Thursday, March 14, 2013

When hodge meets podge.

I can't lie. My heart jumped into my throat last night when I saw the message pop up on google reader that it's closing July 1st. I know, I know. Dramatic. It's dumb to feel that attached, but seriously. That's how I read my blogs and sort them, etc--and probably how many of you read. You likely are reading this in Google Reader now. I know there are other services out there--but I'm going to do some research my husband will do the research, ahem on what I'll change to and then let you know so you can still hang out if you want. Losing the blogs I read would suck. Can't.happen.

don't you love Em's face--NOO LUCYYYYY
I love babies, but I'm semi-annoyed at how fast they fly through milestones. Why can't they just enjoy one cute little milestone for a little bit before they have to go and conquer the next!? No. Really. Whyyyyy.

Lucy learned to officially crawl not even a week ago? Or just a week. Whatever. And then, last night? Starts pulling to stand. STANDING. I know, God designed them this way and all---but seriously, this first year is insane. I forget just how fast it all goes and how one milestone is just on top of the other. Welcome to the land of head bumps and bruises.

Declan calls Monday nights my 'weekend'.  Basically making fun of me because I don't go to bed at some ungodly early hour, and I stay up late watching my dumb chick shows (the bachelor), which PS: I was totally team Catherine by the way, and completely thrilled with the show on Monday. Ahem. I mean. I don't get invested in dumb reality shows. I do.

I admit, there is something that makes Monday a little bit easier knowing that I have a silly show to look forward to, call it what you will. So, what do I do now that it's over?!?

I have had so much fun with wearing Lucy. I baby-wear so much more than I ever did with Emeline. I just think there is something about that 2nd kid, who has to go with the flow, and you NEED YOUR HANDS sometimes for that first demanding toddler, you know? Yesterday we worked on our hip carry and back carry with our Freehand Mei Tai--and Lucy loved being on my back. It was seriously so comfortable, too.

Does anyone have a dog with severe anxiety? Serious question. My dog is on-edge-all-the-time. He has issuez, with a z. I'm at my breaking point with him and I'm thisclose to being one of those people who gives my dog away. Probably not really, but yesterday? I was all PACK YOUR BAGS, DOG. He is completely irrational and harder than my 2 kids put together, I'm not joking. So, doggy prozac? Maybe? It will probably cost me an arm and a leg but may be necessary for mine (and his) sanity.

Okay--and lastly!

Super excited that I had the chance to join in at The Vintage Apple's, From One Mom to Another series today. I think you may like the post--so if you're looking for less hodge-podgy writing, I'm over there and would love to see that you hopped over and read it.



  1. You just BROKE. MY. HEART! I LOVE my Reader! Let me know where you land with your RSS.

  2. We have used Rescue Remedy for our cats (suggested by our Vet) and Golden. It is a plant based liquid supplement that you put into their water. (humans can use it, too!). We initially got it for one cat as he was obsessively licking the fur off his belly, but since all pets use the same water dish my 70lb Golden got some, too. He is so skittish! I do not know where it came from as he has never, ever been abused or even spoken to harshly (he is so spoiled and loved!). He def. benefited from the Rescue Remedy as much as the cats did. Give it a shot. You can order it off of Amazon, Dr. Foster's and Smith, or get it at any Natural Food Store (like Wild Oats). I think they have some specifically for dogs, but we just used the regular human stuff. Good Luck!

  3. I know just what you mean about the babies. My youngest just turned 1 and I'm still baffled how it all went down and that she's walking and talking and... she just turned 1!
    My SIL's dog also had some serious issues. Poor dog shook like a leaf and hid from everything. She got her a thundershirt and it really helped. I don't know if you've already heard of those. Maybe an idea?
    Great post on the One Mom To Another Series. Definitely lots of great advice! :)

  4. We were told by our vet that Melatonin tablets are a great option to try before going full doggy prozac. He suggested trying half a pill first, and we noticed our dogs calmed down, they weren't all drugged out, but well much more relaxed. Another option which has mixed reviews is the thunder shirt, it works for some. Hope this helps!

  5. Add a spoon of cooked oats to his food. That's been known to work for our shih-tzu/maltese mix.

    On a side note, Lucy looks comfy on your back! Glad it's working for you! :)

  6. I've never used Google reader. I just made a folder in my browser for blogs I like and put them in there. I don't even know anything about google reader.

    My dog is only crazy when there's thunder and even then, as long as he's near me, he's fine. Sorry yours is acting crazy.

    I can't believe Lucy I standing! Hopefully you have awhile until the walking starts.

