is often very overpriced. Not always, but often.

2. Anything affordable? Is very rarely all that cute.

Granted, I know these two factors can be argued. You could mention Old Navy's maternity section, and say there are some great pieces....there are. Or some of Motherhood's stuff is, some of it. Or that H&M now has a maternity section...they do. But it's tiny. You blink and you miss it.

I find that for me? I can get away with shopping regular 'ole clothing sections for most of my pregnancy. I bet you could, too. And I love this. For so many reasons!

1. You can still wear most of the cutest, latest, up-to-date clothing as everyone else. Every one of your tops does not have to be rouched up the sides, or have that stamp of "maternity" on it.

2. You can find stuff that works cha-eap if you are like me and love a good deal.

3. You can use SO MUCH of your regular clothing you already have in your closet and it'll save you boatloads.


-I wear maternity PANTS. I love maternity jeans when pregnant. I despise the bella band thing. I hate that you can very obviously see buttons undone underneath (if you're wearing a tighter shirt), and I find it uncomfortable. Some people love it. That's amazing. I do not.

So, yes, I buy maternity pants. Currently I own 2 pair of maternity denim skinnies, 1 pair of maternity black skinnies, 1 pair of colored (red) denim, &  2 pair of boot cut denim. Oh yea, and one very important pair of maternity black leggings.

They are enough to really pull me through, at least through this season and springtime.

-Near the end I wear some maternity tank tops if mine are appearing more 'short' :)





1. I swear by long, ribbed tank tops. Target makes great ones. They are so long and so stretchy and they should be able to last you a long time through your pregnancy. Once you start feeling like your tanks aren't fitting as good anymore? Buy a few maternity tanks from Old Navy or something. They lasted me forever with my last pregnancy and some of them turn into nursing tanks too. You'd be surprised by how many other tank tops sold out there nowadays are wayyyy long enough and wayyyyy stretchy enough to last a really long time through baby bump growing days.

Long non-maternity tank. Cardigan. Belt. Simple :)
2. Take advantage of your CARDIGANS. Open sweaters are so in. THANK YOU! Put on a tank top, throw a cute cardi over top, maybe throw in a belt to cinch, and bam. Adorable.

3. You can wear those really baggy, silky, in-style shirts that are out right now. Don't want to look HUGE while wearing it? Great. Accentuate your belly with a belt and go a size up to ensure it lasts :)

not sure how I feel about get the idea.

4. The coat/cardi doesn't/can't button over the bump anymore? WHO CARES. Still wear it. No one ever said your cute cropped leather jacket had to ZIP. At least not while you're growing a human.

Sequins? WHY THE HECK NOT :)
5. If you aren't afraid of tight tops/dresses, then SHOW IT OFF. The baby bump is freaking adorable. I love seeing a momma rocking a slimming top or dress that really shows off that cute tummy. Honestly? I prefer my tops to "hug the bump".

With big thighs & a butt like mine, the tighter dress thing doesn't do a body good. But you get the idea here, anyway. Oh, and once all those cute little maxi dresses are out? Golden.

6. You know all those cropped tops that are out now, too? You can wear those! They look amazingly cute over a simple tank top and bonus: since they are cropped you have ZERO need to worry about it having to grow with you.

This below was a semi-cropped cardigan, not maternity at all (Vera Wang, actually!), but honestly? Looks like the perfect bump-hole to me :) Was so in love with this sweater that I took it home.

7. Lastly. Short dresses. Wear them as dresses if you want to, and can--for as long as you can. But once it starts getting too short/tight on the rear, rock that cute dress as a top. Or wear it over leggings. Just hike it up a little under the ladies and add a belt (if you need/want to). 

How much do you love dress #2/3 in these pics? Because I am obsessed with it's simple cuteness.


So there you have it. Some of my (not-really) tricks to getting away with as much non-maternity stuff as I possibly can. Or just my attempt at saving money because I can be super cheap. And how I try to avoid looking like an oompa loompah. (Just don't knock on my door from 8-10am in the mornings. No promises there.)


*Yes. There is definitely some really cute maternity clothing out there. I didn't say it was all ugly. 

