Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Such a hodge podgy mess of thoughts.

Can I be hodge-podgy for a today? I've got random on the brain and the desire to write. Which doesn't exactly make for a graceful combination--but to that I say, so be it. And, roll with it. So rolling we go.

There are so many mini problems right not at my house. Do you know what I mean by that? Things that are not Real Problems--but nuisances. Yea, that. Our brand new dishwasher is giving me the flashing sign for The Drain Is Clogged. And--well, that sucks. The entire thing is full to the brim. There's water in the bottom of it that won't drain, obviously--and I have a sink full of dirty dishes. A real problem? No. Annoying to my everyday life. Slightly.

Something random leaked in my fridge door and I cannot find the culprit. Not to mention, there is nothing worse or more disgusting on my list of Disgust than sniffing out issues. Gross. Okay, one more worse out dirty tupperware containers. THAT is equally as nasty.

Bees. The weather gets warm, and BAM. My house becomes The Place For Bees to Make Hives. And we're talking the mean, aggressive, yellow-jacket type bees that sting. And don't you dare tell me to try to get rid of them naturally. They are every-where. I almost can't get into my house without dodging a million, getting shaky-leg-syndrome (from fear), and hyperventilating about my kid's lives and that they'll be traumatized with bee stings. I'm not exaggerating, they are bad. I am having the pest dude come spray today for the second time in two weeks. I'm not messing around. They won't ruin my summer, I'm determined.

Switching gears. Don't worry, I'm glad, too. That was complain'ey--forgive me.

I still love the gym. In case you were wondering.

I kind of love that my kid begs to go. It almost forces me out the door (not quite), but it's great. I made it there 5x last week, and am on track for the same this week. It feels good to get in a routine. I've added the Mama Laughin Arm Workout and boooooiiiii does that hurt so good. I love it.

After going to the gym yesterday morning, running 2 miles, doing the arm workout & such, Declan and I decided to go out and run the trail after he got home from work, too. We took the kids (obviously), and did 3.1 miles---it felt great, until this morning. My legs are sore, and I didn't stretch good last night. Yet? I am going to Zumba this morning, huzzah.

Despite working out so much, I have to say--I've been feeling kind of down about my body. I know that doesn't quite make sense, and I don't know if it's hormones or what. But, yea--downer days (weeks) suck. So yesterday I made myself side-by-side some photos because I needed to see how far I've come and feel some confidence in that.

I'm telling you, if you've been working hard, getting healthier--and feel down about yourself. Side by side the ish out of your photos, I promise it helps.

Also, if talk about weight loss and all that is annoying? That's fine. It's a huge part of my life and I can't just ignore it.

Moving on, again. I told you this would be random.

I just want to share a cute photo of my kid.

TYPICAL LUCY. Always doing the silly attack thing. Babies are so fun at this age--so, so stinkin fun.

Oh, It's MAY, guys. In case you didn't know.

You know what May brings? Oh, a 3 YEAR OLD. Yea. So, we have a Hello Kitty party coming up in less than 2 weeks and let's just talk about all I've done for it for a minute.



Yea. Nada.

So, if I go MIA, I'll be off birthday crafting, or something. I'm hoping the motivation hits for that, because right now? It's not there.

Ok. I gotta go--my kid just locked herself in the bathroom. Never a dull moment :)


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  1. Your before and after comparison photos remind me of the ones I see on ads where I think to myself "yeah right, that is NOT even the same person." And I mean that as a compliment. I think you are beautiful in both pictures, but you look completely different now! You should be proud of all of your hard work. I hate those 'downer' weeks - I always blame hormones!

  2. ha! i love that the first birthday is so!much!planning! and pinterest ideas out the wazoo and then it's like "meh" after that. KP's party will be at chuck e cheese this year aka easy peasy but i'm still going to try and make it "fun" with some little things. and um. 5 times at the gym!? you rock!!! i am determined to get in a good session during nap today!

  3. Every time I see a before and after of you, I am always motivated AGAIN to kick it into gear. Even though you did that for yourself, thanks for posting it. Always great to be reminded that it IS possible!

  4. I have a random post coming today too. It's so random that I had to make a color note so I wouldn't forget my ideas.

    I throw away Tupperware sometimes. I know. I know. Totally ruins my crunchy hippie image. But I HATE ning it.

    It is KILLING me not to work out because of my ankle. But this morning, I was thinking about just doing an arm workout for a while. My arm workout looks pretty similar to Mama Laughlin's so now I'm kind of excited to rock it out tonight.

    Good luck with the bees. I don't even know how to get rid of them naturally anyway ;)

  5. Katie,

    You do look great!

    I am pregnant with my second, and I was wondering how you like your double stroller?


  6. I still can't believe that before and after photo! It's amazing, you should be SO effing proud! I'll have to try that arm workout- I need me some wedding arms!

  7. I hope you weren't looking at my cousin's Abs after baby photo she posted on FB. THAT makes me want to jump off a bridge.

  8. I think your hodge podge random posts are my favorite! :) Congrats on all that working out you've been doing! And holy cracker jacker, that before and after combination is ubelievable! Definitely no reason to be down on yourself! You're doing great! Hitting the trail for a 3 mile run sounds fabulous! Happy Birthday to sweet Emeline!

  9. Where is the necklace from that you're wearing in your "after" picture? I'm getting married on June 8 and not sure I like the necklaces I picked out for my bridesmaids, and that one is adorable!
    P.S. Love your blog, have been reading for a while but never commented!

  10. Katie - you look ah-mazing. Really. You're transformation is just awesome, and you're truly an inspiration.

    Lucy, seriously, she's gorgeous, as is Emeline!

    ...and there's nothing worse than emptying tupperware containers. I've been known to just throw them away if they're really bad. ooops!

  11. Completely understand the problem of a bunch of little things being broken - my garbage disposal is leaking in my kitchen. Real problem - no but annoying? Yes! The pipe that runs to our outside faucet was leaking so we turned it off. Obviously we need a plumber to come out. It's not leaking anymore since we turned it off, but it can't just stay off indefinitely right? :)

  12. Super easy thing to do for the Hello Kitty party. Target has a Hello Kitty cupcake kit (toppers, cupcake wrappers and sprinkles). Maybe that will start the wheels rolling :)