Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I like big (and pretty) rugs and I cannot lie.

I have this itch. You see, it's not curable by some cream. No, no. It's the crafty-redo-everything-get-new-curtains-take-things-up-a-notch-itch. I've lived in this house for almost 5 years. When we moved in, we made it everything we wanted to be in that moment. I love it. I still love it. But as I change and grow, so does my style. And my need to see some small changes in my home to go along with that.

I refuse to do full-blown paint jobs. It's too much work, because I don't believe this is our forever home--so I've been doing little face lifts here and there. Small things. Like creating my kitchen office. Making lots of DIY chalkboards. Evolving children's bedrooms. Fixing up our bathroom and the girls bathroom, or creating our under-the-deck-"patio", or getting new curtains to spice up a room--heck, new throw rugs.

Rugs can change the look of a room, freshen it up, and lift and lighten it. And that? Makes me happy.

That's exactly what this large 6'7x9 shag rug from RugsUSA does for my living room. 

When my sister walked into my house yesterday, her first reaction was Wow, it really brings your eye up! and I honestly couldn't agree more. Also? I love. Love. LOVE. that rugs on rugs is totally acceptable now. I like the way it lightens up my living room. I am all about FRESH spaces now. I love light and bright. I am thankful that this pretty ivory/white shag does that for this space. See? Simple changes. 

This morning, as I was wrangling Emeline to get her dressed for school (yep, in the living room)--she rolled around on the carpet and said, "Mom, its just soooo soft and tozy!" Ha. I couldn't agree more.


RugsUSA has insanely cute patterns on rugs. I've done a lot of rug shopping (not online) and have never found styles and patterns near as cute as their selections. This was my first online-rug-shopping experience-the shipping was fast, and the products packaged nicely and safely right to my door. I'm not sure I'll ever lug a big, heavy burrito-rug around again to get it home. Shipping is way easier. And why not when shipping is free. holler!

I feel like Oprah--but, wait, there's more

Ok. So. So so. 
Another one!

LOOK at this cute, new, lovely rug in my foyer. What a fun, pop-of-color-and-pattern greeting, yea?

This is the Moroccan Trellis Rug in Green (size 3'6 x 5'6). The first reaction to this was, first--slight obsession with the pattern. Second, it's SO thick and durable. Third. Ohh. Soft. I just think she looks so pretty at my door overtop the hardwoods.

I think these new pretty rugs totally help my need to freshen up the house. And because so many of their rugs are 50% off right now, plus the always free shipping, it's a really great time to rug shop. 


Thank you RugsUSA for letting me review these two beauties. I love them. My feet love them. My need for freshness loves them. And my toddler thinks they're so tozy! You guys rock. 


  1. Just ordered that white shag rug for my baby girl's nursery. In love with it! Looks great in your living room too :)

  2. Love the rug. I wish I could afford one! Oh the loveliness of being poor. lol. We're in a rental home, so I haven't freaked out too much about decorating. I'm very slowly adding things. I love your home. It's so pretty!

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  4. OHMYGOSH i really hope the sale sticks around in time for my tax return to get here because i need some rugs. i didn't need them before, but that rug at your entry? it made me realize how much i've missed having a rug (or 5) in my life.

  5. looks great! I would have never thought to do the light shag rug on beige carpet...LOVE! It totally freshens it up, for sure! And you'll have to let us know how the entry rug holds up with people coming in and out!

  6. Can I tell you how excited I am that you bought that green trellis rug? I've been hunting for one for the baby's room and I've had my eye on that one, but was nervous to pull the trigger without seeing it in person. You're pictures were just what I needed! I wanted to see the quality, texture, and color in someone's actual home. Thanks!

  7. Beautiful house girl... and I love the rugs.

  8. Oh SO CUTE! What size is your living room rug?!

  9. I always forget to check out rugs USA. I need to get three of four new rugs, and that one in your front entry way is fabulous!!

  10. I love pretty rugs. Which is why I need a HOUSE. For pretty rugs. Well, and other things. :)