Thursday, May 9, 2013

And, more snippets of life. (birthday stuff, wedding pictures, oh my!)

I spent an hour and a half wallpaper'ing a dollhouse last night.

Yea. A dollhouse. I am preparing to blow my kid's mind.

My fingers are covered in modge-podgy glue and hot pink spray paint. If that, in combination with the random craft crap strewn about my kitchen doesn't shout it must be a birthday week, then I don't know what does. Because holy cow, my life is a mess right now. In only the way that celebrating a special birthday can produce.

I've decided that birthday weeks and party prep are like finals week for college students. Pulling all nighters, needing lots of coffee, eating junk food, you know--cramming for...well, you get it. It's a lot of work. Even if you've convinced yourself you're doing just a simple little party. Simple still = work. All parties take work.

I've decided to move the party up an entire day, so that doesn't help my chaotic party planning.

The good news though? The household is generally happy and healthy enough to have a party at all, and for that, I am so so grateful.


Yesterday was Em's last day of school for the year. I want to do a whole post about this, and the changes I saw in her from attending preschool only 2 days a week for a mere 2 hours. I am going to--for now, let's just talk about how big my girl is.

And also--what am I to do with her on Wednesdays and Fridays from the hours of 9:30-11:30am now? just kidding. sort of.

Oh, and tomorrow. She is 3. Trying to let that one soak in, because my brain is like her attitude has been 3 for a loooong time. I mean, I can't believe she's going to be 3.

Stop. Hold the phone. Remember when you all asked me Where are the good wedding pictures from your sister's big day??!?! Well the official blog post came out yesterday, and I am telling you, it is the BEST recap of her day. It will make you feel like you were there, thanks to the amazing Joy Moody Photography. (also--totally gives a behind the scenes sneak peek into the tv show filming and stuff!)

Go look at the pictures, and then watch this adorable video.

Susan & Jeff's Wedding from JoyMoody on Vimeo.

And in the video? The guy singing for the first song? That's my little brother :) If the whole world didn't already swoon over his (single) cuteness then, now they really will be.


It's my momma's birthday today, she's the best. These next few days are intense. My mom's birthday, Emeline's birthday, breathe, then Mothers day. I always end up forgetting a few things because admittedly I become hyper focused on Eme's birthday. Also, it's been ONE YEAR since we've been in Disney World. That makes me feel like the year went fast because I kind of feel like I was just there.

Whoa baby belly. Hello tiny baby Eme.


Alright. Did you look at the wedding pictures? Did you cry? Were you amazed at the gorgeousness of everything? Are you in as much shock that an entire year flew by that fast like I am?

Happy, happy day friends. I'm off being a crazy nut with last minute stuff.

love love.

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  1. Duh, I looked at Susan's pics yesterday and HOLY GORGEOUS! I'm telling you, your sister was a gorgeous bride! Her wedding looked like what I would envision for my own if I were to get a do-over! LOVED every detail!!! And, yes, I cried.

  2. All amazing, as per usual :)

    I can't believe it's been a year since you went to Disney! I feel like I just read about that. Time flies. I cannot wait to see this dollhouse you're putting together!

  3. Nothing like a good cry in the morning. Beautiful. Everything was just beautiful.

  4. Susan's pictures were so beautiful!! I just really lives them.
    I remember reading about your Disney World trip... SO weird that was a year ago.
    I hope your mom has a happy birthday! Also I'm excited to see pictures of Eme's party because let's face it, if your throwing the party, it's going to be all kinds if adorable.
    Glad the sickies have left your home!

  5. I am soooo not a crier when it comes to stuff like weddings, and I totally just did ; ) She is stunning, what a beautiful bride! Looks like it was a magical day for all of you.

  6. Did Eme go to preschool at the church you go to? Wedding pics were so gorgeous. I know Lucy isn't one yet but so crazy that last year she was in the belly. Seems like she has been around longer than that!

  7. Hi Katie! Your sister's wedding was sooooo pretty! And so were both you and her! Everything was just gorgeous. We don't have cable anymore but I'm going to have to try and watch the show. How fun!

  8. Wallpapered a dollhouse? This I can't wait to see.

    I'm interested for the preschool post because I just started looking into preschool for E. Friends who live in the neighborhood we're moving to said we HAVE! TO! get on this waiting list for this preschool there, and I was on their website feeling so overwhelmed at the price and which decisions to make (half day? full day? what time? morning? afternoon?). I saw your IG post of Eme the other day and all the questions people were asking, and I didn't want to add to them. :)

  9. Oh Katie..

    Crying is an understatement. These pictures and video that you shared with us is absolutely precious. Thanks you so much for sharing this part of your life and your sisters life.

    Happy Birthday to your Mom, Eme, and especially Happy Mother's Day to you.

    Blessings to you all

  10. This week, G was talking about his birthday in AUGUST (seriously kid, we got a while) and he informed me that he wants a superhero party. I just had a superhero party for Lo. How am I gonna get away with another superhero party and do it uber simple like I did his? It'll definitely be finals week that week.

  11. Happy birthday to Eme!! Hope your celebration is fabulous and that you rest afterwards :)

    Also? Susan's wedding photos are absolutely stunning. I mean, wow. All her hard work paid off a million times over. She's shining from the inside out in these photos. What a sweet time for your family!

  12. Your brother sings too?! Swoon. I'm going to Cali ;) kidding.

    I am so excited for Aug 29th to see Susan's wedding! It's already in my calendar.

  13. Oh. My. Gosh. What an amazingly beautiful wedding. Such perfect details and venues! Wow,wow,wow. I can't wait to see the show on TLC!

  14. Wow. What a stunning wedding. So gorgeous!

  15. I can't believe how big Eme has got over the last year...time flies.

  16. I saw Eme's dollhouse on Instagram (i think) and I've been wondering where you found it ever since! It's awesome - can you share details?