Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ch-ch-ch changes.

It's kind of a big day around here. I've remained mum on this subject for the last month, but I think it's finally time. Time to talk about the big changes that are happening for my husband, for my family.

Job changes are a big deal. A big, hairy deal. And that's exactly what's happening around here. Today is my husbands last day of work, at the only place he's ever been employed (besides being a server at LoneStar, which doesn't count, we try to forget that phase often, as I was also a server at a restaurant next door to his, and boo to waiting tables).  A place that he's worked since he was 15 years old, after school for a few hours a day at first. Then, summers full time. Then, working part time around his college schedule. And after college, offered a full time position.

Ten/eleven years later--here we are.

The thing is, this job has been great. It has provided my husband with so many tools. So much experience. He worked his tush off harder than anyone I know. He poured his blood, sweat and tears into this place, into managing what was a failing department and making it something better, today.

In their busy season (Fall into Christmastime), he seemed to work virtually around the clock. Weekends, Sundays, even, after having worked already all week long, many more hours than he should have. Because he felt that ownership, he believed in what he was doing, and most of all--it kind of fell on his shoulders and he felt the heat more than anyone else as the manager. To say that season in our lives was stressful? Understatement of the year.

But still. Despite all that--we're both grateful for that job. For that experience. That it was just next door to our house. That Emeline & I could visit on a whim. Or bring him lunch. Or he could come home for lunch. And that he grew as a person and employee-making him into the catch he is today. As cheesy as that sounds.

This past month he got offered a job that I have no hesitations in saying, he will love. Why? Well, it's actually in the field he studied in school, and enjoys in his personal life. Computer stuff. Design. Back-end website stuff, coding, etc. (Words I just don't know how to use properly, so I'll just not, so I don't embarrass myself). His new job title is a Multimedia Developer. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? :)

He no longer will be managing a slew of people. It's a different type of job, totally--and we're both ecstatic for the change. The change of pace around the holidays, the change of scenery, the change in responsibilities, the change in general.

Change is good. And this came at the perfect time.

I couldn't be prouder of him. I know at times he felt like he'd be doing something he wasn't truly passionate about forever--but I know sometimes when we're in it, it's hard to see out far enough to know that God ultimately has a bigger plan in mind. And He did for us. For Declan. And I'm really, really excited for him. And proud, mainly :)

They'll be some adjusting for me, too. His hours are slightly altered here. It's a further drive (well, anything is further than NEXT DOOR. ha.) There will be no surprise! daddy is home! lunchbreaks. But overall, it'll be good.

I'm excited to see life sparked back into my husband--because he'll be thriving in an environment he was meant to be in. And ultimately? That makes for a happy wife, too.

So cheers! To Monday. To his new, fresh, career start.

Prayers for a smooth transition are always welcome and appreciated. xo

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Letter to you with ~10 weeks left....

To my littlest baby girl,

I get to meet you in about 10 weeks, give or take a little. And part of me cannot even believe we're that close. And sometimes? I wish it were tomorrow because I just cannot wait to have all those moments with you.

Those moments where I first get to lay eyes on you. The moments where I get to hold, cuddle and nurse you for the first time. The moment where I get to introduce you to your big sister who is waiting excitedly for you. The moment when we become a family of four. 

But yet we still have so much to do. And it's good. You need to continue and grow and get all chubby and cutesy in there. So hold tight.

You need to know we're so excited about you. We talk about you every day. Your daddy & I talk about who you'll look like and if you'll be a spitting image of your sister, or have your own very unique look. Either way, I know you'll be a beautiful girl, both inside and out. We talk about how much love you'll get from your toddler-sister. She's bound to have her moments, but overall? I think she's gonna smother you with love, endless kisses, and lots of hugs. 

You're entering into an insta-family. Something that I feel is different than when your sister came. We know a bit more, although we're continually learning, but that family kind of love--it's there. And we'll be welcoming you with open arms and hearts, little girl.

