Monday, April 29, 2013

Lucy is 9 Months Old

I've not been great at keeping up with Lucy's life via blog writing. Mainly because I was kind of bored with that--bored with talking about her clothing size and milestones. But the truth is, I still need it for me. The other day, Declan and I were all What age did Emeline say Ma-Ma? And I'm all, oh, I don't remember, I'll check my blog.

With Lucy? I'll just be like--hmmm, I don't know. And make up some answer. 

I have to write stuff down. My memory is shot these days. I blame my kids.



You are nine months old today. A mere 3 months away from celebrating your 1st birthday. In one breath I can be all, "ohmygosh, howwwww is that possible, it went so fast!?"--but in the other, I can remember the long, hard days and nights learning to adjust to a family of four. It didn't exactly speed by those days. Interesting how that works :)

The good news is, the ages of 6-9 months has been golden. You've always been a doll baby, but I think it was more me. Me feeling more confident as a momma to two, figuring out the balance, enjoying watching your little personality come to life, and how you engage with your sister.

geez, you are CUTE, kid.

These days I feel like I have a kid, and not a baby anymore. It's really only in the middle of the night when I'm cuddling you or nursing you when you're sad about your teeth that I realize you're still so much a baby. During the day, though? You are practicing big-girl status, trying to keep up with Emeline, I suppose.

Speaking of the middle of the night. You had an amazing, amazing sleep run. From months 7 & 8 you slept 10-12 hours a night. Then, you got those two little teeth and it wrecked you. We're having some difficult nights, but in the end--I know this won't be forever, so I'm ok. Maybe the long, amazing nights are on the horizon again? no? one can dream. 

You're a fast and furious crawler (you've been for 2+ months now), you crawl up to anything, immediately pull to stand, then often let go and stand freely for 5-10 seconds, then you gracefully kneel down to the ground. It's both adorable and terrifying. You began crawling up the steps in the last two weeks. Again--rocky road ahead, little one. You cruise along furniture. Tackle your sister. Play with all the toys exactly like you should. I say to your daddy all the time, "I feel like I have a 1 year old, already!"

I don't know all your stats. Haven't scheduled had your 9 month appointment yet, but you're a solid little lady, wearing anything from 6-12 months, depending on the brand. You're in size 2 little kicks (although, let's be honest--you rarely wear shoes), and we just graduated you this weekend to the big carseat since I realized you're probably at or very near the height requirement for the infant carrier. 

You said Ma-Ma this weekend for the first time, although I'm pretty sure you weren't referring to me. You yell "dad" and da-da all the time. You yell, "YAY" (maybe by coincidence), but it's hilarious. You have yelling/screaming matches with your big sister, and I fear for the future of teenage fights. I'm in trouble.  I guess you've noticed a theme....yell. Yea, you're kind of loud, kiddo. You love to clap. You clap for everything and anything, all the time. You really mastered clapping this month. You wave, with that tight closing motion, it's the best. We're working on blowing kisses with you, but for now you just say, "MWAH"--without the real hand motion. Baby steps. 

Food. Man, you love it. It's been awesome just feeding you legit foods (within reason). You love everything. Blueberries, kiwi, grapes (cut up), mandarin oranges, sweet potatoes, cucumber, eggs,  you had your first spaghetti recently, ritz crackers, waffles, etc---basically, I could go on forever. You eat well. You get about 2-3 'meals' a day, plus--our nursing relationship is going strong. 

You make me laugh so much. You now get hilariously when Emeline takes something away from you. It's like you finally have your voice and are making up for the last few months where she got away with it. You crawl up to her wherever she has a snack, love to push all her buttons, smile all big and cheesy at her, crawl into her room after naptime to 'wake her up', and bang on the big glass door at one another. You're beginning to love the outdoors, thanks to the nice weather---so this summer oughta be filled with lots of fun for you.

You go by Lu, Lu-girl, Lucy-girl, Louie (Daddy hates this. Whatever.), Luc, Boogs, Boogie, sissy, and a smattering of other random names. 

Who knew a kid with such a short easy name could get so many nicknames. 

Lucy girl--you continue to light up our life.We love, love, loooove you.



  1. She's just beautiful! both inside and out of course. You are such a great mom... that adjustment is one that I wasn't prepared for, first from 1-2 and then from 2-3. It happened and then it was glorious.

    and seriously, those eyes. gorgeous.

  2. She. Is. SO. Cute.

    Is that red in her hair?

    Happy 9th months, gorgeous little miss!

  3. She is precious & takes the best smiley pictures! :) My little man sees a phone/camera and the smile instantly disappears...just like his daddy! He is trying so hard to get moving and it looks like our next three months are going to be eventful judging by miss Lucy!

  4. Love! This makes me want to do the first year all over again, so when I have a second baby and am in the thick of sleepless nights, I'll come back and read this and remember how much fun the 6-9 month age is. Love that little Lucy girl!

  5. Love! This makes me want to do the first year all over again, so when I have a second baby and am in the thick of sleepless nights, I'll come back and read this and remember how much fun the 6-9 month age is. Love that little Lucy girl!

  6. Goodness gracious, that child is just too freakin cute! I can't get over that face! Happy 9 months Lucy Girl!!

  7. Seriously, that picture of her in her carseat is absolutely perfect! She is just gorgeous!

    It makes me laugh that you say she yells a lot. What is it with the 2nd babies being so loud?! Having to talk over their older siblings, I suppose!

    Happy 9 months, Lucy!

  8. She's adorable!!! I'm new to your blog so wanted to say hi :)


  9. Oh my word. That first picture just takes your breath away! Also, does she have red in her hair?

  10. The first couple of paragraphs? TOTALLY. I'm desperately trying to keep up with doing Becca updates for the same reason.

    Sweet Lucy...she is just adorable!