  7. I just got the message about google reader a minute ago. Not happy about that at all. I hope you'll let us know what you switch to, cause I don't even know what other options are except Blog Lovin, and I didn't really like that one the last time I tried.
    I didn't baby wear very much with my daughter - she cried either way, so it was easier just to let her cry elsewhere. I'll probably have a bigger interest in it if a second baby ever comes along.
    Hope you figure out your doggy issues!

  8. Any and all of the above remedies may help, BUT if you do go doggy prozac way - super cheap to have them call it into CVS or whatever pharmacy you normally use _ WAY WAY CHEAPER to get the human version :) And the same thing. Just an FYI!

    Also - I HATE HATE how fast these babies grow up. Good thing they are so cute regardless WHAT they are trying to get into or do:)

  9. Seriously, please stop having such a cute family. I know what you mean about Google Reader, but you can easily export them and move them to Bloglovin (there is an option where you can click through and get live view as well), I posted a how to on my blog today. Let me know if you need help. Have a fabulous day!

  10. Ughhhh. I cried a little inside when I saw that Reader was going away. It is my LIFELINE! I have read good things about Feedly (and they are making it super easy for reader peeps to transfer). I am testing it out today- they imported all of the reader stuff (starred, folders, etc.). So far, so good! I need to test the app tonight!

  11. I've never even used Google Reader...I just use my Blogger account. Yes, I am old and not hip.

    The first time I put Avery on my back in the Ergo, I was in the bathroom making sure it was right and all her extremities were in the proper places, and I turned around to walk out, somehow forgetting she was there and whacked her head on the door frame.

  12. Everytime I see a happy baby in a carrier it makes me wish that I at least tried it with my son. I have a feeling if another baby comes along, the child will be worn at all times!

    I'm so new to the blog world... I log into Blogger everyday... I am going to assume that it's Google Reader? I'm so confused!!

  13. I had a slight panic attack yesterday when I saw Google Reader was closing. Please share what you/Declan learn about the best alternative.

    Lucy is so cute in the back carry! I haven't tried that with my son yet, but I might just have to when he wakes up from his nap.

  14. I totally just switched all the blogs I follow over to "blog lovin" to view all my blogs and it's wonderful and I think I'll love it. Check it out!! Google reader was such a pain because you couldn't delete the blogs you don't follow any more or the blogs that might have shut down!!!

  15. I totally had the same panic attack last night..why do they have to change things?!?!

    My sister's dog is on Prozac...makes a WORLD of difference in her...definitely worth the money

  16. I did NOT know about Google Reader closing!! I didn't get the memo! Ughh! I open it every night with Nook and catch up on my blogs!

  17. I think I might be the only person that really didn't understand how to use google reader. I am following SO MANY blogs twice, I have no idea why... blogger and reader? No idea. And then some blogs I think i'm following, I'm not? It drives me frigging bonkers (it's more me - than it though, never took the time). But seriously, it confuses me.

    And I don't think there is anything silly or weird about looking forward to a favorite show. I am like that all week long. TV has a special place in my brain where if my day is chaos? I think about that calm and I am okay again. Sad? Probably. True? Yep.

  18. Following you over from Michelle's blog! I loved what you said about motherhood!

  19. I'm sad about google reader too since everything is in it's nice little section. But I'm looking into the other options as well so we will see. I'm a lurker on your blog (you know this) and it takes a bit for me to come out of hiding and comment. I saw your tweet first about your guest post and instead of commenting there I came here and read this one as well.
    I truly enjoy your writing and love how you phrase things. I can't wait to experience what you have and truly look forward to all the "weirdness".
    I always appreciate your honesty and openness.

    I know you should talk to your vet about Mac and see what they suggest. Meds don't have to cost a fortune if you ask to get the prescription from them and take to Walmart for their cheap prescription list. We've had to do that now with Daisy since she is on so much medication and especially the heart ones that she will be on indefinitely.
    I know you are just venting but don't give up on him :)

  20. My vet gave up some anti anxiety meds for our dog for when it storms but I thought about giving it to him all because he is just on edge all the time too. I went to and searched for anti anxiety meds and they did have some but I didn't end up buying any.

  21. You aren't the only one who was upset over the google reader thing. it's the lifeblood of blogging. Come on google! Dog anxiety is totally real! I had a friend who's dog would scratch the same spot over and over until the hair was gone. The vet said she had anxiety and OCD, and she got put on something like doggy prozac. No joke. So bizzare.

  22. I am so annoyed about Google Reader. I'm taking the time to clear it out and really just keep the ones I love, but I am also looking for an alternative. So annoying they decided to cancel the service. The internet is an uproar!

