Tuesday, May 28, 2013

confess-fest happening up in hurrr.

It's Monday, I mean, Tuesday. I always get so messed up with Monday holidays. Anyway. I figure we should keep it light today. I wrote one time last week because of vacation, and I do have a desire to post some deeper things this week (we'll see if it happens), but I also am bubbling up with confessions. A totally shallow, non-important-to-the-world post.

It's been so long since I've had a good confess-fest. So here it goes.

I wince a tiny bit when I see big kid bare butts on my instagram or facebook feed. I guess I just picture them being all Mommmmm OMG my butt is on the internet! one day. Or maybe it's because I have my own baby and toddler tooshies of my own at home. My personal mantra is after newborn phase, keep them in your at-home photo albums. Because, dude, there could be creepers out there.

Speaking of at-home photo albums. What are they?? I don't even have one. Okay, I lied. I have two Shutterfly books I made, one for each of my girls' birth-day & hospital stay/first-few-days. After that? They all live on the internet or on my external harddrive. If the apocalypse happens, my girls will have nothing tangible to take with them and that makes me feel like a big old loser mom.

I feel led astray a little on the whole Chobani Greek Yogurt Flip thing. I have tried two flavors and while they are okay, they are not phenomenal. I feel like everyone is obsessing over them, so of course, I had to buy two to try in all their overpriced glory. Instagram, you mis-led me a little. You owe me my $3 back.

This morning I woke up feeling really refreshed at 6:30am. I knew it was weird since I'm used to feeling like a complete trainwreck after waking every 2-3 hours with my back-to-newborn-ways sleeper. I went to grab the monitor and realized it had come unplugged during the night and died. No wonder I felt refreshed, I probably let my kid scream at least one time during the night and didn't hear a darn thing. I HATE knowing this happens. I'm a huge sucker and basically tend to her every whine during the night. The only part that makes me feel slightly less guilty is the fact she's 10 months old tomorrow and, well, she's kind of old. And she woke up chatting and with a huge smile. Oh, and I got really decent sleep, so there's that.

We go on family runs a lot now and I love it. I love it mainly because my husband pushes the stroller the whole time and I get to just run next to them chatting with my 3 year old about bunnies and birds. Two days ago I tried to take the stroller from my husband for a minute so he could have a rest (I never do this, ha)--and I nearly died. I have no idea how women push strollers AND run a 10 min or under mile. NO IDEA. I feel strong most days. I did NOT feel strong at all for those 3 minutes I pushed that stroller and attempted to run. ouch.

Last night on our way to the park to run, Emeline started saying what sounded like, "I'm a b*tch" and she repeated it 3x. We had one of those moments where we're sitting there, hearing it, thinking, there is no wayyyyyy she is saying this right now but ohmygosh we have to acknowledge this. I do not use that word, I don't. I don't know how she would have heard it. So Declan goes, "Emeline, we don't use that word. We never ever say that." When she innocently said, much more clearer this time, "But Dad, is there water under that bridge?"

Fail. What sounded like b*tch was actually bridge, and we just told our kid to never, ever say that word. OOPS.

I probably should have known she couldn't have had the word in her vocabulary, but still. Toddler speak can be confusing sometimes.

What are you confessing to, today??

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