My hopes and dreams for you are simple. I want you to love God & people with all your heart, the same prayer I prayed and continue to pray over your sister. That you would have compassion and a heart so full of love. That you would love the unlovable. That you would embrace those that need to be embraced. That your presence would light up a room. That your inner light would just shine and shine. 

It's true, we're much more relaxed with your arrival than we were with your sister. I don't have the room ready (in fact it's still occupied by your big sissy), no clothes are washed yet, and the 'to-do' list around the house is endless. But? It doesn't mean we're any less excited. Any less ready to be your parents. We're stoked, little girl. 

So keep on growing strong & we can't wait to kiss your sweet cheeks soon.

Love Always,


(I wrote a letter at this time to Emeline, it is.)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Boom, boom, boom-even brighter than the moon, moon, moon.

Writing about occasions, or's not my thing. But I do it because I forget. I do it because I want to look back and remember all these fun things we do and did together as a family. And in a way, this is like my scrapbook.

We had one of those weekends that is mostly empty, but yet, so full. And no, I don't mean in a cute heart-felt-full way, although, now that I think about it--there WAS a lot of full-heart moments this weekend. I meant that I'm really good at packing up a weekend with odds-n-ends despite having 'no plans'.

You see, nesting has kicked in. Not in all areas (as my dirty toilets and dusty sills can attest), but in certain areas for sure. We spent a lot of time this weekend doing garage clean-outs (seriously, storing baby/kid stuff will be the death of me! no space. grrr.), cleaning out cars, etc. I even (for the first time in way too embarrassingly long to admit) took apart Eme's car seat, cleaned the cover, scrubbed that sucker down and vacuumed it out. And? Ew. That is all.

But we also balanced out the crazy nesting purges organizing with fun. We went yard saling one morning. We had dunkin donuts. We spent time together just our little family at the park, having dinner out on the restaurant patio, and ice cream outings. Declan & I put Eme to bed one night and spent a few hours out on our deck just talking...about everything & anything related to our future, our family, our dreams and goals. I love time together like that.
1. Friday night: Kicking off the holiday weekend with some back patio fun
2. Mac, totally lounging like the lazy pup he is. We love him.
3. My $15 desk & chair find for a work station I plan to make in my kitchen.
4. A little sunnin' action for momma while Emeline napped
5. At the park, she picked flowers & loved on her daddy.
6. Our ice cream date.
7. I made mini-strawberry-shortcake cups for our cookout. 
8. We got a little patriotic for Memorial Day.
9. Cannot deny the cuteness of a baby bikini, no sirree. 

After Friday night, Saturday & Sunday Funday--we still had the big Memorial Day cookout at my parents house. My dads birthday normally falls on or close to this day, so we also celebrate him! (His birthday happens to be today! Happy birthday daddio. smooches.)

My parents house and yard is the best (although it would be way better with a pool, just sayin'). They set up all sorts of water'ish fun for the kids, they have a trampoline, a swingset, ladderball & washers for the adults--lots of beer, soda, and ridiculously good cookout food.

And well--the rest of Memorial Day was history.


Put it in the books. Summer has begun.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Spaces

Sometimes I think living in a 3 story townhome can be hard. All the steps. The limited storage. All the steps. Did I mention the steps? Ah, it keeps me thin(ner) anyway. (I like to pretend).

One of the things about having a townhouse is that we kind of lack on the outdoor space arena. We don't have a big backyard. Yes, it's true, I sometimes (often) wish I did. But that's not the case for us right now. Even though we have an end unit, our side grass is often a community dog-peeing spot. And if you live in a townhome development, you so know what I mean.

Therefore, we don't really play out there. Okay, ever.

You have to maximize your outdoor space in other ways. Adding a deck. Making a patio. Playing in your driveway. Those kinds of things.

