Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On becoming a gym junkie* (*not quite. but.)

I've always been the workout at home-type. I run outdoors, sometimes on the treadmill, do the shred at naptime. But really, I've been dying to become a member at the ymca.

I'd been dropping hints left and right to Declan about it, but we always came to the same conclusion---it was just a lot of money monthly to my budget nazi husband (I love him) and then I what if you don't even use it?-lecture. It was annoying.

Then, one magical day--he came home from work telling me that his boss wanted to pay for individual memberships to anyone in his (small) company who wanted them. Ummm. WHAT. A) Awesome and B) I wanted the membership, not him. Not fair. Whaaaa.

One thing led to another and (it worked out in my favor) we were able to figure out getting a family membership for about half the price thanks to his employer. It made it financially much more justifiable, and yay! family member benefits!

Let me just say this. I love it.

I love it way more than I ever thought I would. And I use it.

It helps that there are awesome classes, and other people around motivating me to workout.  It helps that I know a ton of people who go there. It helps to have access to a billion awesome machines and weights and everything right at your fingertips. It helps that it's close by. It helps that there are really great staff who will watch my kids while I sweat.

It's weird, because I'm becoming a bit of a gym junkie. I find myself antsy and annoyed on mornings I don't get to go. I get in a few morning workouts throughout the week. After I drop Emeline off at preschool two mornings a week, I pop in for Zumba if I can. I even meet Declan there on his way home from work two days a week for a short workout. It's just really, really convenient.

I'll be honest--my biggest hurdle to overcome was regarding my kids. I felt awful at first about leaving them to the care of complete strangers at the y's childcare. But, after the first time--Emeline asked to go back constantly. She loved it. She doesn't get to go as often as Lucy since she's at preschool two of the days--but when she goes, she has so much fun. My favorite part about picking her up is when she gives us a hug, and says, "Mom, why you all watery? You been exercisin'??"

It gives the girls a good laugh every time.

Lucy? I worried about her more than Em. She's still a baby. Would she be ok? And the answer is--yes. yes. and yes. She was, and she is. They even get her to sleep sometimes, which shocks me, and I often sneak peeks at her while I pass by and she's playing with other babies and the staff. It's really sweet.

I don't feel guilty about this anymore. I really don't.

I've gained my nap times back to do work for my job, to write, to clean, or whatever else needs to be done, and in general I feel better.

I'm not losing weight. Not at all, actually. But my body feels stronger and more capable than it ever has, and that feels good.

Sometimes I want to be all in your face, see I use it to my husband when I've made it there 4x in a week. But I hold my tongue, and just take it out on the stairmaster. :)

It's weird, really. I never, ever thought of myself as a gym-go'er. I had a small phase in life, high school years, where I was a student member. I did ab-class all the time, and worked out a bit. But I swear, gyms with childcare are made for moms (duh) to make life just a tad bit easier. It has seriously enhanced mine, and I'm grateful for it.


are you more the gym type or home-workout type? both? curious your thoughts about it.

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  1. A while back my husband and I joined Planet Fitness and we both went once.... womp womp. We work opposite shifts, don't have a regular babysitter, not even grandparents that will watch Olivia so it was a bust. Now there's a gym literally down the street from me that offers free babysitting and I've heard nothing but good things about it. We're joining this weekend. Glad to hear that you're enjoying it. I feel like I'll be so much more productive there when I know Olivia is having fun and in the same building.

  2. I started going to a Zumba/Bootcamp class 3 days a week back in December and I LOVE it. I never thought I'd love going, but I do! I too get cranky if I miss a class. It makes me feel so good when I get a good workout in. I haven't really lost weight either, but I'm ok with it. I feel like I am in better shape than I've been since high school. My husband is our budget natzi too and I was worried he'd say something about my monthly Zumba fees, but I tell him it is my therapy! :)

  3. I love to workout at a gym! Sadly, we are in the same boat you were in. We don't want to pay over 200 bucks a month for the family membership. J's job also allots money for us to spend on fitness, but it's only $500 a year so we might be better off buying a treadmill or outdoor equipment. I'm glad you're falling in love with the gym. I'm still trying to decide if it's worth it for us. There are cheaper gyms, of course, but the childcare is an important factor for us and since the babes are still very little, we have to go to the Y. Decisions, decisions.

  4. Good for you lady! I love the's like my happy place. I still do at-home workouts or run outside still just to liven things up...I get bored real easy doing the same things all the time.

  5. Is the childcare free? My YMCA charges 5.25 for one hour for both of my girls on top of the membership. It so insane so I hardly get to go. But oh would I love to go more!!!!

  6. I have friends that say they are "not gym people" or are the "work out at home type" but I know it's because they've never experienced the beauty of the gym.
    Dropping your children off in the care of loving grandma-types or fun teenagers (that toddlers LOVE) feels good. Knowing that you won't be interrupted bc your babies are happy being entertained and cared for IS FREAKING AMAZING. I don't ever feel selfish for that time - I love love love it even if all I feel like doing that day is walking on the treadmill.
    For reals I've never had a friend that I didn't invite to the gym with me that didn't join within a week and become a "junkie" too. It's just to wonderful for all involved:-)

  7. awesome job girl!!! Do this for yourself. Your kiddos are fine. The gym wouldn't hire people for the kids area if they were good. :Let them play or sleep and you get your workout on ;)

  8. I love, love the gym I go to. My three year old son Sam asks to go It's both motivating and makes me feel so happy! I go mainly for the spin and weight classes, but have also used the treadmill a bunch since I started running 2.5 months ago. I say it's a REALLY good thing for us Moms to be able to drop the kid(s) off for an hour or two. I know that for me, it makes my day, attitude and body feel much better on a daily basis. I'm also just 12 lbs away from losing a significant amount of it has really helped me. We normally go Mon-Fri mornings between 9 and 11am (we'll adjust when he starts preschool in the fall) :) I say good job and keep going if it makes YOU happy.