**I own a few maternity tops. Yes, even some with rouching up the sides. A few of my favorite maternity tops are the waffle-knit ones from Target. 

***All of the clothing above is from a random trip to Kohls. I did not come home with all of it, in fact, only the one sweater came home with me. But I did want about 75% of it. Some is from misses, some from juniors.

****I should have probably done this with pics using clothes from my own closet and using my good camera. Hindsight is 20/20. Oh well. I do like a lot of my own clothes, too. If you cared. :)

*****I realize my tummy isn't huge and you may be all like "oh pfft...wait till you're 8 months pregnant". I can tell you that many of these same tricks worked for me last time all the way up until the end. AND? I was 50lbs heavier.

******I was not endorsed to write this post nor did Kohls pay me to show off their clothing to all of you. Although I kind of wish they did because then maybe I could have bought some of those cute things. 

********I think that is enough disclaimers for one day.

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hello Baby Deux: 16 weeks

I look like I'm pushing out/arching my back in this photo, and I guess I kind of am. Accidentally, of course. I feel like I don't look that big in person, but who knows. Anyway--clearly even ONCE A MONTH I couldn't keep up with having my husband take a picture for me to avoid the big camera-in-my-face look. Oh well. We do what we can.

The Babe
According to the pregnancy app that keeps me on track (ha), I will be 16 weeks tomorrow. And baby? Baby is the size of an avocado apparently. Wow. That seems so...big to me. I can't believe we're already at that point already. We'll check on that sweet heartbeat again on Tuesday. Apparently, though--s/he has ears and can hear now. So, lucky little baby has lots of time to get used to the shrills and shrieks of their big sister, yea?

Also, call me crazy but I swore I felt the baby move this week. I can't really confirm that though, but eventually I'll be feeling him or her more consistently.

The Momma
I feel better. I FEEL BETTER!!!! Not 100%, but so.much.better. I have figured out that my 'trick' to not getting sick in the morning is getting a few sips of coffee in me prior to being up and at 'em too much. So yes, I drink coffee in bed most mornings. It's a rough life. I also don't feel nauseous 24/7. More like...4/7. Four hours a day is WAY less than 24. I still need my anti-nausea pills maybe 1x a day, it takes the edge off.

As far as foods go? I'm still picky, yes. I can't help that. I also don't have any overwhelming cravings right now. I am OVER the whole Icee thing. One bad experience is all I needed to call that craving quits, apparently.

The Bod
I'm still lingering around the -3lbs mark or so. Pretty normal for me. Just a matter of time before the weight just packs right on. Lovely. I'm disappointed a bit in myself that I've not gotten on the treadmill since, forever ago. The need for naps came back in my life with a vengeance, and so that sort of ruled out running. Pathetic, but true. Momma's sleepy. And growing a human, working from home & taking care of a toddler (among a billion other things) has proven to be a butt-whoopin'. 

Oh, and comparison to last pregnancy. First of all, let me just say how annoyed I am that I did bare-belly shots last time. I don't know why I did that. Especially with being so much heavier. And this time? No thank-you. So, I found a clothed 17 week pic from last time to compare it to. Granted, an entire week difference, but-you get the idea generally.

Bottom line: I was so much bigger last time.
See? It SO pays to lose the weight (plus some). So glad I did. Will never, ever regret that.
 also, notice how my belly looks smaller in this pic than the one above? I think the hand on the hip makes me look bigger, ha ;)
The Big Sis 
Still adorable as ever. She talks about the baby less than she did before. And sometimes? When we ask her where the baby is, instead of pointing to my belly, she points to my boobs. So that's fun. Luckily she doesn't pull up my shirt to 'see' the baby or do anything like that. You know, 'cuz I hear that can happen at awkward times. ;)

We ask her often if she thinks she's having a brother or a sister and she just repeats whatever the last thing we say is. So basically, you can get her to say whichever one you want just by changing the order in which you ask. Sneaky.


Keep on growing strong & healthy baby. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm so darn appy.

