Monday, May 6, 2013

This week, you're kicking my tail and it's only monday.

This is birthday week. Remember, this exact day, three years ago? No--you don't? How dare you. just kidding. I was off work, hanging around the house doing odds and ends, preparing to welcome our first baby into the world. Making bassinet covers. Cleaning the nursery (for the zillionth time). Dreaming about what I could have never expected. An entire life change. Thinking that, for the love, will she ever get here?

And now, I'm like. Holy mother. I'm about to have a 3 year old. I remember thinking people with 3 year olds were like, old wise moms by then. I mean, 3 years?!?!? Well ha-ha on me. Because I'm only a tad the wiser. ;) But I guess I am older. And sometimes, I feel really, really old.

Like this week.

We've had a weekend full of sickness. High, scary fevers. Sad, limpy girl who just wants to cuddle and could hardly form a sentence. Sore, burny throat. Lots of smoothies. Lots of Finding Nemo. And two doctors appointments.

But I feel old, homely, and tired. I am that mom who goes out looking like a train wreck to the doctors office, because I just can't even manage to do anything else besides slide up 2 day old jeans (or yoga pants), plop my air dried hair into a gnarly ponytail, and hopefully put on a bra.  My fingernails and toenails are in a state of disgust. I'm blaming the fact that I've washed more dishes in the last 5 days than in my entire life (thanks to broken dishwasher)(and only the fingernails part, no I don't wash dishes with my feet, but how cool if I could). My face? Oh, I'm like a 16 year old, all broken out--which hasn't happened in years, not even while pregnant. In fact my skin is amazing when pregnant (take that stupid old wives tales about carrying girls).

Basically, I'm a royal train wreck of a human the last few days.

We're supposed to be ringing in age 3 with a bangin' Hello Kitty party (her choice) this weekend.

She will finally (I hope) be fully recovered and ready to celebrate.

There is rain, rain, rain on the forecast for her outdoor party. I kind of want to cry.

I am contemplating moving her party up a day, pulling a completely last minute up-the-party-date-move solely based on weather. Classy, aren't I?

I just put Lucy to bed with a low grade fever.

Am mildly panicking and praying she isn't getting sick, too.

Am not doing well at not panicking.

Am hoping to God I don't have to cancel the party.

Am hoping not to devastate Emeline.

Am a hot mess, minus the hot part.

Tell me it will be okay.

I just want a happy birthday week for the girl, darn it.

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  1. Prayers Eme and Lucy both are on the mend and FAST! And you totally rock at this mom thing. Her party will be fantastically awesome and next year you'll laugh about it ;)

  2. I say, it's only Monday! I don't know about there but here the weather changes faster than I change underwear so hopefully it'll turn around for you guys! As for the sickies, I hope Lucy girl isn't getting it!! Prayers mama!

  3. It will all be ok! Birthdays perk everyone up! My little on just had her first birthday party. Outdoors. Where it snowed 4 inches the night before. You are Mommy. You can do this! :)

  4. It will be ok!
    Sorry this week is craptastic already. I hope the girls start to feel better and your dishwasher is fixed soon!!

  5. I know how you feel mama. I hate when one kid gets sick, and the I pray and pray the other one is spared. It's heartbreaking to have sick kids. Not to mention, it's more than a weeklong process If both kids get it! Hugs mama!
    Oh, my face is also awesome when pregnant too. ;)

  6. Oh no, that doesn't sound good. I really hope,she'll recover soon and that Lucy won't catch it.
    Since my little 9-months-old boy still doesn't sleep through the night and now even wakes up hourly because of teething (how fun), I look pretty much as exhausted and tired ;) I could live in my yoga pants or track suit.
    I always panic when he gets ill. Uff....very hard time, I know.
    Oh and well yeah, my skin was like in puberty when I was pregnant with him and my sister's skin was glowing when she was pregnant with her 3 girls ;))))

  7. Does E know her days well? Our almost 4 year old (if you thought 3 was old, wait until 4 holy cow!) wouldn't have a clue if we pushed something back a week. Point being, wait until NEXT weekend?

  8. Gosh I'll be praying for y'all. It sure sounds like a train wreck of a weekend. I hope hope the rest of the week is better and Lucy girl isn't getting sick! You need a break.

  9. It will be okay. I had to cancel my oldest 3 year birthday party because I was in the hospital with a kidney stone, she was none the wiser and we made up for it with a fun playdate a few weeks later.

  10. That's no good that all that sickness and gross stuff is happening so close to her birthday party! No fun!!! I hope everyone gets to feeling better and quick.

  11. Oh honey. I feel your pain. There's nothing worse than a sick baby. Well, maybe disappointing a 3 year old who's too sick for a birthday party might be worse. It's only Monday. I'm praying everything gets better ASAP and works out for the party. I wish I was there to help or just give you a hug. Hang in there mama. You're amazing and will make it work.

  12. I feel your pain on the sickness! Four, count them four! Dr appointments and finally a diagnoses of pneumonia! Yup pneumonia in May in a less the one year old! I have been beyond panicked, anxious and my heart wrung dry trying to comfort my precious sick girl! I hope Emeline feels better and Lucy misses the sickness and the party is hopping!!!

  13. This year out little girl got sick three days before her second birthday and wasn't well enough so we had to push it off a weekend... It still turned out amazing. I hope she gets better quick.

  14. I think there is enough time that it could all work out perfectly! But you know.. if not... you'll have the memory, girlfriend has lots of parties in her future and you'll always remember this one for... however it turns out :) It will be ok! But I know it does stink when things don't work out the way we planned, it really does. Crossing my fingers for you that everything sorts it self out in plenty of time.

  15. Oh no! Prayers for your sweet girls. Hopefully they miss the sickness and the party is perfect :)

  16. Totally laughed out loud about washing dishes with your toes. Moms really should have some kind of super power like that ;)

    I TOTALLY understand the outdoor party. My son's 1st birthday is this weekend, too and, like you, rain is forecasted. All I can say is it could change daily. I don't think there is ANYTHING wrong with moving it! If I had all of my family in the same area, I'd adjust! With that said, she is going to have a blast no matter what. All of her little friends and family will be there. So much love will be spreading all around that that is all she will see! With THAT said ( ;) ), I get the vision in your head thing.. or maybe you don't stress over that like I do??? Whatever you decide to do, you will make the party perfect, I have no doubt!

    OOH, I hope Lucy stays well. These poor littles that catch their big siblings every sickness!

  17. First of all you are an awesome mom and if you want me to text you every day and remind you, I will. Second, good moms show up in yoga pants, no make up, hair in pony bra less to the doctor because they are caring for their sick babies. I rocked a pony all birthday week because the thought of spending 10 mins on my hair not doing birthday party prep was inconceivable. You have an amazing family that will have an awesome party for Eme whenever and wherever. Maybe prep Eme now that her party might be on a different day then planned? Idk I don't have an almost 3 year old.

  18. Oh no! I hope they both feel better and I hope you survive this week! Happy Birthday to your little girl :)


  19. I hope she feels better in time for her party! It rained on E's birthday last year. I had an outdoor party planned at the airport and even hooked Ethan up with his first ever airplane ride. I ended up having to nix the ride and have it at my mom's house last minute, but you know what? He didn't care one bit. He was just excited about cake. If it rains, it rains. Hopefully she won't care either!

  20. This one was actually kind of fun to read after the major SUCCESS of a party you threw. :) But I'm sorry the girls were sick. :(