We added a big 'ole deck about a year or two ago (totally cannot remember), and it has been great. It's nice to eat out there, although it's burny-hot out there from about 2pm-7:30pm, and even umbrella's don't give you relief with the direction of the sun. Still, though. We love it. We have a water table out there, kids picnic table, adult sitting chairs and tables--it's nice. I should get photos of that sometime. For now, you can see it this way:

For a townhouse, it is a BIG deck. It really is. So we love it. But this year, once we decided to take our house off the market, we knew we needed to do something with the underneath space. It didn't get enough sun to make the grass grow properly. It kind of became a little dumping ground for our pup (truth), and it was kinda gross and buggy back there. AKA: never, ever went back there. Creepy-town.


So, we decided to put in a rock patio beneath the deck. The area was sloped, so it needed to be graded & we hired Declan's brother to do the work with his team of guys (he owns a contracting business). Putting brick pavers or something fancier would have been thousands of dollars more, and honestly? I don't plan on being in this house long enough to enjoy that kind of return. So we went with the fun beachy stone, and slate pieces for some sturdiness in areas. And NOW we have a nice, fun spot where we spend a lot of time lately.

Eme has dollar store toys galore under here. She digs & plays in the stones (she's way past the age of putting stuff like stones in her mouth, for the record), she makes hills, she fills buckets, she dumps buckets--rinse & repeat. She would sit and play in these stones for hours, and sometimes we do. Who knew.

Did you know people are making stone boxes for their kids instead of sandboxes these days? They're cleaner, and also the manufactured sand has warnings for 'cancer causing' stuff on it. Scary. We didn't really plan this to be a giant play box for Eme, but it's kind of fun this way, too.


We installed swings, too. I got a baby swing for $2 at a yardsale (which sure beats the $24.99 it sells for in stores), and then we got Eme the 'big girl swing'. She likes her choice of swings, and enjoys both thoroughly---but one is really there for a certain baby sister that's coming along.

Daddy likes the swings, too.
Since these photos, I've added a bird feeder (my kid is obsessed with bird watching), rearranged a few things---but overall, we kind of love our new little outdoor space. Declan power washed the sides of the house and got it all clean down there, so I'm way less skurred of the bugs and stuff (I'm a wuss).

Playing out there has quickly become part of our nightly routines when we can--getting her all tuckered out before bedtime, and extra dirty before bathtime. It's a good time.

And sometimes, just sometimes, on a hot day--....a water fight breaks out.


That little investment of adding the rock patio has already proven it's worth. We're loving it, and have been enjoying some of this Memorial Day Weekend hanging out  down there.

Speaking of which---have a happy Memorial Day, friends.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hello Baby Deux: 30 Weeks Update

**I just want to start this off by saying, thank you. So much. My family felt the prayers that were offered up for us, my grandmom and my poppop. We felt them, so much so. This last week has been a whirlwind and honestly? I feel kind of like a freight train hit me. Lots of travelling, lots of intensive family time, lots of goodbyes and cries and hugs and hand holding. My Poppop passed away on Wednesday evening at 8:30pm. He lived a great life, and was an amazing guy, which makes his lost presence hard to handle, for sure. I'm not sure when/if I'll write about this any more--but I didn't want to ignore it after Tuesday's post. So, thank you.**


I want to update on this baby. I just feel like I need to. Besides, we're at a milestone, people! 30 WEEKS. *blink blink blink* How did this happen?  Some days I have moments of OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THERE WILL BE A BABY HERE SO SOON. Other times, I have moments of, TEN MORE WEEKS? I'M GONNA DIE. So, to say my emotions are a little all over the place about this--okay, it's a bit of an understatement. Plus? I've done a whole lot of NOTHING for this poor kid. 

The Babe
Everything seems right on track. She's hiccupping multiple times a day (which I have to say,, just like her sister did. Which I know means one thing--I need to stock up on gripe water now. Holy cow, Emeline had hiccups as a newborn so often, and lots in the womb--so we're doomed. She moves around most at night when I'm sitting still. Just like Emeline, my walking around, daily-routine stuff keeps her pretty much (what seems) asleep, then when I want to sit down and relax, my belly is party time.