Yep. Appy. I'm freaking happy, y'all. Giddy with excitement actually. I'm going to be working with the wonderful folks over at AppSmitten, and me, little 'ole Katie gets to be one of their monthly contributors! This has been in the works for a while, so I'm super pumped to be finally able to announce it to everyone.

I will be specifically taking on the job of finding some of the best Family-related apps out there (for your iPhone/iPad or droid). Which means I'll be on the search for really fun toddler games, educational apps, great-family related stuff. Awesome, yea?

I would LOVE for you to sign-up with appSmitten, this way you can keep up with my contributor page to see my monthly advice on new apps, and also get new, exciting apps delivered to your inbox daily or weekly (you choose the frequency).

So, wanna see my cute little contributor page and which awesome toddler app I think that you NEED to download, like, NAOW? Then go check 'er out.

You all know me well enough to know I'd never endorse anything or company that I didn't absolutely love. And I think this whole appSmitten thing is GENIUS. So proud to be a part of it :)


Thanks for supporting me on this new little venture, my friends.

The little button on my sidebar that looks like the one above is another way to quickly get to my contributor page and check out the newest apps I suggest. 

Thanks again for signing up & joining along for the ride. xoxo

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sassy lips, oh my.

I woke up this morning and scrolled through my instagram feed on my phone. Instantly I was seeing post after post of flowers, chocolates, love notes, oh my! It must be Valentines day. Everyone can see now that your husband loves you. Roses! You have a fabulous boyfriend. YAY! You got the chocolate covered strawberries your heart desires. Swoon. Your pancakes are cut in the shape of a heart. Adorable! Not to mention those freaking downright ridiculously cute homemade valentines you made your 1 year old. Creativity overload.

I was most excited for today because I had plans to attend a Mary Kay Brunch party at my sisters house. With a bunch of sweet women I love and adore. I wanted the chance to dress up in my red hot maternity skinnies (not sure how 'skinny' they are these days), and drop my kid off at my parents for the morning. No time for heart shaped pancakes here. Momma's morning out!

In fact? My toddler threw a tantrum because I (god-forbid) sliced her banana instead of giving it to her whole this morning. The horror.

A Valentines outfit for her? Nope. I didn't have one planned. The one cute Valentines-ish outfit she got for Christmas from my sister in law was dirty because she wore it only 3 days ago. Planning is not my strong suit. But we made something else work.  And she got out the door with hearts on her shirt. I call that a win.

We managed to even stop for two valentines day balloons on the way. Besides, couldn't walk in empty-handed to my parents, drop my kid off & be all HAPPY DAY OF LOVE, PEACE OUT! without at least sending a balloon. And my kid, of course.

Finally, to the Mary Kay facial party I went. I am a ginormous MK fan, you guys. Like, love. Love love love. Yes, it's a wonder I don't sell the stuff. In fact, I'm sure my friend & amazing consultant wonders the same thing. But honestly? I'd just rather give her my business. She did a RED LIP LOOK on me! A RED HOT LIP!

I swore I could not pull this off, and maybe I still can't--BUT! RED LIPS! HOT RED LIPS! ow ow!

me & my sissy, red-lippin' it yo.
Sassy? Oh boy. You know it. That's how I felt. It was so much fun. And enough to finally get me in the V-day mood. I left there with red hot lips, a bag full of goodies from Aunt Susie to Emeline, and my red pants on. I mean, HELLO. I was a walking valentines day billboard. I should have been glowing with hot-pink lights, too.

I pulled into my parents to pick up The Girl, and she could NOT stop staring at my lips. She kept telling me how pretty it was and she wanted me to kiss her lips transferring some of the lipstick onto her. Don't die of the cuteness, because I already did. I'm writing this from the grave.

You know what else? We left my parents with the same dang balloon we came with. Because? My kid bawled her eyes out when we tried to leave the "boon! boon!!!!" with my mom.  Talk about a gift-giving fail. I'll have to teach her all about that thing we call being an indian-giver. (Sidenote: why DO we call it that?)

I walked into my house and on my kitchen counter sat two of the prettiest flower bouquets I ever did see. One with a card for me, and one with a card for Emeline. My heart stopped a little and I let out a sweet sigh. My man. He pulled through. What a good daddy & husband he is.