  23. I was SO disappointed to learn they are changing Reader. That is how I get to read my blogs at work when everything else is blocked! I'm hoping you have a great recommendation for a replacement, and fingers crossed it will open at work or WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ON BREAK?

    I am so very interested in baby wearing. I am pregnant with number two and expect to wear number two WAY more than I did one. I'm unsure of what wraps/slings to buy. You like the Me Tai?

    My family has had issues with dogs and being on meds. My dog has such bad anxiety she has seizures. In the end, to avoid putting her on meds daily I decided to take her to my parents house where there are dogs and my dad is retired so there is interaction. My parents previous dog had to be on prozac/buspar for issues with anxiety and just being a total b*tch. It is definitely something you can talk with your vet about and find something. When my dog starts to get anxious I give her calm pills that came from the Drs. Foster and Smith. It's supposed to be all natural and it's kind of like a treat. works great to relax her. My parents give their current dog those when it storms since he thinks the world is ending when that happens. It work for him as well and I like that it's natural. So there's options it just depends on where you want to start!!

    Good luck!!

  24. It breaks my heart that they are this cute baby stage for such a short time and preteens for such a long time. Bummer ;) But seriously, they grow too fast.

    Ask your vet about Ace (Acepromazine). It's a low dose sedative type (very low dose). It's like doggy valium. My dog was on it for a while and we eventually weaned him off because he got to where he didn't even need it anymore. Just a tip :)

  25. I tried Reader and didn't like it. I know. I'm weird.

    But? I was TOTALLY Team Catherine. So you can still love me.

  26. Try this for finding a new reader. I'm not sure what I'll switch too, but this might give me a better idea of where to start.

  27. Noooo! I didn't know that about google reader. I've never even attempted to try anything different since this one is so easy. Anxious to hear what your husband finds! Ha!

    Girl, I don't know how you do it with a dog, nevertheless an anxious one! Hope you get that figured out!

    Lucy's face is HILARIOUS. Poor sister girl doesn't even know what is about to hit her when she starts walking...or maybe she does and that's why she is horrified ;)

    Loved the guest post!!

  28. It is like Monday's are the new Thursday's of the week with shows. What do you think about Des being the new Bachelorette?

    I don't have a dog, but a bird that is named Dudley and has severe anxiety (wears a cone so he doesn't pick out all his feathers) but wish there was bird prozac. It should be fun once we have kids to see how my sanity plays out. #nicknameADDdudley

  29. I'm kind of assuming somebody already said this but I didn't read all the comment so just in case... I LOVE Bloglovin for my blog reading. And From Mrs. to Mama posted a tutorial this week on how to export all your blogs from Google Reader into Bloglovin so you don't lose it all :)

  30. Another good tutorial just in case :)

    leaving you alone now :)

  31. don't get me started about dogs...i have had enough with him...6 kids and a dog don't mix..i don't have time for his crude...and i don't want to use the word crude if you know what i mean)

    he makes more messes than the kids combined and he's annoying (ok i'm done venting now)

    as for the stairs and lucy girl...

    that was my #5 he was crawling and climbing the stairs like crazy....#6...just happy and content sitting...i hope he stays my baby the longest since he's last (never say never i hear)

  32. My mom's dog (she has a collie mix) is SUPER anxious. and barky. not a good combination. ;) She has also told the dog to pack her bags a time or two, haha. ;)

    She ended up buying a thundershirt (I think they sell them at petco) and it works really well with her. The vet also gave my mom a sedative to use when she's reeeaally anxious (like during thunderstorms), but she rarely uses it.

    Good luck! Oddly enough our dog is very, hmm --- patience-friendly? --- but our cat drives us mad from time to time and we've threatened to sell her on ebay. She never seems to worried about it.... ;)

  33. Catching up on some blogs so this may cover a few areas. I've worn gray so much more than I did Monroe. I agree, it is essential to baby #2. I really think it helped M transition because G was kind of out of sight (but snuggles up so he got what he needed) and I had my hands free to tend to him.

    Love love love the panimals. Seriously amazing. I can just see Pinterest blowing up with pics of pancake animals!

    We had two dogs-mother and son-and when the mother died, the son lost his shit. He would just hide under furniture and shake and whine. My mom got some pheromone plug in things. They look like plug in air fresheners but emit pheromones. It relaxes them because it gives them the feeling of being back in their pack or something. You can't smell them at all and the dog never has to injest anything. It was a life saver. PS-no wonder our dogs go crazy around those kids. I love them to death but they are loud, fast, and unpredictable-sometimes they give me anxiety too!