The Momma
I passed my glucose test with flying colors. My doc told me I'm the picturesque pregnant woman, my levels of everything are always good, no blood pressure issues, no protein in urine, passing the glucose test & such--now let's just hope I somehow didn't jinx that. My hips are sore. I FEEL more pregnant these days. But then sometimes I'll still have moments of not feeling pregnant at all. It's weird. I am, though, starting to get more uncomfortable in the ribcage area. I think she's just getting bigger.

The Bod
Meh. We're good, no swollen ankles or feet yet. But I'm up 19-20lbs or so. Still in all my size small maternity stuff, so I don't feel too bad. But I have already mentally signed up for multiple 5K's and weight watchers :) Ha. We'll enjoy the rest, give myself a few weeks, then it's back to business in the body arena. 

The Big Sis 
She's the best. Rubs my belly unprompted. Talks about being a 'sister'. Tells people her name. Asks if she can talk to her through the "hole" (my belly button), and gives her "huggies & keeses". 

We're just soaking up our time of just her in our lives. That's my main focus this summer. 


10 weeks to go!! eeee!


Came across some photos of me at 30 weeks with Emeline, so I decided to mimick it this time to see the difference. I think I'm a bit smaller this time around. You be the judge!




Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I will bottle this up.

Sitting there in the living room-turned-hospice-bedroom for my Pop Pop, I hugged his hand with my hand.

My grandmother sat across from me, red-faced, tears welling up in her eyes. She looked at me with that loving grandmom look. "It all happens in an instant, Katie. He was fine one day. The next day, some back pain, then one thing led to another, and now we're....(she looks at my Pop Pop, lovingly...pausing)"

I know, Grandmom. I know. Life is so full of unknowns. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I say.

I feel my Pop Pop squeeze my hand. He's still asleep. Breathing deeply with the help of an oxygen machine. I run my finger over his wedding band. The one that's been there for 61 years, representing his faithful and strong commitment to my his family.

She looks outside at Emeline playing on the deck with my dad as she says, "Please. Just enjoy every second. Every minute. I know. I know it's hard. I know that you do. Life is just so fragile."

I smile, I tell her I will. That I do. That I'm so very sorry.


I'm reminded that life is full of unknowns. Our time with our family is not promised to us. Despite the long life my Pop Pop was able to lead, no matter what, when someone's time comes to an end, it's painful. Humans feel. We're supposed to. And it feels awful.

I am just thankful for the life & legacy that he's had.

And for the hours or days we have left with him, we will hold his hand, pray with him, be there as often as we can, and outpour love on him. He deserves no less.

Thank you for all your prayers during this time.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ups & Downs of Disney

While at a glance, our vacation to Disney World seemed like THE!BEST!TRIP!EVER!, like any other trip--it has it's challenges. I do not, for one second, want to under emphasize how great this trip was, though. Because it WAS great. Overall, it was fantastic! Awesome! Amazing! Full of fun! Chocked full of memories! Magical! (Okay you get it? Good.)

For sure, Disney is a memory-making-trip, though. And what do I say about memory-making? Oh yea. It often takes work. For the parents, mainly.

So I thought about a few of the ups & downs in Disney. In fact, I may have jotted some down along the way--because this pregnant brain forgets things, like, all the time.


Naps. For us, they were necessary. I wish sometimes that my daughter would happily turn her head in a stroller and just fall asleep peacefully for a blissful 2 hour nap while we continued on enjoying the parks & what-not. But noooo. She's never really been a nap-on-the-go'er. So this part was a bit challenging.

Our days were often split in half by a nap. Sometimes, just Declan & I would return to the suite while the rest of my family kept on trucking enjoying rides & fun at the parks. Others times, we'd all return and they would go down and hang out by the pool while we had to (womp womp) stay inside while the little lady napped.