And you know what? I instagrammed that shizz instantly. LOOK HOW LUCKY WE ARE!!!!!!!! HE LOVES US! HE REALLY LOVES US! And then? I let my toddler tear into the gifts from her Aunt. And now? I look around my house, can smell my roses, and it looks like Valentines Day exploded all over the 2nd floor--but? Totally happy about it.

Yes. I think I do like this "holiday" quite much. Even though I postponed Valentines Day until next week in this household. Don't ask.


Happy day of lurrrve. I'm feelin' it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Loves of Life

In all job interviews or on applications, when asked about my strengths as a person I've always said that I'm very self aware. That I'm capable of seeing where I messed up and where I need to change. I still find that to be generally true about myself.

I can look back on a situation and see where I've done wrong. I know in my gut when something doesn't feel right, or jive with what I believe or stand for. Does it mean I always make the right choices? Heck no. I fail. All the time. The important part is that eventually? I learn from it. I see my error and can adjust accordingly. Well, that's the goal anyway.

I've recently been very complain'y here. I don't like that. Granted, I like being honest, and sharing my feelings, but I don't want to complain. The truth is, this place has always been one where I want to remember the good things. Heck, even the title of my blog shows where my true intent lies. This is a place I can and have (and do) documented all those little things that make up this fun, crazy, whirlwind of a life. Things that I love. People that I love.

And I just need to clarify that this is still my intent. I feel like I lose a little bit of myself every winter. I hate that. I don't know if I get tidbits of seasonal depression or something, but I know that winter just kills my creative mood. I look back on posts from spring/summer to winter and they are vastly different. They are filled with photos of fun!creative!things! The outdoors! The playground! Laying in the grass! Birds! Swings! The pool! Sunshine! Smiles!

I miss that. A lot. And I need to figure out a way to carry that joy all throughout even the dreaded winter months we get here in Pennsylvania.

Even in the small things. Like her post-nap-need-for-Dora, milk, snacks, and of course, puppy cuddles.

Because what's not to love about electric pink hoodies and jeggings?

We'll get there. I'll get there.

The Monday Real

I'm linking up with two of my girls today, Jess & Britt (who is moving, so she's a bit MIA understandably) to get real. This linkup is, obviously, about keeping it real. So here it goes. Graphic, grossness head. Not really, but maybe. You never know.

I got the stomach virus again yesterday. I got it when I was about 10 weeks pregnant and again at 15 weeks. It is awful. AWFUL. When I wrote my post yesterday mid-day I wasn't quite sure it was a virus or just pregnancy sick, or maybe even food poisoning-but I've never gotten sick that many times in one day. Nothing could stay down. Nothing. So I'm going to go ahead and self-diagnose that this was indeed the stomach flu, or something like it.

The only upside to all this sickness is that it helps keep my pregnancy weight down. Kidding. Okay, not really. Only a little. But I'd really rather be healthy than be dealing with this, again. And I am kidding, I don't condone puking for weight loss. Really.

So today I feel like garbage. You know the day after the puke-fest and your abs hurt like heck, your house looks like a bomb exploded, and you're still in that "am I sick or not" phase? You're worried about anyone catching the bug, so you want to remain in solitary confinement to make sure no one catches that mysterious little germ that floats in the air (or something), because dealing with 24 hours of puking is hell. So at home we stay.

But I feel so guilty. I have one work meeting a week that I attend on Monday mornings. I didn't think it was appropriate for me to go in this morning for a few reasons. 1) I'm not really sure if I still am sick or not. Did I mention I've not left my bed yet this morning? Thank God for laptops and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. and 2) I don't want my germs spreading. and 3) I just don't find it fair to ask someone to come babysit Eme in my potentially germ-ridden house. That's not fair to anyone.

I hate missing that meeting but I feel like I always get sick on freaking Sunday nights into Monday's. Or so does Emeline. I'm sure that's God's little way of helping me out, so you know, my husband can be home on Sunday to take care of Emeline so I can get better or vice versa. But still. Makes me feel awful in regards to my job.

