Thursday, April 4, 2013

kid birthdays=awesome, adult birthdays=weird

Nearly 28 years ago today my mom was probably hunched over in pain as I pushed my big noggin further and further into her pelvis getting ready to meet the world in about 24 hours.

Too much? Thought so.

Anyway. I was a 3rd kid. So I bet by this time, all those years ago, she was still going about normal life, walking a few miles a day, helping my dad run his businesses, cooking, cleaning, mothering two older kids, and then the next day around 3pm, she took a whiff of pepper, sneezed, and I flew out. Let's be real.

(kidding mom)

Birthdays as an adult are stupid.

There, I said it.

They're even stupider (not a word, I know) when you have kids.

Nothing, I repeat, nothing is about you anymore when you have kids. A birthday? HA! HA! HA! How silly of you, ma, to think YOU get a day for yourself?! pish posh. Kids laugh in the face of that crap.

Will I get sung to by my too-close-to-3-year-old about a million times? You betcha. Will I still have to wake up at 5:30am to nurse a baby? You betcha. Will I still have to drag my butt out of bed early and feed two starving faces breakfast and get kids clothed and off to preschool and blah blah blah? You betcha. Will I still workout? You betcha. Will I still have to come home to a house that looks like it's been raided by a bunch of robbers and then realize it was just us leaving in a rush? Yep. (Happens every freaking day. Just me??) Will I still have to make lunch and then clean up the bomb that is my kitchen? Yerrrrrpppp. You know the mom drill.

It's not that my husband isn't awesome. He is. And he makes me feel special and all that mush. But it's a work day. So we'll sprinkle random bits of birthday stuff here and there, but most the time, I'll just be mom. Doing my normal mom stuff. Life will go on as usual. And then I'll pass a calender, remember, oh hey it's my birthday, and birthday's just aren't as cool when you're old like me, and that's a fact. And I guess I'm ok with that.

Or am I?

I always have a hard time believing when people want their birthdays forgotten about. I was clicking through the channels the other day and stopped on some dumb reality show, where Joan Rivers (gag) was fa-reaking out about her birthday. Literally, didn't want anyone to utter the dreaded words, or remind her about it. Not even an age thing, I don't think. Just because.

Does this really happen? Do people want to be forgotten about on the one day you can claim as your own mini-holiday? I don't know. I have a hard time believing it. I admit that it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling to know I was thought about when someone does something special for me. When they text or (gasp) call you, versus put it on your facebook wall (not that anything's wrong with that, especially for more acquaintance-type connections).

It's just. Birthday's are weird as an adult. And especially as a parent. Or at least I think so. But, whatever. I had my time of fantastic kid birthdays and now I get to re-live that joy through my kids birthdays and set them up for disappointment in the future (hardy-har, sorry kids).


So this year. Year 28 (hold me). I want to get stronger. Be healthier. Be nicer (yep, my husband will laugh at this and then nod). Be more intentional. Smile bigger and more often. Push myself further than I thought I was capable. Continue loving on these precious girls of mine. Spend more time with God. Not be pregnant. Be warm and embracing. Stretch myself in uncomfortable situations. Meet new friends. Challenge myself. Get more haircuts (a year between haircuts is absurd). Drink less diet coke. Clean my house more (just kidding). Read more (won't happen).

This slowly turned into a New Years Resolution post. Whoops.

Well, this is me waving 27 goodbye. Peace out. Bring on the two-eight...I guess. Because, there ain't no stopping it anyway.


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  1. Well, I just turned the three eight, a little over a week ago and let me tell you, it gets even weirder. ;)

    But I still love my birthday and all the fun messages.

    And funny... my birthday post turned in to one with resolutions as well!!

    Enjoy YOUR day, Katie!

  2. Happy Almost Birthday! Plus, for the record, it's been over a year since I cut my hair. You are not alone.

  3. I always thought people not celebrating their birthdays/not telling people when their birthday is was downright strange. I have a co-worker like that. I can't wrap my head around it.

    This was my first birthday as a mama, and yep. It was different. I kinda liked it, though.

  4. My favorite of your goals (although they all rock) are be more intentional and not be pregnant bahaha. Hope you have a fabulous birthday, friend. You will kick 28's booty!

  5. Happy almost birthday girl! I like the idea of my birthday, but when it comes and goes now I get a little sad at the boredom of it. I do get cake though, so that's an upside. ;)

  6. So many parts of this very real and very honest post made me laugh. Have a very happy birthday and don't forget to thank your mom ;-)

  7. I feel the same way you do about Birthdays.

  8. I hear ya. I'm normally pretty shy and hate being the center of attention... except on my birthday. I get so excited for it and then it just kind of comes, and then goes. And it would just feel weird to put as much effort into planning something for a 34th birthday as I would for a 4th birthday. I will definitely be thinking of it now as "my own mini-holiday" though. ;)

    I do hope you enjoy your day and get at least a few happy ear to ear smiles out of it. Happy Birthday! :)

  9. You're just spittin' out humor in this post. I kinda' love it. :P Lots of truth in that humor, though, my friend. Happy 28!

  10. I absolutely adore birthdays and every year have a celebration for myself and plan special outings for myself all day long =) Is that weird? I feel like if ever there was a day to celebrate just being alive, it's your birthday. And, for the record, I do the same thing for pretty much everybody around me too! =) I love your resolutions for this year!

  11. Happy birthday. Those are some great goals for 28. I cannot wait to read about you conquering each one, well I will let you off the hook on the cleaning one ;). I hope you find some special moments to celebrate you even during the regular mommy day.

  12. Happy Birthday! I agree about birthday parties for adults. Past years my husband and I have to arrange our child's birthday party around his grandma's birthday party (their birthdays are 4 days apart). I can understand milestone birthdays, but not every birthday. We finally started cutting that out. His family celebrates every birthday with a party. They didn't understand this year when I didn't have a party. I didn't want one. It's not that big of a deal for me, but I want to celebrate big for my kid's birthday.

  13. Happy Birthday! I feel the same way about birthdays...

  14. Katie I LOVED this post. You have such a way with words that makes me laugh. "Sniff of pepper... sneezed me out". LOL!!!
    Yes, bdays do stink more after having kids but I try to at least do 1 or 2 things for myself in that day. Go to your favorite restaurant for dinner, schedule a hair cut, pedicure, manicure, something that is pampering and that you can do kid-less and just for you. It helps keep the day somewhat special. You deserve it and I'm sure your family thinks you are more than worth it. Happy birthday. I'd give my right arm to be 28 again. I'm hitting the big 3-5 this summer. Ugh!

  15. Happy Birthday! My twin sister and I have said this for the last three years. In June, we will turn 30. I have three kids now so it will definitely be a downer. Oh well. We will do our annual dinner at the same restaurant with my husband I since her boyfriend has to work. Just another day......