Thursday, March 7, 2013

Grateful for today.

In the last 24 hours I've started 3 posts. I am having issues finishing them, but, oh well. They can wait.

Right now I'm in a super mood. I don't know if it's the hope of spring on the horizon, I can sort of feel it in my bones, you know? It sounds weird, but I can tell. It's close.

I live somewhere with four distinct seasons. I didn't choose this place. It's where my family is. If I had it my way? I'd pretty much take 3 out of the 4 seasons, heck, 2 out of 4, and leave the other to the wolves. Because bitter cold and snow be crazy yo. It ain't my cup of tea.

After spending time in San Diego, I daydreamed for weeks about living there. I had myself convinced that if I could live someplace deliciously sunny and warm like that, I'd be happy year round. I'm sure I'm delusional, but I'm pretty sure that bad days don't even exist in parts of the country with lots of sunshine and warmth, and where the beach can be enjoyed in February. People who live in that climate, feel free to debunk the myth in my head. For now I want to think you all live on cloud 9 all the dang time.

This morning I felt the early sunshine creeping in. I peeked, and the snow storm that was supposed to come? Totally passed on by us. I couldn't be more thankful this year that the meteorologists have been so dead wrong on so many storms. At least I know when to avoid the grocery stores. I also felt well rested. Happy to be awake. From a morning-hater--this is big.

My baby, who used to hate sleep---who would wake every 20 minutes some nights (really), every hour....on a good night every 1.5-2 hours? Decided over a week ago, out of the blue, to start sleeping through the night. Like, fully through the night. It didn't involve letting her scream in her crib, or gut-wrenching sobs--or me feeling awful for not tending to her needs. Nope, she just did it. Something clicked. And I seriously think God was in on this. Because I might have been getting to my breaking point.

The rest of my family needs and deserves a well rested mom and wife.

With the advice from a good friend last night, I checked in Emeline's mouth to find those big two year molars popping through. I don't know why, but I forget that kids her age still have teeth coming in. The pieces are starting to add up with the random low grade fevers she's been having, and the complaints of 'my head hurts' (likely jaw pain), and red cheeks. Is it weird that feeling those two rough-edged teeth coming in gave me peace? Because it did.

My sisters wedding is coming up soooo soon. I can't help but have excitement and butterflies in my stomach for this day. To see where she came from, out of heartbreak and circumstances she didn't deserve--and then to see God's faithfulness in bringing Jeff into her life, and turning this into a beautiful story of hope and love. It makes my heart leap with thankfulness.

And can I gush now about my husband? He's such a good dad, it makes me tear up thinking about how blessed our girls are. This week, Emeline wanted to call him. I gave her my phone, pushed the button to call, thinking he may not answer because of work---but, he answered, and they chatted away for a good 20 minutes. He wasn't too busy for her. He shows our children all the time that they are important, loved, and have his attention. I know it spoke volumes to her little self, I could tell.

top right? dead. seriously.
Things are good.

With spring on the horizon, I feel it coming. The hope of new things. More happy memories. Sunshine'y days.

I'm grateful for this day.



  1. Yay for babies who sleep through the night!!! I'm still waiting for that to happen over here...

  2. I so badly would love to move somewhere that's warm 90% of the year. So so bad. It's not in our options now or ever most likely.

    That pic of E? Too cute! You can totally tell she's smitten w/her daddy! I love girls w/their dads, and vice versa!

    Oh and the toddler molars? Totally forgot them too! KP had a fever about a week ago and I couldn't figure it out and bam, there was a molar in the top left corner of her mouth! Gah!

  3. The picture of Em talking to her Dad laying on the couch? Brought tears to my eyes. What a great picture of love.

  4. Oh, Katie... I love everything about this post. You have inspired and challenged me to be aware of people/things, big or small, that I can be grateful for in today!!! Love you for it, thanks!!!! :)

  5. Love this post! Still smiling right now!
    What a wonderful thing when the babies realize sleep is actually a good thing.
    So so happy for Susan. She deserves all this happiness and I just love seeing it on her face in all these recent posts.
    And hooray for finding the molars. Not that she was in pain, but that you were able to find a reason. And that pic of E on the phone... I may be coming back to it later just to get a little happy smile. So sweet!