So that's where I'm at. Feeling kind of crappy that I can't please everyone, that I can't do anything fully 100% when stupid things like the stomach bug come in and swoop away all predictability in life.

That's me keeping it real on this Monday morning. Intense huh?

So, right now my prayer is that Emeline does not catch this virus. She's had it once and I really don't want her having to deal with that again. She's already dealing with a cold, and molars, and was up a few times last night. Momma can't deal with more puking than her own right now.


Go link up for The Monday Real, if you feel like being honest about how you're feeling this morning. Or the state of chaos of your house. Or emotions. Or whatever. It feels kinda good.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Sunday's feel like a really good day to confess stuff. So that's where my brain is going with this. Follow along...or...hmm...don't. That may be a bad idea.

I let my cravings get the best of me last night (stop rolling your eyes). I wanted Subway, we ate Subway. I wanted a Sonic Grape Slush, I got a grape slush. I came home, and promptly got sick. Like, you-don't-wanna-hear-details-sick. Trust me. It was awful. I feel like I lose all sense of sanity when pregnant in regards to food choices when growing a human. Granted, I don't eat 'much' as far as quantity, but bad choices? Yea. It sucks and kinda makes me feel all out of control. I no likey.

I'm not convinced that last night still wasn't affecting me this morning. As there were three-more-episodes bright and early this morning. A sobbing-hysterical-me (I am not happy when sick, mmk?), a toddler throwing honey nut chex all over our bedroom floor, and a husband trying to shower/get ready for Church. It was quite a scene around here. I tried to shower, but had to get out I felt so queasy & nauseous. I never ended up leaving my bed this morning. In fact, I might still be wearing the robe I threw on & donning the most ridiculous head of never-did-yo'-hair you ever did see.

I'm bummed and guilt ridden. My friend Jess & I have been trying to meet face to face (I already 'know' her well, if you ask me;) ) for a few months now. The last time we tried to get together, her whole family got the stomach virus. Today, we were were supposed to meet, and I was sick as a dog, not sure if I had the stomach virus. So we postponed again. I hate postponing plans multiple times because I'm always afraid it sends the wrong message of, I'm just making excuses. Which I'm so not. But you know. That's how it feels and I hate to be that person.

Part of my sadness may be due to the fact that I had the best outfit picked out to wear and was so excited about it. A bit shallow? Perhaps. But it feels good to, uh, feel good when pregnant. And bright red denim may have just done the trick.

I'm kind of hoping that my husband has thought about Valentines day plans for us and praying that I don't have to bug him about it. I mean, that takes away the fun in it, and typically he's really good with these things. But yea, I admit that I'm a little worried he may forget just how close Valentines Day is. TWO DAYS AWAY. If you didn't know.

I secretly like (and envy) that children outgrow their clothes basically every season. I mean, they get to wear the cutest new fashions because they have a LEGIT excuse that their clothes don't fit from last spring. You know? And also? As a mom, I do love the excuse that well, I have to buy her more stuff because nothing fits. It is so fun to shop for her. The other night I did a late night Old Navy trip by myself and seriously, had zero desire to even look for myself, because it was all about her. And I love that I can still pick out all her clothes and she could care less about what I buy. Also? Old Navy's stuff? Freaking cute. The colors. The florals. The colored denim skinnies. I need Spring to hurry up and get here so my kid can prance around in these adorable clothes, mmk?

I am secretly glad that no one came to see my house this weekend. Granted, it snowed, which doesn't make for good house-shopping weather. But, being sick and laying in bed like a lazy blob and then getting that panic phonecall that someone will be there in 2 hours wouldn't exactly make me happy at this moment.

I still haven't updated on Emeline. Taken my camera out. Or taken any decent pictures of her this month at all. Aw heck, now that I'm thinking about it, I forgot to have my husband take 15 week bump pictures too. Seriously, I am just an all around suck lately. My children's lives are already poorly documented. I fail.