Honestly, I know you're thinking, why weren't you just like SCREW IT about naptime? It's vacation anyway! But the truth is, we had dinner reservations MOST nights, at fairly nice restaurants, and a completely un-napped Eme is, well, let's put it this way--not fun. It was for the sanity of all.

So the napping thing was a bit of a downer. Sometimes I'd feel a little left out that I couldn't continue on at the parks, or spend as much time at the pool*, etc---but that's the whole having-children-thing. Oh, responsibility. That.

Upside? Having a happy child for most of the day!

*A few times we took turns & went down to the pool, just one of us. Declan was great about me going down there during some naps while he stayed up in the rooms and napped or read a book in peace. So that was nice and much appreciated!

On that same note. Bedtime. While we definitely did not stick to normal bedtime hours, she still was so overly tired and exhausted by the end of the night, she was asleep much earlier than 'night life' at Disney is. Again, lots of parents keep their kiddies out way late in Disney, but as far as a 10pm firework show goes? Eme would have NEVER made it. Thankfully, my parents were happy to stay back at the room on two separate occasions so that Declan and I could go watch the fireworks in Magic Kingdom & do some rides/attractions, and also so we could have a little fun in Downtown Disney the other night. That time was much appreciated and also very cherished :)

Upside? Emeline was a rockstar sleeper there. I will say, I'm sure the sun, fun & exhaustion of all the activities helps, but she literally would wave us goodbye at bedtime, and basically rid us from her 'bedroom' (which was really a bathroom with a pack-n-play in it). She's used to sleeping with a fan for noise at home, so we put a white noise app on the iPad, stuck it under the door each night with a towel blocking out the rest of the light, allowing the adults to be up, noisy as ever, not even remotely waking her up. Which was great! I couldn't have been more pleased with her in the sleep arena, which can always be tricky while out of their element.

Fast Walkers. I was born into a family of fast walkers. That's just how we do. I get that, and it's fine. BUT OMG at 28 weeks pregnant, and the week when my sciatic nerve pain was acting up and my HIPS felt like they were breaking apart? It was torture! To be fair, it wasn't anyones fault. But being pregnant with literally the miles and miles and miles and miles of walking you do daily (with a stroller)? OUCH. I definitely went to bed with sore hips every night. My braxton hicks contractions were off the chain there.

My husband was great. Very, very, very attentive to my needs. Always offered to do anything & everything related to Eme-pushing her stroller, carrying her, taking charge on the bus trips, at restaurants, etc. If anything, I realized even more what a fabulous daddy (and husband) this man is on this trip.

Upside? My parents gave us the master bedroom in our suite (to help accomodate for Emeline & a place to sleep, etc), and it had a jacuzzi bathtub in it! And you bet your butt I used that thing, and multiple times. It was just what the doctor ordered for my achey pregnant hips & contracting belly. Also, another UP? In all of this, with all the miles and miles of walking in 90 degree weather? I got NO puffy ankles. I fully expected to look like an elephant with cankles the size of Africa, but nope! So yay.

No Manners, Yo. A few times, I admit, I was slightly disgusted by the lack of basic manners/chivalry while there--from strangers. If you stay within the Disney resorts, you use the bussing system to get to and from all parks/hotels, etc. Right? Right. A few times the busses were so full, and I was shocked and appalled that young, capable men didn't give up their seats for elderly, pregnant women (more than just me, but me included), or women with small babies/children. Being forced to stand and hang onto the bars, or hold their kids/babies while hanging onto the straps, etc.

One time we were on a bus heading somewhere, we stopped, and a huge group of people got on. The first people up & offering their seats to others were my husband, my brother and my dad. Like real gentleman should. Some things like that seem like basic human kindness to me, but apparently not to everyone.

Upside? The bus system is great. It's the easiest, most convenient, well-oiled machine when it comes to travelling around in Disney. Simple, simple, simple.

