Monday, May 13, 2013

Emeline's Hello Kitty 3rd Birthday Party

A Hello Kitty party.

The truth is, I don't love throwing parties. I really don't. When I think about it ahead of time, I get excited. When it comes down to the wire, and doing stuff....I get stressed out. I hate that. I was really hoping to avoid having a party this year. But a few months ago Eme got stuck on this idea of a "hello kitty birfday party" and

Declan, light heartedly said, Babe, I don't think you're getting away with this one. He was right. She reminded me of this daily. Therefore, a Hello Kitty party she was given. I'm a sue me.

It started with beautiful invitations made by my friend Kristen from Little Laws Prints. I told her I wanted a classy Hello Kitty vibe (thinking it wasn't even possible to make HK not so, um, tacky)--and yea, she totally blew my mind with these.

(use discount code LLPeep2013 for 10% off your Little Laws Prints order!)
She also provided matching Thank You's which was above and beyond. I love that lady.

We always use my parents home for parties. They have an amazing backyard, and our limited townhouse space makes it really hard to host. Instead of people coming in through the front door, I decided to make a cute sign so people could follow the path along the back to where the bulk of the party was held. I just painted it quickly on some foam board, and hot glued a piece of balsa wood as a stake. Easy, easy.

and lots of pink & white details...

The "Emeline 3" tags were my favorite party addition. I used them on EVERYTHING. Favor bags, flower vases, etc. They're from Cinnamon Bay Ltd on Etsy. Bradley was awesome and easy to work with....he has a cool little Gift Company with so many neat products.

I made this little crepe paper/balloon wallscape thing just to pretty it up. It was so much easier than I expected. Just lay out a big piece of packing tape, tape the strips on, THEN hang on the wall....twist each one, and tape the other end down. Blow up a few balloons to cover up the top, and voila. Such a fun little background.

More adorable labels (on vases) from Cinnamon Bay Ltd, Gift Company.
My sister-in-law, Lyryn made the wonderful cake based on a design we found on Pinterest. She opted to do buttercream instead of an entire fondant cake, and I loved the result! She's so talented.

the amazing Hello Kitty cookies are by TheKakeLady, a local friend who does insanely gorgeous work.

We had a Decorate a Cookie table. My sister helped me out by making a ton of heart & flower sugar cut-outs that morning....and then we let the kids go to town with frosting and sprinkles. It was messy and sugary and I'm sure the parents loved me. ;)

photo credit: Lyryn
We also played Pin The Bow on the Hello Kitty, had some yard games, my parents playset, and the kids ran around playing bubbles and sneaking cookies and juice boxes.

photo credit: Lyryn
We served hot dogs, chicken sausages, chips, veggie stix, potato salad, fruit, homemade salsa & guacamole, pasta salad and more. My mom went overboard on some of the extras, I love her for her generous heart though ;)

This amazing banner is from Celebration Paper on Etsy. She's offering my readers free shipping on orders over $25 with code FREESHIP713 (use by 7/31/13) Carrie was super duper awesome to work with and I highly recommend her shop. 
The birthday girl? Well...she had an amazing time...and she looked darn cute, too.

It was such a blast celebrating this sweet girl on her birthday. We ended up moving the party up a day due to weather and it was the best decision. I'm so thankful for the great, warm day and the fun group of friends & family who could make it out.

photo credit: Lyryn
so...hello kitty party, you were had. it worked out, and turned out pretty fun. the end ;)


HK Labels for Favor Bags & Flower Vases- Cinnamon Bay Ltd
HK Happy Birthday Banner- Celebration Paper (code FREESHIP713 for free shipping on $25+ by 7/31/13)
Invitations & Thank You's- Little Laws Prints (10% off code LLPeep2013)
HK Cookies- TheKakeLady


  1. I feel the same exact way about doing birthday parties. I'm soooo stressed out the day of the party! It's always worth it, though.
    This party is so stinkin' adorable!! Eme is a lucky girl!

  2. how darling! awesome job, momma. emeline looked like she had an absolute blast.

  3. Don't you just love how you DREAD a themed party and VIOLA! turns out so much cuter than you expected! Hello Dora party last year! Everything looks SO cute and girly! I love all the pink!

  4. Great job! I love it all! Very girly! Love the pink and white details. SO fun! I can't believe she's 3!!!

  5. Adorable!!! :) Way to go Mama!

  6. Great, great job!! Everything looks adorable! Especially the birthday girl!

  7. Yay! Turned out so cute! I have to back that background!

  8. First of all, you amaze me.

    Second of all, we had a birthday party for my G here this Saturday and I am the SAME WAY. I'm all "Oh gosh, a birthday party... and I was just going to take him to Chuckee Cheese or something but he wanted a Ninja Ninjago (LEGO) party so we did! And it was a blast, but yes, Mom was reluctant. And third, I will be pinning this RIGHT NOW b/c guess who wants a HK party for her birthday in October!? ;)

    Love all the fun decorations and E looks so pretty, as do you!

    Happy Birthday!!

  9. I love planning parties, as long as they are not for my kiddo! there is something so stressfull about it being all on you, so i totally understand. however, this has got to be the CUTEST HK party I've ever seen. and that girl of yours? you can tell she loved every minute of it, so bravo :)

  10. Katie. Seriously. What an ADORABLE party!!! I LOVE it. You did SUCH a great job. So, so, so cute. Love all the details. Just precious. Happy birthday Emeline!

  11. It looks amazing! You do an awesome job. :)

  12. What an awesome party Katie!! Emeline looks like she had a blast!! Happy third birthday to your sweet girl!

  13. This was such a cute party!! I sounds like a fun one too. I loved Emeline's outfit so much.

  14. You've gone and done it again lady! It is brilliant. So opposite of tacky :)

    I am copying your balloon/streamer backdrop for G-Diddy's shin dig. Just so you know.

  15. I am in love with this. I'm always impressed with your parties though. You have a gift. :)

    I'm so glad you said that balloon background was easy, because I wanted to do that for Noah's birthday this summer but wasn't sure if I could pull it off. Is it okay if I pin this? I'm so using those coupon codes when I start putting Noah's party together. :)

  16. Love all the photos of the birthday girl's party!! So many cute ideas..thanks for sharing them!!

  17. Love it - it's all gorgeous. So is the birthday girl. And you look JUST like your sister in that picture (well, from the pictures I've seen of your sister anyway)!

  18. i think it is TOO funny that you don't like doing parties, because you are totally my party inspiration mama (you are my sunshine 1st birthday - thank you very much!). we're 6 months away from 3 and my mind has already started to wander (she has requested a princess dinosaur party...hmmmm). thanks for sharing!
    -- LBN

  19. My daughter's 3rd Hello Kitty birthday party is less than a month away *gasp*. Emeline's turned out wonderfully. Do you mind if I borrow your balloon/streamer backdrop idea?! Your blog is the first place I've ever seen it done, and I don't like to copy anyone else's idea without asking first.

  20. if i say its fab then its a understatement.. ur daughter is reallyyy cute....

  21. Ah! I would have loved this when I was her age! Such a good idea! Emeline is a doll.