Anything to confess?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Bullet Points

-I think my ICEE-loving phase is over. No promises. But typically, once something makes me...uh, sick, I am It then becomes a mental thing. This is probably all a good thing because all that sugar was probably no good for me. No, I KNOW it was no good. Onto the next thing....whatever that may be.

-Today I am having a particularly blah day in regards to my body. Which I know means one thing. I NEED to get back on the treadmill. It is awful how hard I find it to work out when I'd rather be napping. The urge I used to have to run just isn't there. I really would rather get outside but it's back to be frigid again. Hoping Spring is on the horizon.

-I wish that people would come walk through my house and see it. I know weekends typically are busier than weekdays. But, it's still winter and not exactly everyone's favorite time to 'house shop'. I get that. But come onnnnn people. On the upside, that realtor who came? She left some really nice feedback about my house and labeled it was "excellent" for how it showed. So that was nice.

-GroopDealz has $39 for $80 worth of canvas prints going today! So that's um, over 50% off. Great deal. Just click the pic link below to check it out.

-Every day I keep waking up thinking it's Valentines Day and that I missed it. I know, I'm so weird. It's just that Valentines Day marks our 10th year of being "us". So it's kind of a fun and important date I like to remember. We were punk little teenagers and I swear I knew I would marry that boy man the second I told him I'd be his girlfriend. Some things you just know

-I need to do a full update on Emeline. She is freaking hysterical. In fact, I just remembered she is 21 months TODAY. Holy cow. Mom fail. I guess I'll be writing something up for her later. In 3 months I'll have a 2 year old? Say it ain't so.

-Everything Deli Style Pretzel Crisps and Hummus? GET THEM. Yum.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big 'Ole House News

Yea, so-big news, eh? Last week we put our house on the market. And maybe, just maybe this is one of the reasons I've been stressing out like whoa. But all is well now.

I'm kind of just resting in some kind of peace that whatever will happen will happen. If my house is supposed to sell, it will sell. If it isn't the time? We will wait.

You all should know how I feel about this subject by now. When and if we move, we aren't trying to move to something much bigger, or grander, or anything like that. It's kind of more about location and where we feel God leading our family.

One of the first questions everyone asks me when they find out our house is on the market? Oh you bought a new house? Where are you moving? Um, no. Unfortunately it's not that easy when you own one. Well, I guess I'm just not rich enough to afford two mortgages (ha. ha. ha.), but we will get serious about house hunting when things seem more serious on our end. It's this weird balance of not putting the cart before the horse, but also not being clueless about what potentials are out there. Basically? I need to not fall in love with something, because nothing, I repeat, nothing is sure until the fat lady sings. AKA: Someone signs on the dotted line.

So this house stuff is FUN! BUSINESS! (and we're barely even started). Not.

Yesterday I had my first call for a showing. It was in exactly 1 hour and 45 minutes from the time they called and I kind of had a mini panic attack. I mean, of course you want your house to look awesome so someone will wanna buy it. We've already de-cluttered, and made it pretty show-ready. So basically it just requires the whole run-from-room-to-room and clean-ish-up thing. Except that is SO MUCH HARDER when a little toddler is running around and undo'ing everything you're trying to do.

Then, I come to find it out it was just a realtor who went in on an agent preview. Fine. Maybe they will go back and find some amazing client of theirs who will love my house. But maybe not. It would have been nice to know that some potential buyers were actually walking through my house, but nooooo. I guess, if anything? I can say thank you. Thank you for the practice it gave me to do the 1.5 hour quick-clean-dance and prove to me that my pregnant butt can move faster than I EVER IMAGINED. Oh and for exhausting me for the rest of the day.

Anyway. Wanna move to Pennsylvania and buy my house? It's purdy.

We don't have any clue what will happen, obviously. But how do you know if you don't try?


Happy Thursday!

ps: I know a lot of local people read here...if for any reason anyone IS serious about taking a look at our house, then by all means, get in touch with me. thanks ;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Make way, please. These folks are on a date-night.

Sometimes I have high expectations. Really high ones. Over silly things.

I find that whenever my expectations are set really high, even when I don't 'try' to do it with my brain, it still happens, and often. It can be little things. Big things. But the high expectations wreck me sometimes.

