Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On spring, the body, and a few great links.

Happy spring, I guess. Don't worry--I won't drone on and on about the weather and the fact that it's freezing cold still, that the freaking groundhog couldn't have been more wrong (don't trust anyone from Puxatawney I hear, joke), and that it feels anything but spring outside around here. But regardless, the calendar says it so I guess it's technically here. Whatever.

Meanwhile half the country is in a tundra, the other is having over 99 degree days (holler Texas), and we're over here just twiddling our thumbs, waiting.

I just like to think it'll be extra sweet when Spring chooses to arrive. Anyway.

I haven't updated much about body and fitness stuff, because, well--there is not much of anything to write about. While my sister is absolutely killing it at the gym, I'm just over here drinking too much coffee and eating too many 'healthy cookies' that aren't really all that healthy once you've eaten 5 of them.

In all seriousness--I've not been completely lazy. Ok. A tiny bit. I've run still a bit here and there, and last night I even did The Shred. In fact, we have a 5K coming up this weekend. Do you remember when just about a year and a half ago, my first 5K was a huge stinkin' deal? Now, I hardly mention it and it's just another one for the books. It doesn't mean it's not still an accomplishment, it is. It's just--not as big of a thing. Part of that goes to show just how far I've come in some ways. I used to fall over dead just thinking about running 3+ miles just for fun, (and heck, paying for it), on an early Saturday morning. Those people be crazy, yo.

Some day-maybe, some day--I will up my running. For now, I'm a little meh-whatever about it. And while this may sound completely awful to the real runners out there--I'm just kind of glad when I get back out there after a few weeks off, I'm not completely back to square one.

I'm also thinking I need to hide my scale. It's not doing me any favors anymore. After reading SkinnyMeg's post about why she stopped weighing herself, I feel a little convicted. I need to use my clothes and how I feel as a judge. Not necessarily the number anymore. I get that a scale is totally necessary while in the throes of weight loss, but I feel like since I'm more at a maintenance phase in my life, I should relax with it.

I like to have healthy relationships with food and the scale. So I'm having my husband just put it somewhere.

There's no more before and after pics, nothing fancy with all that, no more dramatic changes give or take 5-10lbs (hopefully take). So that's just where I'm at. Boring old maintenance life.


Few things-

I love this post I found yesterday. I shared it on my facebook page, and many of you loved it, too. To the Parents of Small Children, Let me be the one to say it out loud. Go read it.

And then this one.

His wife's essay about her doughy belly & stretchmarks. So beautifully written, and made me think about how I'll broach that subject when Emeline asks me about my stretchmarks.

And then this silly and hilarious Top 10 Things Not to Say to Bloggers from Motley Mama. Yes, just--yes. Go read it, you're probably on one of the sides of the conversation.

Then you can come back and admit you read my blog and introduce yourself or be all, hey, I was in your 3rd grade class. K?

Happy Wednesday.


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  1. I'm with you in wondering where spring is- hubs spent an hour shovelling snow this morning! Ugh.
    I also loved the posts you shared. At a moms group I go to one of the older mothers went around the room looked at each of us and said "You're doing a good job." It sounds really silly but it almost made me tear up because, how often do we just say that to each other? Anyway, YOU are doing a great job. :)

    ... oh, and I read your blog. ;)

  2. After suffering for years with an eating disorder, I read that essay about body image and was floored. Sent it to everyone I know. It's such an amazing way to look at things. I can't wait to be in the place she is with her body.

  3. Oh my gosh Skinny Megs post that day made me hide my scale straight away and believe me it helps, I had become straight up obsessedddd with that thing!

  4. I loved the links you shared yesterday. So much in fact, that I had to write about the "To parents of small children" one. I needed to read that SO MUCH yesterday. So thanks for sharing. A friend also shared this (two-year old, but still awesome) link on the same topic that I cried/laughed while reading:

    As for the blogger one? Hilarious. And I've definitely been on both sides of the equation before. One of my friends recently made a comment about how she judges bloggers who post regularly and thinks they spend too much time on it. I thought, "Hmmm... so now that I'm trying to blog regularly, and choosing to make writing and exercising a part of my brain that gets little use now that my primary companion is my nine month old, I'm considered not to have a life? Ouch." But I also know she meant no harm, she just wasn't thinking.

  5. I'm in Louisiana, and we've had beautiful 70 degree weather for weeks, and now on the first day of Spring, it's pouring. Bleh :/

    I'm so proud of you for being in maintenance mode. I can't wait to get there.

  6. 1. Loved the parents of small children post, especially the part about hiding in the pantry with chips and chocolate.
    2. His wife post made me tear up (damn pp hormones). So beautiful and touching.

    Keep up the good work Katie, both in blogging and parenting. Your daughters are adorbs and I check your blog every day hoping for a new post.

    And Spring? What spring? Its 14 degrees here (Illinois) today. If I don't get out of the house soon, I will be in the pantry with chips and chocolate.

  7. I totally agree with you. We don't even own a scale. The numbers aren't important. It's more important to go off how you feel in your clothes, and just how your body feels to you.

  8. I read your blog, HEY!

    I read the Parents of Small Children post last night--it's great and felt like a weight was lifted. Someone feels the same as I do sometimes :)

  9. I'm a must weigher b/c when you are small, like you, by the time your pants are tight, that can be 5 lbs and 5 lbs ain't fun to lose again! I don't weigh daily but I find it is so much easier to get up a few lbs and then get back on track if I notice than it is so be up 5-7 lbs and just realize it. Just my advice though!

  10. Texas IS awesome! Maybe we can bring some sunshine and warmth when we come up for the wedding??

  11. Oh and super cute outfit that looks warm and spring-y at the same time.

  12. I loved that you shared the "small children" post yesterday, I shared it right after I read it and then saw like 4 of my friends share it immediately after that. And then today when I went to read it again his site had crashed! I guess it resonated with a lot of people! And his wife's post made me cry. Loved it.

  13. You can have my 100 degree days, I'm tired of living in a state where there are only two seasons. And YOU are my inspiration for this whole running thing. Seriously. I want to be one of 'those people' who pay to get up early on a Saturday morning and run a 5k.