CHAOS. You know how here, in public places, people generally walk in the same direction as traffic? Stay to the right is a good rule of thumb. Yes? Not there. I actually think this is probably due to the very vast & diverse crowd (from lots of countries & such) that Disney draws. (Different countries drive on different sides of the road, etc.) So, basically? It felt like chaos sometimes navigating the parks, zig-zagging amongst people, especially with a stroller. It's not like there are big signs telling people the direction to walk to keep foot traffic smooth-flowin' ya know? It was just an observation, but definitely got a little stressful (for me) at times. Also, parking the stroller to do rides/attractions, unloading your kid & personal belongings a million times--gets old. But that's just how it works there and has to be done, obviously.

Upside? I loved the diversity. Loved, loved, loved it. So did Declan. Emeline met a little French girl her age, they had many-a-busride together, we stayed at the same resort & they would giggle, play peek-a-boo and sing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song together. It was ridiculously cute & so fun. (Just one example :))

Lovebugs. Do you know what they are? Well, we were apparently there in PRIME TIME MATING SEASON for these little creatures. They're two bugs, flying together, ATTACHED, having sex basically. Awesome, right? They don't bite--but holy cow, they swarm. Literally, at the opening of Magic Kingdom, where the little town square is? It was like the plague. They would be all over the air, flying, and then fly onto your hair, clothing, legs, stroller, your kids hair, their clothes, their legs, etc. ICK. Thankfully, once you got out of over-crowded areas, they'd lighten up a bit.

My brother may or may not have made many-a-jokes about the number of bugs having sex on him that day. It was funny at the time, swear.

Upside? None. Sorry. ;)

Pregnancy. I already touched on this a little, but I definitely missed out on a few things because of the occupancy of my uterus. Lucky for me, I went only about 6 years ago and did everything as a fully able-bodied person. But this time? Different story. I obviously did not get to do any water slides at the water park, no everest, no space mountain...nada.

Upside? There are about a million and one other 'rides' and attractions you CAN be a part of! There is always someone able to sit with the kid who is too small to do above-mentioned-rides and hold everyone's bags. Oh, and take photos.  And another upside is the cute babe inside me who is so totally worth missing out on those few things.


There you have it. Some of them, anyway :)

Happy Tuesday!

**ps: I've had a few people email me with questions about the trip, some of you are taking trips soon or in the near future. If you do have any specific questions, feel free to ask away--but make sure you have your email address attached when you comment so I can respond!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Maternity'ish/Family Photos and stuff.

Okay so today I'm going to blow up my blog with maternity photos. Well, family photos. Or--whatever. I really don't know what you call them. But, they're basically just pictures of me pregnant and a few with Emeline running in and out of them because getting her to sit still in photos these days is basically NOT HAPPENING.

So--we made do. And my little brother who is quite talented with the camera did these photos for us (while in Disney), and then he gave me the files to let me edit. We make a good team. It's kinda fun that way. Plus I can be all "I saw this pose on Pinterest!" and he's cool with that.

Basically, here they are. Well, the majority of my favorites----enjoy.


Have a happy Monday!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Twenty Five of the Randomest of the Random

While I was away I got tagged by a few people to do this 25 Random Things Meme. I honestly didn't think I'd get around to doing it, but I sat outside (yesterday), soaking up some sun, and started jotting down some random things that I could potentially use. Sure enough, I came up with a list. 


I consider grocery shopping torture. I refuse to do a full grocery trip with just Emeline. A stop for a few things, sure-but not a full shop. We often shop as a family, or just one of us goes.

I'm a half nail biter. Basically, if my nails aren't covered in polish, I'll pick at them, or bite them. If I keep them polished up, they grow.

I consider massages and pedicures to be my highest form of pampering. They don't happen often but when they do I feel all luxurious & spoiled.

On that note, I hate going to the salon. I've had my hair color messed up so many times, cuts given to me that are too short, etc-that now I just avoid them like the plague. I got the tiniest trim ever last June (yes, LAST JUNE)--and nothing since then. I box dye every few months myself since going brunette & like it that way. My split ends are atrocious however.