It could be something as little as dreaming up some amazing, elaborate date with my husband, you know, the once every month or two we get to go out alone. Imagining all the little details that will play out and thinking it'll be oh!so!perfect! because all the stars should just magically align on the nights we get to go out alone with our spouses. Right? RIGHT?

The other night we got a very unplanned date night. Emeline had been talking about my parents all day. "I want Mom-Mom!" she'll say. Or she'll go on and on about "Pop Pop". She talks about both sets of grandparents, actually. But this particular day it was mine. So I kind of called them up on a whim and was all haha, Emeline misses you guys, wanna hang out with her? And without even flinching my Dad was all, um yes! bring her the heck over. And before you even knew it, Declan and I were getting the chance at having a nice, peaceful dinner out alone.

But again, me with the expectations. I thought we were out early enough to get into a restaurant I'd been craving. You know how those nasty beast cravings are. We got there. The smell of the food literally was absolutely divine. I was dreaming of their mango iced tea. Salivating, probably. We walked up to the counter to put our name in and then she said it..."It'll be 55 minutes at least".

I wanted to bust out crying right then and there. I wanted to go into hysterical gasping sobs of But!I'm!Pregnant! and I wanted (and was tempted to) start tapping on the shoulders of other people waiting, being all Look, do you know how few and far between date nights are? Would you exchange your buzzer with us, since, you know, you were clearly here MUCH earlier than us?

We sat down and began to wait. But Declan was realistic and was all But babe, you're hungry now. You can't wait this long. And he was right. My stomach was already at the gurgly-almost-nauseous point. I knew I couldn't wait either. So I turned in my buzzer to the hostess and held back tears as I walked back to the car.

It wasn't just about the food. I just had this grand expectation of this beautiful dim-lit setting to have dinner, just the two of us, quiet and sipping our drinks, saying anything or nothing at all--because it was just us. Yes, I wanted to eat their food. Yes, I was dreaming about their appetizers, and their tea. But again. The expectations.

When I got in the car, my husband asked if I was mad at him. I laughed a little and was all of course not, because I wasn't, at all. But I just started spewing to him about how once you become a parent, that time alone, going out, becomes so special, you JUST WANT IT TO BE PERFECT, dang-it. And that it seems like the whole world should just stop to accommodate you. We should get all the best treatment. All the best servers. The best chef. And a quick-seated entry into the doorway, "Excuse me everyone, this couple is on a D.A.T.E., as in, without child. Please make way."

Of course I'm kidding to some degree. But at the time, I was feeling slighted. Majorly.

Again. With the friggin' expectations.

The fact is that we ended up somewhere else. It was totally fine. No, it wasn't exactly what I wanted in that moment (food-wise). But it was good. And I was with my husband, alone, talking, and not wrangling a toddler who now absolutely HATES restaurants with every ounce of her being. It was peaceful. It was nice. It was needed.

Heck, we even went and got frozen yogurt afterwards, and really? Who can complain about that?

I need to keep my expectations in check sometimes. About little things like date-nights, or about big...much bigger things.

I am a work in progress.

Monday, February 6, 2012

This too shall pass. This craving, that is.

I have a problem.

The first step is admitting it.

This past week? I have been obsessed with ICEE's.

Preferably a half cherry/half coke flavored. I figure it makes it like a....frozen cherry coke, right? Right.

But you guys. It's getting...bad. Now, I know not to take my cravings too seriously. I mean, in the moment THEY ARE SERIOUS BUSINESS. I'll cut-a-ho to get what I need (kidding). But really. They are serious. I mean, I need that icee or I may die type-of-thing. But eventually? After a few days or weeks, my cravings all wear off, and then it's onto the next thing.

I mean, at first? All I wanted was sour patch kids and any gummy/chewy candy I could get my hands on. Then? The thought of those sour sweet tart shockers was all my mind could possibly think about for days on end until my friend Gina mailed me some. Then I moved onto all.things.fresh.fruit related. I bought 6 cartons of strawberries in a 2 week period. And approximately 4 cans of whipped cream to put on top. Let's not even talk about the number of pineapples I bought. Or the fresh veggie slathered in dip phase. Or the eat-a-whole-pack-of-fruit-mentos-in-one-sitting-phase (which I'm currently in). Or the white cheddar popcorn phase (Still in this, too. Pair it with an icee. You'll thank me.)