  9. It's so funny to read this, because I've recently started doing the exact opposite, lol.

    I used to be ONLY gym. Like, I would go 5-6 days a week, every week. I'd do the treadmill, I'd do elliptical, I'd do weight machines, I'd do Zumba.... but I couldn't work out at home, at all.

    Then, I gained some workout buddies who didn't have memberships, so we would meet to walk the lake or my neighborhood.

    Now? I've gotten into a Couch 2 5K and The 30 Day Shred routine. Completely by myself, in my house/neighborhood. I do The Shred Mon-Fri and C25K on Tues, Thurs, and Sat. Every now and then, I'll walk with someone. I haven't been to the gym since before Thanksgiving.

    I do miss Zumba, but overall I've enjoyed this change of pace. I'm sure I'll eventually make it back to the gym (my membership is free through work, so I don't feel as bad), but right now it's working for me.

  10. Our family loves the Y! I homeschool my kids so it's a nice way for them to get "gym class" in. They love the rock climbing wall and I love the machines. We even do a family Zumba class which is awesome!

  11. That's amazing. I would love the Y just to get in the pool and swim!

  12. I would love to be a gym junkie, but A. We can't afford it and B. even though there is one with child care, Phoebe is SO shy, I don't think she would go. She is just like I was when I was her age. So mommy works out at home when daddy gets off work and can watch her. If he got off earlier, I would go in the evening, but all of our gyms are closed by 9. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it so much!!

  13. Ahhh. This post! I am so torn up about joining a gym. This is making it even harder. I have wanted to for a long time (before we moved) but we were moving so.. yeah. And then we got here, and I couldn't find one with childcare! Just about a month ago.. I found out there is ONE gym in our area with childcare (between 2 towns smallish) and... the childcare is almost always full. I am so annoyed. Why would I sign up and pay if I can't always take D with me? When would I even go? I need to call over there and get down to the details but it doesn't feel hopeful. We need another gym with childcare in the area!

    However.. you are much more motivated than I. So I am glad you have found this and that it is working so well for you! That is so awesome, you look amazing for it but I love that you are focusing on feeling strong. I want to feel that way. That is more motivating to me than trying to be tiny! I like your attitude girl!!!!

  14. I used to be a gym junkie. Spin class, boot camp, doing workouts I used to do as a college athlete. Now, we can't justify the $ and there is no gym in town that does childcare. If anyone was smart enough, they would do this. Oh well! I run and do insanity in the basement, but I would love to get back into a gym.

  15. This is awesome, glad you're loving it. I need to just bite the bullet and do it! I make all the same excuses you did but really, I know I will feel better!

  16. I used to go to the gym all the time, I was a total gym rat. But my motivation died a bit in the past few years and after having Madelyn it went down even more. Well I started a new workout program 2 weeks ago that requires going to the gym and I am loving getting back in the swing of thngs. I don't trust the daycare they have there so I will be excited when we move to the surburbs and there is a day care I feel comfortable leaving her at. In the meantime I'm going at the ass crack of dawn a couple days a week and at night when my hubby gets home from work a couple days a week. We do what we gotta do right. Good for you Katie, its a great habit to get into.

  17. If we had the extra money to pay for it I would definitely use it and go and work out with my friends and hang by the pool with our friends in the summer. Now I want to join! Waaahh! The last two times we dropped Chase off at daycare at church he's had issues so now I'm afraid to leave him with people. I'll get over it soon. Maybe.

  18. I only go to the gym once a week during the school year. Saturday mornings, power yoga and I have a date. I wouldn't pay for it, but B insists I need it, which I do. And because we have a similar situation like you guys, it's really not bad, financially speaking. During the summer, I plan to hit the gym at least three times a week. I can go during the day and the fear of day care germs is significantly lower! HA! Glad you are loving your classes. I love them too!

  19. My hubs was the same way thinking the gym was a waste and after a honeymoon period we'd stop using it. Then one day when I was 7 months pregnant with my 2nd, we stopped in at the Y in the park we were on a family walk in. We joined the next day and 4 years later still love it and are there at least 3 if not 4, 5 times a week.

  20. I cannot get myself to workout at home. I prefer the gym. I used to go to the Y & i LOVED IT. But then i started faithfully going to 2 classes (bootcamp & zumba) that were not part of the Y, and it didn't make sense to pay for both when i was only going to those 2 classes.

    Later, i switched jobs that made it impossible for me to go to those 2 classes I loved. Instead of going back to the Y, i joined Planet Fitness b/c it's only $10. But i stopped going. It's just not near enough to me to make it convenient and they don't have classes. I really miss the classes!!

    Maybe i will get to join the Y again someday! :)

    But YAY for getting to use the Y & for it being cheaper b/c of your husband's employer!! (My husband is definitely the budget nazi, so i understand! Haha!)

  21. You go, girl!! You look fabulous!! I am the "workout at home" type!! I LOVE my Insanity & Les Mills Pump!!

  22. I have a gym membership (christmas gift..!) and I so struggled with the guilt, too. I haven't gotten over it quite yet, but I also haven't been enough to try to get over it. It's not so much for Connor (3) as he begs to go, but for Cade (1). Why I worry about it since he is just a baby, I'm not sure. Stupid mom guilt. I usually only go to run on the treadmill, but I have been to a couple of boot camp classes, which almost killed me. I'm sure of it ;). Do you only go to classes and run or do you use the machines, too?