Monday, April 1, 2013

Because 8 Months old seems...old.

Lucy turned 8 months old a few days ago and there's something about that age which seems much too close to 1 than I care to admit. It scares me a little, actually.

But she's wicked cute and she deserves a little update since I've been el slacker in that arena. I'm pretty sure she'll forgive me, until she's a teenager and Emeline & Lucy are going back through my blog (ohmygosh I can't even go there) and Em's bragging about how much of her life is documented and Lucy's all, mom I got so gypped! And all I can say to that is---yep. So did I, kid. I was a 3rd child.

Ahem. But anyway.

Lucy's demeanor is still sweet as sweet can be. People always say she's just the happiest little baby and she really is--unless it's close to nap time or bedtime, and we've pushed her too far, in which case she's rubbing her eyes incessantly and letting out a little whine here or there. And I can't really blame her for that.

She loves food. I love that she loves food because it makes feeding her SO easy. She joins us for mealtimes 2-3 times a day already and does amazing for having no teeth. Kind of makes me all proud inside to see her put down momma's chili.

Speaking of teeth, her bottom two look like they're just about to poke through. Because things have been shifting under there, sleep hasn't been bad, but the 12 straight hours has subsided--she gets up about 5:30am, and back down till closer to 7. No complaints there, though. It's still absolutely amazing sleep compared to her first 6+ months of life.

This month, she waves. She furiously fast crawls. She pulls to standing, but not all the time. Mainly when she's around a person, then she pulls up on them, or around the bottom step of the stairs. She makes that ridiculously cute sound when they pull their fingers to their lips and 'b-b-b-blub' (what the heck do you call that?!??!). Its my favorite thing. It makes me laugh every time.

I'm not kidding with these two. Other than sitting them next to each other, there's no prompting and "kiss your sister", Em does this on her own. She's seriously the sweetest to her.
Her favorite person is her sister. I might sound crazy, but I almost feel bad that Emeline didn't have a little person to entertain her 24/7. I mean, having a sibling is SO FUN and in a way, the 2nd, and 3rd (etc) kids are super duper lucky in that way. I think as parents sometimes we feel bad about adding more kids to the family, but really? I think life kind of gets better for them. Talk about constant entertainment and someone to steal toys from. Helloooo? That's fabulous.

Also, there is something ridiculously sweet about Lucy's relationship with her daddy. They just have this insanely cute connection. They meet eyes from across the room all the time--she hunts him down with those big blue's and then absolutely beams with joy when he smiles back at her.

Lucy got dedicated this month. I really, really want to post more about this--and I hope I can. But it was so special.

We are blessed to be your parents, because girl, you bring us so much joy & laughter.

happy 8 months.

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  1. 8 months!? Where does the time go, seriously? She is absolutely the cutest thing in the world. You sure do have the two most adorable kids ever...soon she'll be ONE! EEEK!

  2. cole turns 8m next monday...freaks me out b/c i swear i was just pregnant (rubs empty belly...well sort of empty...i just ate some leftover ham)

  3. Very sweet post. I can't believe she is 8 months! The pictures of her are just so darn cute and that is so fun she is eating so well. We have had a great eater on our hands and it makes mealtime so fun!

  4. 8 months is old. Too old. So is 9 months. Hold me.

  5. She's becoming a person! Not just a cute little squishy baby!

  6. 8 months is way too old! My Cade is going to be one in...17 days and I am in complete and utter denial! I feel like he should still be a newborn! Back to Lucy..she really is the prettiest little baby!! And the love for her big sister is pretty obvious. So sweet. (Also, emeline shutting her eyes while kissing her? I die!)

  7. How is she 8 months old already?! They all need to slow down! Kennedy learnt to sit up by herself yesterday and I admit, I cried!