You see, I'm a craver. I know that not all pregnant women are big cravers, but I most definitely am. When it hits me it hits me and each craving sticks around for about a two week period of time.

So this is why I know I have hope. I won't (hopefully) need 2 icee's a day for the rest of this pregnancy. And if I do? You can rest assured that I'll be sporting an alternate title, aka: BLIMP. And in all seriousness, I did have two ICEE's yesterday. I feel like I need to tell on myself to the world and get a slap on the wrist because that kind of indulgence is unacceptable. But, HA-HA--I am a shameless pregnant woman. So I bear it all.

Anyway. I'm off to pick up my daughter and get another icee from my parents house.

So tell me, pregnant or not--what are YOUR current cravings? Maybe you'll give me some ideas which will help me move on from this sugar-ridden-icee-fest. Until then. Gonna sip on some cherry-coke'y goodness. Don't judge.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

This is the stuff...

This week has been craziness. Insane-nutso-craziness. The kind of crazy that makes your head spin and leaves you dreaming of all the things you need to do, and then has you wake up with a hangover which is not alcohol-induced. So rude.

We're good, though. Things are good. We're just in a season of change and waiting. Seeing what God has for our family and being willing to obey. Lots of unknown. But hey, that's what this whole faith thing is about isn't it? That whole, take a leap and trust someone's there to catch you? That.

Oh, and sometimes I'm so busy I forget I'm pregnant. I hate that though, and feel guilty about it. With Emeline I was one thousand and ten percent consumed with all-things-baby.  But I have this little toddler girl who has now entered this phase of not-listening and mini-tantrum-throwing that requires a lot of...umm...effort? attention? focus? Oh, yea, parenting. I already am feeling that whole holy crap I have to split my attention thing and my 2nd baby isn't here yet. Thank God that my uterus is doing a good job taking care of the baby in my tum right now.

I somehow hit the 2nd trimester today (hey 14 weeks!). I mean, wow. I can be all time flies with the second pregnancy but the truth is it felt long getting here. Now that I'm here, I am all oh, wow, 2nd trimester already? But being so sick early on makes the days drag by slow if you ask me.

Good news is that I'm feeling decently better. A significant amount. I'm grateful for that. Still a little nauseous and some puking but a whole ton better. I'll take any improvements.

Oh, and thank you phone. For without you I would not document this pregnancy, apparently. I do want to take an official pic, but here I am at 14 weeks. I think there's a little poppage that's occurred if you ask me.

Compared to last time? Well, I'm more baby-bump'ish and less that weird phase of I-just-look-thick (oh and almost 50 pounds heavier). But yea. So here's that.

So that's...that. Lots of stuff going on. Thoughts, prayers, for guidance and direction are always appreciated and well received.

Happy weekends all around, yea?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunshine for the Soul

Yesterday we had this amazing 60 degree, warm, sunny day in January. IN JANUARY! It was awesome. And so not normal. And honestly? It probably wasn't until lunchtime when I realized just how nice it actually was out.

As Emeline was napping I started cleaning up the house--opening windows, letting fresh air in, cleaning up the deck a little bit, and opening all the blinds. I kind of got that little bounce in my step back. The dullness of winter gives me the funk, man. I felt like the sunshine and nice weather kind of breathed life back into my bones. Dramatic? Maybe. But a little vitamin d was much needed.

After a few hours I decided to wake Emeline up and take her to the park. I know, I broke The Rule and woke her because I just knew she would LOVE to run around at the park. And giirrrrrrrl was excited. About as excited as her momma.
Let's note: That is my bag on my hip, NOT my big butt. My butt is big but not that big ;)                                                   I *love* when she holds my hand.

She decided she wanted to graduate to the big girl swing. Sigh.


We had a really great day. It was much needed.

A little sunshine for the soul, indeed.