I think tan lines on babies/toddlers are the cutest thing ever.

I'm a rather emotionally stable person. I don't have a lot of extreme ups & downs. However, pregnancy hormones may affect this. My husband can attest.

Passive aggressive stuff makes me all twitchy inside. To me, it literally is the biggest gut punch anyone can pull on me. If someone's upset with me I'd rather them just tell me, let's hash it out-instead of seeing passive aggressive actions/words/etc. 'Cuz dude that stuff hurts. A ton.

I can swim. I like the water. OF A POOL. Bodies of water that have creatures living in them? BAH. No thanks. Little bits here & there, but not long periods of time.

I get a lot of pleasure out of things like gardening, setting up patios, making spaces pretty, etc--but buckling down & actually DOING IT can be the hard part.

I was never a procrastinator in school. Had my papers done early &, homework turned in on time-and yet as an adult, I procrastinate MUCH more. (currently avoiding unpacking, cleaning, and going to Home Depot)

My alcohol of choice would be beer, always, over liquor or wine. I'm basically a dude. Except I like wimpy beers like Bud Light Lime, Miller Lite, and Blue Moon. (my husband is so ashamed)

My bucket list consists of running a half marathon and becoming a Tough Mudder. Yes I am insane. Yes, I WILL make this happen one day. I've never considered myself to have a strong body, but my goal is to be stronger and more capable than I ever thought I could be.

I am of the belief that a REAL vacation does not involve children. Unless there is a nanny present (oh to be Bethenny Frankel eh?).

Taking a family walk around the neighborhood is one of my favorite things to do ever.

I can go days and days without showering. I don't smell. Swear.

I hate budgets and finances, yet we live by a budget. My husband manages everything & just tells me when to STOP SHOPPING AT TARGET, for the love.

I am actually more frugal than I may appear. Everything I buy for myself is inexpensive and/or on sale. I have an internal struggle/debate every time I buy something "extra".

One day if I do have all the money in the world, one immediate change I would make is to dress my kid in all baby gap/gap kids clothing. I buy the occasional (on sale) item from there, but everything? NO CHANCE. I just adore how shabby chic & close looking to adult clothes (while still looking like kids) their stuff is. I know it's pathetic.

I think cook out food is THE BEST FOOD EVER. Grilled chicken. Grilled vegetables. My moms potato salad. Chips. Dip. All of that yummy stuff.

I'm not over exaggerating or being all romantical when I say I think my husband is amazing and the best. I also don't think I have the only amazing husband out there. I appreciate the one I was blessed with SO much though. He IS awesome, helps around the house all the time, takes care of Emeline in the sweetest way possible, and is my best friend. I love doing life with him.

I absolutely think calling companies/banks/etc is THE WORST "household" chore there is.

Unlike most people, I hate getting the mail.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot be a dinner-planner. I have tried little magnet boards on my fridge, meal planning tips & tricks---I do not have the gift. I forget something, ALWAYS. It frustrates me. I give up. I stick to the same group of meals (when and if I cook), and I'm majorly lame in that department. I envy so many of you.

I like getting flowers, A LOT. But I'd honestly prefer them to come from the grocery store where they're cheaper and I can rearrange them any way I'd please.

I used to think I'd be either a florist or a hair dresser as a kid. Not surprising, though that I stayed in the creative field (as an art teacher).

I really don't enjoy pregnancy at all. I am ultra jealous of those that think it's pure bliss or say "I've never felt better", and those of you that "glow". I just feel and look awful most of the time. I do, however, love the end result. :)

I don't necessarily consider myself a Writer or a Photographer, but I'd like to be both some day.

I didn't number these, so I have NO IDEA if I'm at 25. I think I'm around there, so I'll call it quits now. You're welcome.


Anyone relate to any of the random things?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Disney Memory Video, some photos, and more.

I had plans to make a video with many of my favorite photos and including the videos I took on this trip, too. Well, I actually did it. Shocking, I know. Since I typically have grand plans and never actually act on them.


