Thursday, May 16, 2013

The case of the pre-vaca sick & can I get a stunt double?

We came home from the gym yesterday morning and Emeline started acting Stage 4 Clingy. Complaining in the car of a bellyache, and already whining and complaining that "you need to hold me and not Lucy, I can't waaaaallllkkkkk", just prepping me for the fun (eye-roll) it will be getting two kids in the door & up the stairs.

One who physically cannot do it herself. The other who, in her little feeling-sick mind, felt she couldn't.walk.another.step either. These are the times I want to clone myself. Or have a huge double garage to just make life easier. Or have a sister-wife I can shout, "hey! help me with the kids" (but who doesn't sleep with my husband). Instead, I breathe deep and thank God I've been working on my arms for the last two months because I can carry two heavy kids up and down our million townhouse steps like a boss. (insert buff arm emoticon here) (they aren't buff, really. but I am getting stronger)(enough with the parenthesis already)

She immediately wanted to lay down on the couch. Whenever she says she needs to lay on the couch (versus jump, crawl, throw pillows around, use it as a trampoline), you know she really isn't feeling well. She's not the type to stay still for long if she feels good. So when I sent Declan a picture of her laying still, under a blanket, he responded with an Oh No, she must be legit-sick, dang. And I had the same type of thoughts. Funny how you learn your kid so well, isn't it?

Sure enough, I took her temperature and she was rocking a fever. I went up to put Lucy to bed for about 5 minutes and came down to find her snoring on the couch. That never happens.
Shoot. She really wasn't feeling well.  

We had a really decent winter in the sickness department if you ask me. Both the girls got insanely sick before christmas (the whole pneumonia/bronchiolitis debacle) and it sucked. Then we were good until February, right before our mini-trip to San Diego, where Em got sick with something viral and it was a wait-it-out thing. Trip not ruined, we went, had a blast. Then we had a clear run again until early last week where she almost had a sick birthday, but recovered just in time to ring in Age 3 with a Hello Kitty Party and friends. Now, we're leaving for our (early) summer vacation (with Declan's whole family) and my girls are not in tip-top shape.

I get it. It seems to be a trend. Sick before vacation or something, and obviously I've whined about pre-vacation sickness a few times since it was mentioned on my comments on my photo (which I don't mind, by the way :) ) But it leads me to believe a few things.

1) I need to shut-up. I overshare. WHYYYY DO I DO THIS? (I get it from my mom. Thanks mom. It's my fault for making fun of you for this growing up.)

2) I usually take a picture when they're sick, not to complain necessarily, but because she's.lying.still and I never, ever get a sleepy toddler picture because I have the kids who wake up at the click of a button, or the first ray of sunshine in their room. And I sleep them like they're in caves (hello room darkening curtains) so we all get more sleep, and it's too dark for sleepy kid pics in their dungeon rooms. I hate grainy, dark, non-focused pictures and try to avoid them as much as I can.

3) If your kid is only sick 3 times from the months of December-mid May, but if you post about it, talk about it at all, or whatever, it will seem like they're sick/germ-ridden a lot more than they actually are. For attending germ-ridden places all the time, you know, like preschool and the gym childcare.

This post has lost it's meaning, whatever. The bottom line is, we leave for vacation in 2 days. We're driving this time. My kid's aren't in 100% tip-top shape, but they will survive, and they'll be better in a few days, I believe it. Their well-check ups for age 3 and 9 months are tomorrow morning. I believe that was perfectly ordained timing so even if our well check-up turns into sick-check-up, at least we know if everyone is a-ok, if we need meds, etc.

The real problem here is this. Packing is hard enough with kids. But how do you pack with one kid who demands, Lay wif me, mommy, I neeeeed you--and one who is pulling down the contents of every shelf on the first floor? Totally impossible.

Which leads me back to my original thoughts. I need to clone myself.

Or get a sister-wife.


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  1. I have also thought a sister-wife would be a nice thing sometimes. Except the sleeping with your man part. Guess we can't have everything! I hope your vacation is fantastic! Can't wait to see pictures (they're always so fun looking).

  2. Dang, I hope sweet Emeline gets to feeling better and y'all have a fantastic family vacay! This happened to me A TON in like middle school... it wasn't really vacation, but it was performances or big events I was excited about with friends. I literally missed my church performance three years in a row because I got sick right before each one! It was awful! My trend ended though and I'm sure hers will too! :) Best of luck to y'all!

  3. Ah shoot! I hope they are better soon! At least you are driving, so you can stop as need be! I hope she's better soon! Seems like someone at my house gets sick before an event- holiday-vacation too. Lovely! Y'all have fun!

  4. Will Emeline still get in the Ergo (do you have an Ergo & is she still under the weight limit?)? Sometimes Lillian (2.5) is extra clingly and I let her ride in the Ergo while I do things around the house (dishes, laundry). When she doesn't feel good, she still enjoys it... might be worth a shot, so you still have free arms to take care of Lucy?

  5. Hope she feels better fast!! I agree with the cloning yourself haha but no sister wife please!

  6. A sister wife who doesn't sleep with my husband...yes please!

  7. Oh girl, it is hard enough with one, I can't imagine two. I try not to give advice because everyone does that and blegh... but I just feel like I have to say it..

    Make sure YOU are getting enough rest. It is hard enough taking care of sick kiddos - way worse when you are sick plus! Vacation fun! And take some vitamins, serious. I drink airborne when D is sick, I think it works.

    And honestly.. I don't think you complain about sick kids too much, we ALL do it. Geez, I've been siiick for a few days and posted a blog post all about it. Do what you gotta do! What is sticking out to me now and this is probably weird.. is that your husband often gets sick on trips too? I feel like that has happened more than a few times, so tell him to drink some airborne (or whatever) too ;)

    Hope you get everything sorted... leave lucy girl in her crib with some toys if you get desperate (or pack n play?) Okay I'll stop with the random advice. Sorry!!

  8. Love reading your blog! Ha, ha....I always tell my husband I wish I had a sister wife as long as she didn't sleep with him! Wouldn't that be awesome to have someone to cook, clean, and help with the kids when we need it? Hope Emeline feels better soon!

  9. Love reading your blog Katie! I was cracking up about the sister wife! I always tell my husband that I want a sister wife who would cook, clean, grocery shop, etc, but that wouldn't have any type of relationship with him :)
    Ha, ha...either that or a maid!!
    Hope Emeline feels better soon!

  10. "who doesn't sleep with my husband" - Diet coke almost went spewing out of my mouth. =) I had to stop posting on Facebook when my kids got sick due to anything shy of a full blown 'quarantine the house we're in up to our knees in snot' because it aggravated the hell out of me when people would comment on how sick my kids always were {when they weren't} or once I had a relative refuse to come to a holiday because my kids had the flu 5 days before.... so we had to do the first half of the day with the parents and then her family did the second half. lesson learned.

  11. Mac is stealing the spotlight in that pic! Sorry she is sick! Hope she is better soon!

  12. I'll be your sista-wife if you'll be mine. Just think about what we could divide and conquer together. Hell, we might even be able to get rid of those worthless husbands. Kidding (kinda). :)