Monday, March 11, 2013

Snacky snacks--a healthier chip option, yes please.

I'm sort of a chip-snacking person. I'll be honest and say that when I started losing weight, giving up things like chips or crackers or pretzels? Yea. Didn't happen. I couldn't cut cold turkey like that. I decided I'd keep them in my 'diet' but in moderation. I still do that to this day. Counting out portion sizes, or just eating a snack-size pack.

So recently when I found out that Green Giant had new veggie chips coming out, I was totally excited to find a new snacking option that would taste good and like regular chips, but that I could feel better about eating. 

They have two really delicious flavors I was able to try....Multigrain Sweet Potato Sea Salt, and Roasted Veggie Tortilla in Zesty Cheddar. 

I really, really liked them. In fact, so did my toddler. I know that chip snacking for kids can be frowned upon, but I admit--I may have passed my chip-loving-ways onto her. I feel less guilty that she enjoyed snacking on a product that was made with real vegetables, has 17 grames of whole grain per serving, and are flavored all naturally. 

I chose to snack on some of the sea salt chips this afternoon and calculated it up, and I could enjoy 16 chips for 3.7 points. Which is not bad, at all--considering they're the better of two chip options in my house right now.

I'm always a fan of learning new, healthier snack options--and I'm happy to share The Green Giant's Giant Surprise of new Veggie Chips with you. I love that they're sharing a coupon for the product that can be found right here.

Check out the surprise talents the Green Giant has unearthed- and enjoy even more of the surprise talents found at Green Giants YouTube channel.

Thank you to The Green Giant™ for being a sponsor. Show the Giant your surprise talent


  1. I cannot admit what I am eating right now after reading this ...

  2. We love veggie chips too! I'll have to look for this brand too!

  3. I have been eating the pop chips lately. These look yum too, that nacho cheese is calling my name.

  4. I've never seen these, but I LOVE veggie chips. Better yet, my grocery doubles coupons, so that will make them even better!


  5. oooh i'm going to have to try these! thanks for sharing the pp too!! :)