Monday, March 25, 2013

Let's focus on the good things, shall we?

I'm sitting here at my kitchen table watching snow fall outside all the windows, sipping my coffee, and I'm sure that sounds all sweet and beautiful--but I assure you it is not. I am ticked off. I feel like it's a legit slap in the face from the lying groundhog himself. You guys, it's supposed to be SPRING. Easter is this weekend, do you know how weird it is for your girls to wear flowery dresses when it's SNOWING out--for the love.

And I love how I like to act like I'm the only one experiencing crap weather when there's a couple million others currently pissed at the weather, too. But. Right now, Momma ain't happy. I want to take my little family and run for the beach. And not our snow covered beaches. The ones down south or out west, you know, where you can wear bikini's (not that I'd be wearing a bikini) and maybe even get a sunburn. Those beaches.

I'm in a funk. A weather-induced mood funk and it stinks. I want warmth and sunshiney goodness. I know how to savor a good Spring day like the best of 'em. I promise you REAL Spring (not just the calendar 'date'), that if you come, I will not waste a single day of your awesomeness. I promise you. Come hither, my favorite season ever.


In effort to move past my weather induced funk, I'll focus on the happy things.


Last year's Easter Dress

Emeline's preschool is on "spring break" (psh, whatever) this week, so Friday she had her Easter Party. She heard the word Easter and insisted on wearing the dress she wore last year. So, fluffy dress, leggings, boots, and last year's 24 month cardigan--that's how she rocked it to her party. Some things aren't worth a fight, and really? Who cares.

Her teacher told me she spun around and showed everyone how the dress twirled for practically the whole class. That's my girl.

A daddy and his girls

Despite having an insanely busy weekend, we managed to squeeze in lots of precious family moments. And there is absolutely nothing that makes me happier than seeing my girls with their daddy. Dance parties require dress up clothes, didn't you know?

5K's with Family

We had so much fun this weekend doing the Phillies 5K. I love that Declan and I are running more 'together' and that it's something so many of my family members enjoy doing, too. We've come a looooong way in the fitness category and I love that we choose to run on a Saturday morning (every once in a while ;) ) and that we can make it a family thing. My favorite cheerleaders came along (thanks to my awesome parents who watched them), and it makes it so much more fun and gives me motivation when I pass them & see my cuties while running.

Dedicating babies

Yesterday, to add to our already busy weekend, we had our sweet Lucy Girl's dedication. I can't wait to tell you more about it and share (hopefully) some video. For now, none of that's done, I have no pictures since I wasn't the one taking them, and didn't have time to edit the videos. But--I will. It was a sweet time and I'm thankful so many family members could be around us as we prayed over Lucy's life and committed to raising her in the best way we believe.


Ahh. I feel better now. Until I look out the window, that is.

Happy Monday, friends.

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  1. I'm with you lady! This snow has me in a total S.A.D. funk. I hate it. When I was at the salon last week EVERY conversation going on was about how sucky the weather is. Everyone is over it! UGH.

  2. It has been so hot here in Texas the past few weeks, and then all of a sudden out of the blue it's in the 30s again like it's winter here. I know it isn't as bad as the snow, but it still stinks :( Winter should be gone and Spring should be in full swing...I hope it warms up for you soon!

  3. Baby dedication AND a 5K? Yay for an awesome weekend!

  4. In total agreement with your first two paragraphs, however here in Iowa the snow isn't falling gently its gusting at 30mph across the fields and drifting in my yard. Yuck. So looking forward to spending all day outside with my kiddos instead of stuck inside.

    Loving the pics of that Easter outfit! And Miss Lucy's dress screams spring as well.

  5. Sounds like a seriously nice weekend! Just continue ignoring that snow. ;)

  6. What a busy weekend! But it looks like so much fun. :)

  7. I feel quite let down by "spring" it's supposed to be warm and bright, instead it's muddy snow & cold!

  8. We got 13" yesterday into today. I haven't seen this much snow at one time in years! I'm in a district that NEVER cancels and they were one of the first to cancel last night. That says a lot. I got an extra day of spring break, but it's still depressing to see snow on the ground in March. I always get into a funk during the winter. I can't handle the cold, the gray days, and then snow makes me crazy. At least it will go up from here!

  9. It has to get better, right? We have 50s in the forecast for this weekend and I'll be damned if I'm not going to open some windows and let some *cold* fresh air in. I'll crank the heat, I have no shame. Keep your head up Katie, it will be warm soon!!

  10. We have 50s forecasted for the weekend so I already told the hubby I am opening the windows if it kills me. We might all be in hoodies and mittens but it will be worth it for a little fresh air!

  11. O.M.G. Prepare yourself, woman. You thought I could creep you on Instagram hardcore...But now, I've hunted down your blog and you're really in for it...

    Seriously, can I just PLEASE move in with you? Now? Like...Today? ;)

    Your girls are absolutely, insanely precious. I love Emmy's dress and Lucy looked just BEAUTIFUL yesterday! SUCH A SWEETIE!

    So cool that y'all do running as a family. :) I hope I get to do that with a cute little family of my own one day!!!!!!!

    I heart you guys. For reals! And to the snow... I'm with you. So over it.

  12. We had our Easter stuff yseterday since we may be out of town next weekend. Eva kept askin why the EB didn't hide the eggs outside in the grass. Well, dear ... about that..... something about an easter egg hunt in a parka just isn't the same!

    Okay so teach me about this blog lovin' thing? How do I do it? I heard there's a way to just import everyone you're currently following? Is there or do I have to click one by one?

  13. I love this -- you took the words out of my mouth. I feel like I want to hibernate until it's at least a high of 60 and sunshiny (as you said). Also? How was the Phillies 5k? I heard about it and think maybe I should sign up next year! Hope your day gets better - the sun will be out tomorrow (hopefully).

  14. Your girls are so cute! I hope you get nice weather soon!

  15. Yeah, I just published my bitchy 'I hate winter' post and I feel a teensy bit better.

    But I NEED spring to get here. The real spring, not just the date on the calendar. Blech - I'm OVER winter.

    Your girls are getting more adorable by the day!