Thursday, April 18, 2013

I got my life back again, and two videos you cannot miss. Really.

It feels good to be around, writing more again, sort of. I'd like to think that I'm having an extra second to sit, write and share because the wedding festivities are over---but if I'm being honest, it might be because I just finished Downton Abbey yesterday. Which, by the And yes, on rare occasion I will get sucked into some show, watch every episode back to back (as many as I can squeeze into my day), and totally lose track of the outside world. Don't act like you've never done it.

I did it with Friday Night Lights. Downton Abbey, now. What's next? (kidding. a little)

Anyway. I have some random things I want to share. None of which really go together. So I shall hodge-podge it into one post.

I like to shoot video clips with my camera. It's one of my favorite things. In fact, I'd almost prefer that to taking photos. There's just something about a million little clips, formed into one, making a little story that makes my heart all happy and warm. Back in October, when we went wedding dress shopping with my sister, while she thought I was taking photos, I was really taking video. Then, I surprised her with this little video keepsake of her picking her dress--and she loved it.

It sucked having to keep it under wraps for so long, but hello---you can't spoil the wedding dress before THE day.

So you can watch it now.

And then---

Remember how I mentioned that Emeline had a blast dancing at the wedding? Well, near the end of the reception, I found her in the midst of adults, as she's dancing her butt off. It took me a few minutes to pick my jaw up off the floor and laughing hysterically to finally think to grab my camera to get some video.

It's short. And she had lost a little of her energy by this point. But still? You get the gist.

Speaking of butt.

Earlier, I was giving the girls a bath before naptime. Due to a late night and skipped baths, it was necessary. Anyway---

Me: "Em, stand up so I can scrub your back and your butt."

Em: "Mom, it's called a bottom, don't say butt, dat's not nice."

I got told, by my toddler. We use "bottom" or "booty" about 99% of the time. When, in a hurry, I use the word "butt"? She has to go all adult on me. 

Nice one.


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  1. Sigh...can you come be my sister? Because that video is amazing.

  2. That video of Susan is amazing! The Em video is adorable! I just love kids. Every day they just amaze you!

  3. LOVE her little polka dot dress!
    LOVE that song!
    LOVE her dancing!

    And...I already commented on FB about the video....LOVE LOVE LOVE it too! How special that she'll have that forever!

  4. Oh I wish I had a sister like you... wait no I wish I had a sister period! Will you be my sister? You are so sweet :)

  5. I know can you be my sister too, love the video of your sister looking for her dress, such a great memory to have and that video of Em is adorable!!

  6. Oh you can just tell Eme is eating that up! So cute!!!!!

  7. I looove the wedding dress video. What a special moment you were able to capture. Your mom beaming at her?? So cute. Makes me wish my mom had actually been there when I found "the" dress. Love love love. You are the best sister, makes me wish I had a little sis!

    Your girlie just love the attention doesn't she! So so cute.

    P.S. I definitely do the down the tv black hole thing, not as often now that I have kid. I only watched 1-2 eps of Downton, I know I need to give it a better go.

  8. That Susan dress video is so special and sweet. I'm sure she's super grateful that you captured that event for her. And I love that you filmed the moment that she said yes to the dress!

  9. How great is that video of Susan? I love it, and I love that you did it all in black & white. How special.

  10. 1. Love the new blog look.
    2. Love Friday Night Lights.
    3. Love Buddy Garrity, Coach and Tami Taylor, and Tim Riggins.
    4. Love Tami Taylor's hair.
    5. Love Downton Abbey.
    6. Love the Dowager Countess.
    7. Love the bridal video. I bawled like a big baby because it makes me think of Jessi.
    8. Love the Emeline video. Girl got swag!

  11. Ok I am seriously tearing up. Picking out the wedding dress is one of the most amazing days ever!!! Your sister is absolutely gorgeous! And you are amazing for making this for her. Love the song is a song that is used in our wedding video and it gets me every time. Love it!! :)

  12. That video of your sister totally made me tear up! Super sweet :) Can't wait to see it on TV!

  13. The video you made of Susan's dress shopping was so beautiful! What a gift. :)

  14. Oh I wish I had a sister, mother, and mother in law to take me dress shopping. I cried like a baby! That dress is so pretty.

  15. Susan's dress shopping video is BEAUTIFUL. All I could think of while watching it is how much her children will cherish that one day...So incredible!

    And the video of Em...OMG. MY HEART. That girl can really break it down. :)

  16. Thats such a good keepsake for your sister of the journey of finding her wedding dress. The dress looked beautiful on her and complimented her perfectly.
    Eme dancing made me smile :) reminded me so much of my younger sister who still does that at 16 (she has Down Syndrome). Keep that video to show at her 21st ;)
    Any chance of seeing a few more pics of the wedding? Loved the bridesmaid shot the colour of the dresses is really nice and how the styles were different but similar.
    I am curious to know if the 'LOVE' table for the candy bar was supplied for the venue or if you made or bought it? I love the touch it made and the pic of Eme stealing candy is something that I would do and I am 18 because hello sometimes a girl needs a sweet tooth fix :)

  17. I absolutely ADORE those videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXO

  18. 1. the video of your sister is perfection. pure perfection. having that moment on film is priceless.

    2. E can drop it like it's hot! she's got some serious rhythm ;)

  19. Those videos are awesome, especially Susan's. What a wonderful gift to give her.

  20. Ahh.. the video of your sister finding her dress made me tear up! What a special moment to have captured!

    And your girl Emeline??? That.Was. AWESOME! Loved it!!!

    As for the videos? I totally get sucked into shows like that. My husband and I did it for the first time with Lost a few years ago and I about drove him crazy because it is all I wanted to do! I also did it with FNL. I would do it again with that one. Gosh, I love that show!

  21. Love the videos!! How do you do that?!! I don't know how. Sad-face!

    But LOVE both videos!!! :) So sweet for Susan to have that! And LOVE Emeline dancing! :)

  22. What a very special video for your sister, that is just so very sweet!