  6. I can tell you today it is raining and yuck here in southern california, hopefully that makes you feel better ;)
    and that pic of E smiling away...too stinkin cute!!! :)

  7. My heart is warmed right up by reading this post this morning. We too live with four seasons (up in Canada eh!) and it's been COLD and grey. So looking forward to spring too! I think that Emeline calling her daddy story is just about the sweetest thing ever. I would be in a puddle! Sending virtual sunshine and happiness your way! :)

  8. So, so, so sweet. Those pics of Eme chatting with her Daddy kill me.

    *Raises hand* As one who lives in a state where it was 85 degrees in January.... It is not all butterflies. We've had a cold snap the past week, but overall it has been a very hot winter. And? After 6 months of summer (ie, 90s without humidity.... feels like 110 with it), I get cranky and want a break, lol.

  9. I wish I could feel spring on the horizon! But it's currently buried under 2 feet of snow. Blah! That said. I need seasons. As much as I loathe the end of winter, I know I couldn't live somewhere where it's basically the same weather 24/7/365. Sounds so boring!

    I love that E and D have such a great relationship! As much as I'm sure I will miss it some day, Jamie is a total mamas boy and its like pulling teeth getting him to hang out with dad. Breaks my heart a little when he throws himself on the ground and says "noooooo! I don't want dad to do it. I want mooooommmmmmyyy!" I'm sure in a few years the dad phase will move in.

  10. Such a happy post! Congrats on Lucy's sleep. Seriously, that rocks! Eme is so cute chatting with her daddy. We try to FaceTime Charlie every once and awhile when he's at work. :) Glad you're feeling so happy today!

  11. shucks, this post made me all teary. From Lucy sleeping through the night, Susan's love story, to your sweet husband.
    I cannot wait for spring. I am more over the craze & hype from the weather channels then the weather itself. They make people nuts!
    Avery has been working on her 2 years old molars for weeks now. ugh.
    Love this post!

  12. i love a good Daddy gush! you and your girls are lucky. they will grow up and look for a guy just like him. thats how i learned not to settle.

  13. I am soooo ready for Spring! What makes it harder with the cold weather right now is that my hubby and I are planning on leaving the military and moving to a beach town so it is just taunting me!!

  14. You are such a great writer! I love reading your blogs and my goodness you have two cute girls!! I'm with ya on being over this cold!! Bring on spring and summer please! Have a great one! :-)

  15. OMG the photos of Emeline chatting on the phone are too cute! What a special little moment for her! Hope Spring graces your state sooner rather than later :)

  16. Okay, truth! You know I recently moved away from San Diego and you are right. If you can get outside there on a nice day, you are living the good life, for real. But honestly after a few years of it, your body craves rainy days (very occasionally) and your eyes crave amazing leaves in fall (PA has the best leaves, best.) and yeah it is very fun to live there but it's more fun to visit in my opinion :)

    I don't think anything contributes to overall happiness than sleep, so glad Lucy is giving you some.

    And that one pic of Eme leaning back against a cushion smiling so big on the phone? Beyond precious.

    I hope spring is on the way!

  17. Giiiiirl. I dream of living where there is a beach. And palm trees. And sun! Sun galore! Ahh. I'm like you. They HAVE to be happier, right?! But, also like you, our family lives here. And I'm pretty sure they would die if we left (and the boys probably would too. They love their grands something fierce)

    The pics of emeline talking to her daddy are beyond precious!

  18. This is so nice to hear Katie. I love when spring comes, it really does make you feel great. So glad Miss Lucy is giving you sleep, I'm still waiting!

  19. This is so nice to hear Katie. I love when spring comes, it really does make you feel great. So glad Miss Lucy is giving you sleep, I'm still waiting!

  20. Move to NC!! Honestly, I don't normally tell people to, because apparently EVERYONE IN THE US IS... but I like you, so feel free to mosey on down this way any time. lol. And bring Jess with you, while you're at it. We rarely ever get snow, and although it gets cold (usually in the 40's), it doesn't last long. Monday is supposed to be a sunny 64 degrees. :) Oh, and we're only a couple hours from the beach.

    Yeah, that top right picture? Dead here too. So so sweet.

  21. Aww.. I love how happy she felt talking to her daddy! :) The pictures melt my heart! I pray that O turns out to be a great dad too :)

    I'm so happy Lucy is sleeping! Yay for rest :)


  22. totally off topic but i love the color of your walls!

    do you mind sharing what color it is?

    your girls are simply gorgeous!

  23. Somedays and especially one these bitter cold snowy days, I think why the heck did I ever move back to PA from FL....ahh the beach and warmth I miss terribly.

  24. As one who has lived in both types of climates (grew up in Sunny Sandy Eggo but now live in NC!) the SD weather is fab but cost of living is soooooo different you'd find yourself wishing you were right back in the other place. Plus, it's nice to have a change of pace once in awhile :)