Monday, March 18, 2013

The 5mph slow roll.

"Mom, my snowman pj's must be in the dishwasher, so I can't wear dem tonight, k." -last night, from you-know-who.

Mixing up her cleaning appliances, just a bit. We'll work on that. These random things I love about toddlers. The way they put sentences together. The way their brains connect random tidbits. The way they don't.forget.anything--ever. (Well I may not love that in the shall surely bite me in the butt.)

A few weeks ago, we were out doing our normal Saturday-after-naptime-with-no-plans thing. We kind of just get the kids ready, pack up, and head out as if we have some big, awesome plans--when in reality, we have no real obligations at all. The only goal is family time, really.

In the car I began paging through one of those big coupon know the one that I bought when my kid's preschool did the fundraiser and I didn't want to be THAT mom who brought back the book without buying it? Yea, that one.

So I happen to see bowling. Lightbulb went off.

"Oh my gosh, Em! Do you want to go bowling?? This will be SO FUN. Your first time! You get this big, heavy ball--and roll it down a long aisle, and the goal is to knock down all these's SUPERDUPERFUN" 

Her eyes are all lit up. She is amazed. "I wanna go bowlin'!! I can't wait to go to bowlin'!"

I smile a little because, well, I just came up with the perfect activity on the cold, dreary Saturday that is certain to be filled with memory-making and will definitely fill our Family Time cup to runneth over status.

Except when I called to reserve lanes--there were none.

Like. None.

I went and broke the cardinal rule of parenting--announcing a plan, before it's in stone. You know, those kids and their memories. And I felt awful because she was sad. Like, really sad. Tears-sad. The kind of sad that only Chuck E. Cheese can make better. But let's not talk about that.

The girl didn't stop talking about bowling for two weeks. really.

I was so thrilled that we could blow her little toddler mind this past Saturday when we were able to get some lanes and finally take the kid bowling and make all her wildest dreams come true.

The smallest children's shoes were 2+ sizes too big, and yet she still wanted to rock 'em and girlllllll I am so glad she did. Because I don't know what it was about those little velcro diddies but it transformed her into bowler-extraordinaire. We won't even talk about the dance moves that were seen in those bad-boys.

ok.fine.we will, because errmmmaaagahhhh. (sorry, crappy iphone video. but still.)

Anyway. It was seriously a blast. Like, every part of it.

Watching her so seriously roll that bowl down the thingie (what's that called?), waiting, waiting, waiting (do you know how slow that ball went?!) for it to finally hit some pins---and the huge smile that would erupt on her face, followed by high fives, cheers, jumping and "I did it!!!!!!!!!!" galore. I mean, really.

Was grand.

I don't know if it was seeing her swing around that heavy ball like a champ, snacking away on soft pretzels and lemonade with her little legs crossed, or the way she'd shout, "MOM, it's your turn!!" all dude-hurry-up-like----but reality has set in. My girl is getting so mature. and she's downright cool, too.

I love making more memories with my little family.

First time bowling. Put it in the books.

Pretty sure she's a fan since the first thing she said the next morning was, "you're gonna take me bowlin' today again, k?"

Yea. About that.


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  1. We went mini bowling this weekend for the first time this weekend too! It was the cutest thing ever! I know all about the dance moves you are referring too! So fun to do some big girl things now! I mean, HOW are they big enough to bowl?!

  2. OHHHHMYGOSH. Your family is the cutest family in the world. Can I just quit my job and come be your live in nanny? Please? I'll do dishes, too! I hope my future kids are half as adorable as yours. So precious!!

  3. Such a good idea. I never thought of trying bowling with my toddler. Writing this down... and E has some moves, that video is too cute!

  4. Ahhh you have totally just inspired me that Madison could be ready for this type of fun outing : )

  5. Aww that's just too cute. Love that second to last picture!

  6. Off topic, but who are some of your fave blogs to read?

  7. Off topic, but who are some of your fave blogs to follow?

  8. This makes me happy! What a great idea. Emeline is such a fun kiddo. I look forward to taking Phoebe on her first bowling date.

  9. How fun is this?! And E's outfit is so cute/complete with those bowling shoes!!!

  10. Loved taking A bowling! Can't wait to take her again! She had so much fun! Those bowling shoes on little feet are just too cute!


  11. So fun! I loved going to the bowling alley growing up, my mom was on a team so I was always chillin at the lanes. This would have been way more fun :) We only have the little bowling here... small balls and you get more throws or something? I don't even know. We'll have to check it out.

    Also.. I love the pic of D, E & L where E is trying to pat Lucy... such a great picture.

  12. We took Emmy bowling a few times for the first time this is hands down one of her favorite things ever.

    And that video of E dancing is ADORABLE!

  13. We had a very similar bowling experience a couple weeks ago. I think the thingie is called a ramp, but I'm not sure. I mighta made that up. So stinkin' cute, though.

  14. Oh my gosh, how cute!! It will be fun to do things like that with Emily when she is old enough!

  15. Haha, love the video! She's the cutest.

  16. I've never taken the girls bowling - such fun idea! I have to admit that three and a half years later, I still find myself breaking that cardinal rule. Still! :)

  17. ahh is this at the palace bowling place?! that's where my sorority used to host our philanthropy event every year!

    eme is too stinkin' cute, & so is your little family. i can't wait to make memories like that!

  18. Why in the world had I not thought of bowling?! What a great idea!! She is so stinkin cute!

  19. kids and the things they say make me giggle

    the other day at the store lily told me "Mom you crack me out" bhahaha

  20. This post makes me so happy! And so excited to be able to share this kind of thing with Mac when he gets older. My grandparents own the bowling alley in my hometown, so I see a LOT of bowling in our future! E is so cute in her little bowling shoes!

  21. How fun is this?!? I've never even thought about taking E bowling. we might have to attempt this soon!

  22. Ahh her dancing, so stinkin' cute!!

  23. Y'all COULD NOT be any cuter!!!!! I swear it!!! Such a beautiful family!!