I decided this was the best way to show you our trip. It definitely, definitely gives you a good feel of the entire thing. Granted, it's 11 minutes long. Soooo yea.

If you are interested though, here she is:


And for those of you who can't watch--I'm including a few picture collages. Yes, the photos repeat most likely. Just consider this my entire Disney Recap post (and then her birthday post, right here).


If you take the time to watch, let me know :)

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Stuff in my Head...

I know that vacations are awesome. I know that they're jam-packed full of precious memories. I also know that sometimes my brain is on overload when I get home, and I'm not quite ready to process it all just yet. Or to post photos from it on here. Mainly because I just lived that for a week.

Now I'm home and returning to some sort of normalcy and real life again. I need to assemble that. And returning to normality is being back to regular schedule programming with getting to write or post pictures of whatever the heck I feel like. Also, I don't want to be all Disney!Disney!Disney! crazy either. I mean, I like Disney, it's cool and all, but I'm also not one of those Mickey-ears-wearing-types, either. (More power to you if you do. Also, is it a LAW that you have to wear the bride/groom Minnie/Mickey ears if you just got married, like,, 'cuz ferrreal.)

So anyway.

There's nothing quite like getting back to your bed. Seriously. I think I take the comfort of it for granted after being home for so long. But my bed? Is oh so good. Like a perfectly made sleep zone for me and me alone. Okay, Declan can sleep here, too. Okay, he does.

Also,  I missed my pregnancy pillow. Yes, I use one of those ginormous (great wall of china) "C" shaped pillows and I'm not ashamed. It's one of the reasons I tend to sleep like a baby up until the end of my pregnancies. Sleeping with three pillows at the hotel was overrated. One at my head, one under my belly, one behind my back. I was over it. So yes. Pregnancy pillow, I missed you.

There's nothing quite like being slapped in the face with normal-life though when you get home and your dog has chronic diarrhea (sidenote: I can never spell that word without looking it up) throughout the night. Oh yea, that's fun. And it always happens when we go away, too. It's like, WELCOME HOME MOM AND DAD, NOW CLEAN UP AFTER ME SNITCHES.

It's a good time. EXCEPT WHEN IT'S NOT.

To his defense (baha. I defend my pup. Sue me.), we did keep him at the kennel this time, and for some reason his transition back home is always rough on him. It takes a day or two to adjust him back. I have no idea the reasoning, but he's always been sensitive to small changes (environments, food, etc).

And now that I've talked about my dogs feces for the world to see--oh look! a chicken!

Back to talking about less gross things.

Emeline is still sleeping this morning. She's been asleep for almost 13 hours so far. Disney Hangover say whaaaa? She missed her bed, too. Although I have to say that she did amazzzing in the sleep department there. I'm so glad with how easy it was. More on that later when I write another post buzzing in my head.

More normal-life. This morning I have to go drink The Drink and do my glucose test. I'm about a week or two behind on that, but the trip messed me up. The doctor said it wouldn't be a big deal pushing it back to this week. So this morning I get to go drink a syrupy orange drink in a waiting room, play on my phone for an hour while trying not to pass out from the sugar-coma it puts you in, then get poked & prodded by needles. Fun! Although, in a weird way I'm looking forward to the alone time. (Funny how things in my prior life, I hated-like gynecology appointments, dentist appointments, bloodwork, etc become things I look forward to as a mother. Pathetic, really.)

I'm getting more excited to meet the baby in my belly each and every day. I find myself day dreaming about a little newborn again. The sweet smell. The kisses. The little toes and fingers. I'm getting really giddy about it all. And yet, I'm so not ready at the same time. Weird how that works.

Also, she is like a little ninja in there. Must have been all the ICEE's.


I guess that's enough of nothing for today.


Okay, I lied. 'Gonna start posting some pics here and there. These all came from my Momma's birthday night (May 9--the day before Eme's birthday!).

Happy back to real life Wednesday!